Magical Sweet Treats from Fairy Tale Gourmet!

Hi there my lovely readers,

I'm excited to be sharing today's post with you as it contains a combination of two of my favorite things in life (other than nail polish)....sweet treats & fairy tale magic! Allow me to introduce you to the wonders of Fairy Tale Gourmet, an online confectioners I stumbled across on my Twitter travels & upon finding, have discovered a whole new world of magical sweet delights.

Fairy Tale Gourmet is a London based company & masters in creating mouth watering confectionery using classic fairy tale themes as inspiration, Snow White, Goldilocks & Alice in Wonderland to name a few. One dessert that they are famed for in particular is their award winning cake filled chocolates...that's right...CAKE...inside CHOCOLATE...I was sold before even browsing the wares. However once I did indeed do that, I literally went in to real life heart eye emoji mode. Wonderfully, luck was on my side & I was fortunate to actually win one of their twitter competitions, the prize being the Tiny Pieces White Rabbit Gift box containing 12 'Tiny Pieces of Wonderland' cake filled chocolates, which I could not wait to try!

The White Rabbit gift box arrived securely packaged in bubble wrap to protect the treasures within, but not for long, so eager was I to get to the treats inside! Once unwrapped you'll find a pretty ribbon-ed gift box (miss kitty was happy!) lined with a sumptuous white faux fur lining, giving the gift a truly luxurious feel & nestled within the bed of soft fur are 12 of your individually wrapped cake filled chocolates.

The decadent chocolate encased cakes come in a mixed selection of white, milk & dark Belgian chocolate, however you can opt to go for just one type if you're not a fan of all three. Moving on to the individual pieces, boy are you in for a treat, these specially created desserts with fun flavored fillings each sounding as mouth watering as the last, you won't know where to start!

It was a difficult task to be sure but for the sake of research I made my way through the 'Tiny Pieces of Wonderland' sampling each of the different flavours & I have to confess...there was not ONE I did not like. I don't know about you, but when consuming chocolate desserts/confectionery you can often find them to be overly sweet & after indulging in a few, immediately wish you could turn back time & rid yourself of that sickly 'overdone it' feeling. Not the case with these at all. A very good or very bad thing depending on how you look at it! ;)

The chocolate coating is the perfect thickness to bite into, cracking & melting on the tongue delightfully before revealing the scrumptious filling of moist sponge. Depending on the flavour you will either find a deliciously rich chocolate brownie sponge within or my personal favourite, the delicately sweet honey cake.

Each Tiny Piece of Wonderland is unique in flavour, you are bound to find something to your taste or if you're like me then just completely adore them all! Here's a wee rundown of the treats you will come across within this giftbox:

Caramel Craze - Milk chocolate coating & caramel studded brownie
Fancy Fudge - Dark chocolate coating, sweet honey cake & oozing caramel
Fruity Rhapsody - Dark chocolate coating and raspberry brownie
Sour Kick - Milk chocolate coating, honey cake & apricot compote (oh my god SO GOOD!)

Chunky Nutter - Milk chocolate coating & brownie with white choc chunks & pecans
Marsh Rush - Milk chocolate coating, honey cake & creamy marshmallow (another favourite!)
Lazy Rabbit - Milk chocolate coating, honey cake & Baileys ganache with walnuts
Nutty Delay - White chocolate coating, honey cake, praline & hazelnuts

Peanut Bunny - Milk chocolate coating, honey cake & crunchy peanut butter
Mallow Mania - White chocolate coating & marshmallow brownie
Looney Rasberry - White chocolate coating & red berries brownie
Salty Insanity - Dark chocolate coating & sea salted caramel brownie

*passes tissue to attend the inevitable drooling*...Pretty beautiful sounding selection am I right? It was hard but I managed to sample all of the delights, each one such a heavenly experience on the tastebuds. My personal favourites were the Marsh Rush containing smooth sweet marshmallow & the Sour Kick, with its lovely combination of sweet honey cake & tangy compote...AMAZING.

The Tiny Pieces White Rabbit gift box is priced £34.95 with all the treats freshly made on order. All of the range is suitable for vegetarians but a few will contain traces of nuts so do be aware. The whole concept of Fairy Tale Gourmet is just magical to me, indulging & satisfying both my love of fairy-tales & sweet goodness with its quirky uniqueness & supreme quality. You know your sampling something special.

I think these would make such a wonderful gift for someone this Xmas or any occasion, I know I would be over the moon to be on the receiving end! Go have a gander of their website & see what other magical delights they have to offer, you won't regret it! 

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

*Disclaimer - please note as mentioned I won the gift box in a competition & was under NO obligation to blog about it, I have only chosen to do so to spread the awesomeness!*

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