Festive Nails - Christmas Baubles!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Okay so Xmas manicure number two did NOT go well. I wasn't actually going to blog this but then I figured, despite not turning out how I'd hoped it still looked pretty darn festive with the merry colours of red, green & gold that I'm simply going to roll with it anyhoo! For this mani FAIL I decided to go with some Xmas Baubles...

From the moment I started things started to go wrong, the base too gloopy, the red too dark, the decision to include BAR GLITTER...(seriously what were you thinking Aysh?!) But by the time I realised all this, it was too late to turn back so I simply through caution (& a few prayers) to the wind & kept at it, in the words of Mastermind, I started so I was darn well going to finish!

I wanted to imitate a festive tree background for my baubles so used Models Own Absinthe as my base, unfortunately the formula of this polish has become extremely gloopy which truly saddens me as its one of my favourite greens! I may try & salvage it with some polish thinner if I can get my hands on some as I really love it, this was two coats.

To add definition & that pine tree vibe I decided to dab on this random green bar glitter polish. Now whilst fabulously festive for sure, bar glitter can be an absolute pain with lifting up off the nail, which this did a little but this can also be rectified with thick topcoat.

Next came the baubles. the string itself is fairly straightforward & done with the Models Own nail art pen in Gold, one long & one short line, but then I made the error of using Models Own Sardonyx for the bauble, whilst a beautiful red glitter polish, put on top of Absinthe meant it was barely visible. Not the polishes fault, just this plonker bloggers.

But like I said I decided to soldier on regardless, so after applying a round circle shape, to help make the baubles stand out a tad, because lets face it they needed all the help they could get lost amongst the sea of green there, I dotted on some white polish to the top curve of the bauble.

Then to the second smaller string I just added on a wee little round jewel rhinestone for a smaller bauble. Finishing it all with a good thick application of topcoat to seal the stones & those cheeky bar glitters & the ordeal that was Xmas mani number two was finally done *wipes forehead...sheds a few tears*

Phew! So there we have it, many lessons were learnt  during this experience. Just goes to show that yours truly has some seriously bad mani days too! But I guess I'm only human..though that is debatable on occasion ;)

Thanks for reading! Here's hoping the next festive mani goes better hohoho!

Lotsa love to ya!

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