Festive Nails - Xmas Trees!

Hello there my lovely readers!

You can't really get more festive than with Christmas Tree's eh & its a design which I like to do on my nails every year. You can check out my last two HERE and HERE. I try & change up the design a wee bit each time & go for something new which is what I have done again this year & I think this may actually be my favourite! So without further ado, here's Festive mani number 4...Christmas Trees!

What I love about this design is that its great if you're a bit uneasy with doing complex nail art as the design is nice, simple & relatively straightforward to create!

I wanted my trees to stand out as...well..we know I've made the mistake of using too dark a base before...AHEM O_O *flashbacks to HERE...erases from memory* So for my base this time I opted for Models Own Hypergel in Naked Glow, a really lovely nude beige which I applied just one coat of.

The reason why I did only one coat of the nude is because I wanted to add another coat of this delightful opalescent shimmer polish Crystallina by Ulta3, which gives the base a subtle yet oh so pretty golden luminescence that makes one feel rather fairy-esque.

Now for the trees, to create these I reached for my Pure Color 10 brush which is probably my best nail art purchase this year! Love this brush so much as it has super fine bristles, great for details. I dipped my brush in to some green polish which came courtesy of this absolutely darn ADORABLE Hello Kitty nail polish that I found in TK Maxx & which I may have entirely picked up purely for the bottle...o_O

Starting from the top of the nail by the cuticle, start your tree with a little curved line at an angle for the top point, then gradually zig zag your way down the nail, adding more curved lines, making each line slightly wider than the one above before finishing the bottom of the tree by the nail tip.

To add more definition to the trees & because really there is no need to justify glitter at Xmas is there, I went over the the trees with Models Own Emerald City glitter.

You can't have a tree without some bauble action so for these I reached for this lovely bright pink sparkler Socialite by Barry M. Such a lovely festive shade, I'm tempted to do a pedi with this! To add the baubles I just used a small dotting tool & dotted the polish on to the pointed edges & down the centre of the tree.

Finally every tree needs its topper, here I went for a lovely bright pink star to crown my trees with.

Finish it all with a nice slick of topcoat & your done! Hope you liked this variation on a Christmas Tree manicure lovelies! Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of love to ya!

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