Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson

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Did you all have a lovely Christmas? Normally I'm not fussed with getting time off but this year I managed to nab a few extra days & I won't lie, these past 6 days of doing nowt but rest, eat, relax & repeat have been bliss. However one must slowly come out of hibernation & join the real world at some point! Thankfully this week will be a short two day affair not to mention I'll finally be watching the new Star Wars film on Wednesday! Getting back into the swing of things on here too now with my next afternoon tea review! So far I've written about my Claridges experience which you can read HERE. Today I'll be sharing with you one for any Alice in Wonderland fans out there...

The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea is one I'm sure many of my fellow afternoon tea addicts have heard of. This wonderfully themed experience is held at The Sanderson Hotel & I was finally able to try this much raved afternoon tea for a friends birthday & even though this was last year (please note changes may have been made since then!) I thought I'd still share the experience as part of my afternoon tea series.

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The tea is held at The Sanderson Hotel near Oxford Street giving you the perfect excuse to indulge in a spot of shopping before or after ;)  As you arrive you find yourselves feeling within the rabbit hole already with the foyer decorated with quirky yet groovy pieces of furniture, including a swinging chair from the ceiling, where one can occupy oneself for quite some time taking numerous amusing selfies. Anyhoos poses & pics done we were then lead through a pretty courtyard complete with water features to the dining hall for our tea.

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There was quite a large group of us, however we were placed in a small conservatory section curtained off from the main tea room which was rather nice & made our party feel more intimate & relaxed. On to the event itself, the long table we were sat at was beautiful decorated with quirky printed pots & croquery & the menus hidden inside pretty vintage books. It was these quaint little touches that made the whole experience more magical & really made you feel as if you were sat at Mad Hatters table!

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You will find your sugar cubes nestled inside quaint jewellery boxes which will play a pretty tune when opened & a selection of fun flavoured teas to choose from were placed inside delicate glass stopper bottles for our sniffing pleasure. The Strawberries & Cream was a particular favourite of mine!

Of course the main & most important part of the afternoon tea is the food I'm sure you'll agree & The Sanderson definitely do things differently with their interesting selection of sweet & savoury treats including colourful pin wheel sandwiches, marshmallow mushrooms, mini quiches, Drink Me potion bottles containing passion-fruit panaccota, chocolate cups filled with matcha tea mousse & a delectable unbaked cheesecake. Scones are of course present too, both sweet, accompanied by clotted cream & jam as well as a delightfully different savoury option in the form of black olive with accompanying herb butter .

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As if all of this was not enough to fill our bellies, we were also informed by our waiter of a jelly cart were we could help ourselves to some wobbly treats shaped in Victorian style moulds, a very nice additional touch! By the end we were all completely stuffed with nibbles still to spare, which the waiter happily boxed up for us to take home :)

As mentioned before, I attended this Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea a while back now & the menu may have changed since then! I believe the tea flavours differ now slightly as I'm sure do some parts of the menu.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, our waiter was attentive, refills were offered & a good time was had by all. The price of this afternoon tea is £48 per person which may seem a tad pricey, however if you're interested in an afternoon tea with a twist then I recommend to try once just to satisfy your curiosity like Alice herself! 

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