NOTD - Neon Splodge Manicure

Hello there lovely readers!

Have your shades at the ready lovelies as I've got some super bright neon goodness coming your way today with this insanely bright mani which I have creatively titled “neon splodge nails”...unique huh?

This is the mani I wore for my trip to Brighton last week, I wanted something cheerful & vibrant & what better polishes to use than the fab Polish For Tans collection by Models Own which I used in my Psychedelic Floral mani not long ago & am still loving!

This collection of polishes consisting of five bright neon cremes are simply made for summer & I couldn't just pick one so decided to use ALL five shades to create this fun arty “splodge” manicure!

The design itself also could not be easier! To create this design I started off with painting all my nails white as my base & of course white helps really make those neon colours POP!

Then using one shade at a time, I added about three 'splodges' to each nail , making sure the brush is not completely loaded with too much polish otherwise you'll end up with large blobs of polish puddles everywhere ;) after using the first shade, I then went in with second & so on until I had filled up the whole nail using all five shades.

If you see any bits of white still peeping through then simply dot over those with the last shade. Finish with a nice thick coat of top coat & that's it! This is such a fun nail design, I absolutely loved the finished result & cannot wait to try it again!:D

Hope you liked the bright nails my lovelies! You can remove the shades now. Thanks for reading & catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. These are definitely not for the faint-hearted! I love neon nails in the summer!


    1. Hehe they are definitely eye catching Jo! Yay for neons! Can't be summer without them! ;) xoxo


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