Star Wars Storm Trooper Nails & What I Wore....

Hello there lovely readers!

Still very much on the Star Wars high here dolls. I thought I'd share with you the nails & outfit I wore to watch the film with my gang of fellow sci fi fans last week. Don't worry I didn't go as an ewok or jawa or any of the other wonderful suggestions my work colleagues kindly recommended to someone of my height... O_o Though there were a few Jedi's Knights strolling about!

I did however manage to nab this beaut one off piece vintage skirt from Depop, my favourite shopping app, I am seriously addicted to it! You can find such great bargains, I recently picked up a stunning brand new Lolita coat for a fraction of the retail price & this was another one of my finds. Do excuse the quick mirror selfie snaps! But...at least I can show you my snazzy new phone cover... ;) Also a Depop purchase!

The skirt is originally from brand MyTribe & made from the most superb vintage Return of The Jedi print material, with an elasticated waist, no belt is required so I can eat to my hearts content whilst wearing it which is most important. I paired it with a simple black lace top & knee high boots. It may be my new favourite piece & will definitely get a lot of loving! 

Moving on to the nails, if you caught my LAST POST you'll know that I recently recreated some R2D2 nails! As much as I loved these, the design was a bit palpitation inducing with its detail so for this occasion I decided to simplify it a tad with some black & white storm trooper nails!

For these you need just a white & black polish or nail art pen which I'm sure every gal has in her arsenal :)

For my white base I used two coats of Models Own White Out Hypergel, I absolutely love this range of polishes from Models Own, the white especially is guaranteed a glossy smooth opaque finish & they are also great for gradients!

I decided to use black polish with a fine brush instead of a nail art pen but use whatever you fell most confident with! Dipping your brush into you polish, start with two triangular shapes side by side for the storm troopers eyes.

Then draw a slightly upwards curved horizontal line above the eyes for the top of the helmet. Next draw another curved line, this one curving downwards below the eyes for the mouth.

Finish with three small vertical lines on the tips of the nails below the mouth to complete the ventilator of the mask.

Topcoat & that's it! I would've like to have added more detail but these were done in a rush as is obvious from a few of the lines looking more like grimaces haha! Storm troopers with gas alas.

Thanks as always for reading & may the force be with you always my lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!

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