NOTD - Star Wars R2 D2 Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Last week was a momentous occasion as I finally went to see the new Star Wars film & it was simply...EVERYTHING. When I heard that J J Abrams had taken the helm & would be directing the movies I knew that Star Wars would be in good hands & he did not disappoint! The new film exceeded all hopes & expectations, succeeding in erasing the disastrous tragedies that were Episodes 1,2 & 3 from memory...lets just pretend they never happened. Now I know what my papa bear went through all those years ago when the original films came out, it will be hard to wait patiently for the next instalment but I cannot wait!

Inevitably I couldn't resist embodying this magical sci fi world that first fascinated me as a child on to my nails in some way or other & the first thing that came to my mind was everyone's favourite wee droid (though he may have some serious competition in the new film!) R2 D2!

After having had a closer look at all the detail involved on this little droid I did wonder what I had let myself in for, but I'm nothing if not determined, especially when it comes to a nail art challenge! So grabbing the shades required I got to recreating R2 D2 as best I could in nail form.

First step is to start with a silver base, I've used one coat of Sonia Kashuk Smoke & Mirrors, one of my favourite silvers as its so metallic & opaque.

Then using Kiko white nail lacquer for French Tips which has a fine brush perfect for nail art, I applied the white on to the bottom half of the nail.

Next up are the blue details for which I used Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape which is the perfect R2 D2 blue! Using a fine nail art brush I free handed on all the little droid details, so three small lines along the white body, one long line along the width of the nail in the middle, a row of small squares above that, before finishing with a roundish semi circle on top.

Grabbing the silver polish again, add a large dot on to the large blue semi circle, with a smaller black dot next to it. Then still using the black add on a couple of small lines on the tips of the nails for R2's legs.

Finally I stuck on a red stud for R2'S little light before sealing it all with topcoat to finish. Though I very nearly ruined everything as I didn't realise that the colour from the stone would drag when topcoat was applied! Lets just say thumb R2D2 had a distinct red tint to him O_O Topcoat was applied with a bit more care on the other nails...

Thanks for reading as always, I hope you liked the R2 D2 nails! I've got a couple more Star Wars themed nail art ideas floating around in the ol noggin, including The Force Awakens new little star droid so stay tuned my fellow sci fi lovers!

Lots of love to you!


  1. These are cute! I don't think I have the patience to do all my nails but they look great on you!
    Happy new year!

    1. Aww thank you so much Pippa, so lovely of you! :) Happy New Year to you too! <3 xoxo


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