NOTD - Egyptian Jewel Inspired Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

I've always been fascinated with Egyptian history. I adore watching films depicting the time of the Pharaohs & I hope to visit Egypt one day, being a huge Poirot fan also, a Nile cruise has been on the bucket list for a long time!

From a beauty addicts perspective, the Egyptian era is truly a feast for the eyes...the stunning hairpieces, the bold makeup, the eye catching jewels! Its the jewels in particular that inspired this particular mani I have for you today, using tones of black, turquoise & gold I came up with these Egyptian inspired jewelled stone nails.

To recreate these could not be easier. Start with applying a black base. Here I've used two coats of A England Lancelot, one of my favourite blacks, it has a divine Gothic red tint to it & a beautiful glossy formula.

Next apply your turquoise centre. To do this I used a fine nail art brush & Models Own Turquoise Gloss. Free hand a teardrop/diamond style shape in the centre of your nail, before filling in. Don't worry if they don't match, I actually think having each nail look slightly different is better!

You know I am a glitter FIEND so sparkle was definitely required. To bring out that turquoise I applied some of this gorgeous Jordana glitter in Celestial on top of the Models Own.

Then using a fine nail art brush & some gold polish or a gold nail art pen which I've done here & naturally forgot to photograph because...well...I'm a plonker, apply a gold border around the turquoise.

Finally grab that glitter again, this time some sparkly gold, I love my trusty Color Club & simply go over your gold border with the glitter using another fine brush.

Finish with a coat of topcoat & jazz up the hands with some hand jewellery if you like & your Egyptian inspired manicure is done!

This mani is actually from my archive from a few months back but I'm in mourning for how long my nails are here! Lately they've been breaking left, right & centre & its slowly driving me mad! *throws self down dramatically & wails in despair*

If anyone has any tips to share to help aid this wee problem I'd love to hear any recommendations! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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