Quick and Easy DIY Homemade Hand Scrub!

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Now this time of year can have a harsh effect on our skin, especially our hands, making them cry out for a bit of extra attention. Hand cream is a Holy Grail product for me, I go through tubes of the stuff! I always carry it around with me, keep one by my beside & on my desk at work. I think I may do a post on a few of my favs if you'd like to see that? :)

Lately I've been taking the hand care one step further & introduced a spot of scrubbing into my routine to really make those paws super soft & I'm so glad as my hands are the happier for it! Which hand-scrub do I use? Why my very own! Yup I decided to go all DIY & rustle up my own scrub from scratch using bits & bobs lying around at home which I'll be sharing with you lovelies today as its so easy!

Like I said, you can probably find all the things you need to make your own scrub at home & the beauty of this recipe is that you can customise it anyway you want, using whatever oils you have!

First things first you need your container in which you'll be storing your scrub, preferably something airtight. I picked up this cute little jar from TK Maxx for a few squids but they can be found in many places including Robert Dyas, supermarkets etc.

You then need to decide what base you'd like your scrub to be....sugar...or salt. Or if you want a really nourishing scrub, do what I did & use a bit of both! The salt is a wee bit coarser than the sugar meaning you'll get full benefit of the scrub, but mixed in with the sugar makes it a little less harsh.

Next pick what oils you'll be using for your scrub. As I mentioned you can really use whatever oils you fancy, olive, grape-seed, almond, argan...they all work fantastic! Here I've used coconut oil which I always have as I use it on my hair &Vitamin E oil which I picked up at a blogger event. Both are nourishing & so good for your skin. You can even use Vitamin E capsules if you have those lying around, simply burst the oil out of the capsules! Finally for the scent of my scrub I opted for a Rose essential oil as I adore rose scented things. Its all about your preference!

Now making the scrub couldn't be simpler! I didn't even do any measurements, simply poured about 2 cups of sugar & half a cup of salt into my jar. I then mixed together a tablespoon of coconut oil & 3 heaped tablespoons of Vitamin E oil, whizzing them in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the coconut oil, before adding to the sugar/salt & mixing with the handle of a wooden spoon.

Finally I added a good few drops of the Rose oil, giving it another good mix & that...is...it! What did I tell you? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Oooh actually lemon would also work fab in this! Think I'm going to try that next ;)

The scrub can be kept in a cool dry place, I keep mine in the bathroom cupboard under the sink so that I have it to hand easily when doing my evening skincare routine. Simply use a teaspoon amount, rub into the skin & rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel. Hello baby soft skin! To really get full benefit of the scrub, moisturise with your fav hand cream straight after to close up those pores :)

Hope you liked the DIY recipe lovelies! Why buy when you can make your own eh? Plus its more fun having a play around with different scents/flavours :) Have you tried rustling up your own scrubs? What are your favorite recipes?

Thanks for reading! Lotsa love to ya!

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