NOTD - Penguin Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I have some fun & quirky nail art in the form of one of my favourite animals...Penguins! :D I think out of all my nail art attempts so far, I'm liking this one the best. Not only because its such a cute & easy to do design but 'Pingu' (that funny odd little penguin character from our childhoods) also happens to be my nickname, bestowed upon me by one of my besties...how I got this nickname? Well apart from my petite size I've been kindly informed by my friends that when I run I bear a pretty strong resemblance to this most comical of creatures...*side eye*...hence why you will most probably never see me run in public ever again o_O

What do you think? Every time I looked down at my nails I just couldn't help but smile, definitely worked as a great mood lifter when things were getting a tad stressed at work! Here's a step by step picture tutorial to show I created my Pingu Penguin nails!

After applying base coat I started off with two coats of Barry M Black

Next I used a random white polish & the brush to create a long oval like shape for the belly of the penguin, which I went over wice for a more opaque finish.

For the eyes I used the same white polish & the end of one of my nail art brushes to add the two large dots side by side just above the belly.

I wanted my penguins to be pretty blue eyed boys so using a smaller dotting tool or whatever you have at your disposal i.e. hair bobby pin etc. I placed a smaller blue dot of polish, in this case LA Colors Wired, inside the larger white dots.

Then for my little penguin feet I used Collection Hip Hop which is a lovely creamy bright orange, & painted on two little tip tappy happy feet at the tips with a nail art brush.

Finally for the beaks I used some pretty tear-drop shaped orange stones from my nail art wheels, stuck on with a bit of clear polish which were perfect! Of course instead of stones you can paint on the beaks with some of the orange polish used from before.

Finish off with a thick coat or two of topcoat to seal & shine & you have your happy little penguins! Sadly thumb penguin didn't make it...poor bugger got knocked & there was not enough time to save him *cue moment of silence*

Really hope you liked the Penguin nails dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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