NOTD - From Paris With Love...

Hello there lovely readers!

A little alternative take on a French manicure today using a pink base & white nail art giving a distinctly Parisian feel to the nails & was inspired by a lovely instagram account I follow 'alinapinuccia', she has the prettiest nails!  I've only been to Paris the once & that was for Disneyland so I never actually got to see the place, however its definitely on my list of places I am dying to explore, one day soon hopefully!

For the pink base I applied two coats of this absolutely gorgeous polish from Catrice Ulti Mate Nudes Collection, a lovely mauve pink shade that I picked up in Portugal & goes by the most fabulous name of 'Karl Says Tres Chic'...not sure who Karl is...but I love the name regardless. Do excuse the blue marks on the bottle, all that remains of another Catrice polish I bought home with me yet sadly did not make it :(

I then grabbed my white nail art pen from Models Own & did some quick random yet simple nail art. The hearts on the pinky & index fingers were created by simply placing two dots next to each other, then joining at the bottom with a dotting tool. The little flowers were done by placing 5 dots in a circle leaving the center blank, you could even put a stone in the center if wanted!

Finally the accent finger was well...err...a rough arty interpretation of the Eiffel Tower, a little homage to le Paris'. I thought I did okay until I caught my mother looking at it oddly, I asked her what she thought it was & her reply was “Is it a fox wearing a skirt?”.....*tumbleweed*......FAIL.

That slight shimmer you can just about see there is courtesy of Andrea Fulerton Sparkle Shine Topcoat. I had such high hopes for this pretty looking top coat made up of micro fine shimmer dust however once applied I found it rather underwhelming sadly *le sigh*

Hope you liked the slightly different take on a French Manicure lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. The daisy pattern is amazing, your nails look amazing! X

    1. Awww thank you so much Chloe! You should definitely give it a try, so easy & fun to do! :) xoxo


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