NOTD - Fun Frog Nails feat Models Own Toxic Green!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I have another quirky & fun manicure to share with you that was just so completely random I can't even explain it. Twas sat there twiddling my thumbs, as usual pondering on what to put on my nails & just thought hey...I'd quite like me some cute little frogs on them...as you do. So here we are...

For my little froggies I of course needed a green polish & thought it was the perfect chance to dig out Models Own Toxic Apple which I confess has been pretty much scaring the bejesus out of me every time I look at it. Its vibrant neon-ness did look terrifying to say the least but I actually really love it! The photo's haven't captured it so well but its more bright in real life & definitely eye catching! Creating the frog design was super easy, again it was just a case of some free handing & strategically placed dots!

I started off with a base of Barry M Nude of which I applied just one coat.

Next I free handed some circles on to the tips using Toxic Apple for the froggy heads going for two coats to get desired opacity.

Now its time for the dots! First using a large dotting tool, the end of a brush or whatever you have at your disposal to create big dots, just dip in to the same green polish & place two on top of the large circles for the eye lids.

Then using a black nail art pen, or black polish & a hairpin, place two small dots inside the green dots for the eyes & two on the tips for the nostrils.

To add more definition to the eyes place a smaller white dot on top of the black for the pupils using a white nail art pen or white polish.

Finally I used my Models Own Nail Art pen in pink to give my frogs some pink cheeks for an added detail..I guess these are very cheeky little froggies who have been up to mischief ;)

Seal it all with a coat of glossy topcoat & you're done! For some reason I experienced some slight bubbling but I actually thought it made my frogs look more frog like so I wasn't complaining!

Hope you liked the mani dolls, thanks for reading!

Losta love to ya!


  1. This is so cute, love it :-)

    Love, Christine♥

    1. Awww thanks Christine my lovely lady! :) xoxo


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