Disney Nail Art Series - Cinderella Fairy-tale Butterfly Wings!

Hello there my lovely readers,

Not too long ago I decided to begin a Disney Nail Art series on my blog, combing my everlasting adoration for the two passions in my life...nail art & Disney!

I started things off with this Beauty & The Beast manicure which I thought was quite a fitting way to begin the series as the new live action film had just been released. 

I've, rather unexpectedly I'll admit, adored ALL the live action Disney remakes that have been made so far & if my sources are correct there are many more to come! Cinderella was one of the Disney classics that was recently remade & I absolutely loved it, not just for the glorious presence of one Richard Madden as Prince Charming & the divine Cate Blanchett whom I adore as the Evil Stepmother! Lily James as Cinderella herself was a bit meh in my opinion but I still adored the movie mostly due to its beautiful consistent message throughout the film..."Have Courage & Be Kind" A motto I think everyone should live by...

I noticed in the film that butterflies were quite prominently featured so I decided to use this as my main inspiration as well as the beautiful perriwinkle blue shade I've come to associate with Cinderella. Combining these two magical properties I ended up with this finished look...Golden Blue Butterfly Wing Cinderella nails fit for a fairytale princess...

I first did Butterfly Wing nail art a lifetime ago HERE & I can't believe its taken me so long to do again as its such a pretty & fun design to create with a lot of room for experimentation with colours. Do check out my original post where I've done a step by step pictorial on how to create Butterfly Wing nail art.

Before starting on my wings though, I first needed to recreate that perfect Cinderella Blue for my base & for this I used a combination of Nails Inc Bluebell, a lavender blue creme. This was part of a magazine collab therefore no longer available which is a travesty because its so pretty! 

Then for that magical shimmer touch, I applied a coat of Models Own Indian Ocean from MO's second Beetlejuice collection a few years ago, which gave this absolutely perfect Cinderella blue, honestly I was swooning with happiness at the finish, isn't it just gorgeous?!

After I'd lifted myself back off the ground from aforementioned swooning, I then started to create my delicate gold butterfly wings! 

For this I used a fine nail art brush & this beautiful pale gold shimmer Sultry Sands by No7. As it was quite sheer I went over it with Tyra from 2True Cosmetics Sequins collection which is a stunning gold jam packed with GLITTAH!  

Following my previous step by step tutorial, I added on the mixture of curved & straight lines until you have your wing pattern !

Then for the final detail I added on a few pretty white dots on to the tips of the wings. Seal with topcoat to really bring out that shimmer & sparkle & your done! 

I'm so so happy with how this design came out & it definitely calls to my inner Disney Princess! Stay tuned for more manicures to come in this Disney Nail Art Series! If you have any particular requests then hit me up!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I also love all the live action remakes and can't wait for there to be others, I hope they do Aladdin!
    As soon as I saw the blue and Indian Ocean combo I swooned, wow that's a perfect base pair!! I need more bottles of Indian Ocean!
    Love the nails & cant wait to see others.
    Vicky x

    1. Oh gosh Aladdin would be so cool, though I do worry about who would portray Genie...big boots to fill! I really need to go see the theater show too. I'd forgotten how gorgeous Indian Ocean was! And Models Own have definitely upped their game of late....my poor wallet will suffer! Thank you so much huny! xoxo

  2. SO pretty! You always have the best nails. xx


    1. Awww Julie! I hope you are well my love! Thank you so much, you are too sweet! <3 xoxo

  3. Beautiful! I always love seeing Disney themed nail art; it definitely speaks to my inner child, too! Love what you did here with that theme!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Rachelle! Hehe me too, well ANYTHING Disney related I'm a sucker for! So glad you liked the design, looking forward to adding to the series! xoxo


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