NOTD - Minnie Mouse Inspired Disney Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

You know how much I adore all things Disney with a childhood being brought up watching all the classics & basically wanting to be Princess Jasmine when I grew up. To me Disney is just a symbol of pure happiness & joy & gosh darn it you can be sure I'll be forcing Disney on my own children one day like there's no tomorrow! ;) Today I was inspired by Disney's very own little diva for some Minnie Mouse nails...

It didn't actually turn out QUITE how I'd hoped, as I experienced some lovely colour running & not to mention the pretty disastrous free handing but I still went with it anyhoos!

For the base I applied this nameless London Girl polish, which I stumbled across whilst browsing through Shepherds Bush Market selling for a magnificent 60p each & I couldn't resist picking up a few...or 6. This little un is a pretty red toned fuschia pink that oh so reminded me of that little mouse so seeing as it doesn't have a name lets just call it Minnie Pink! Not bad at all for 60p, it applied well in two coats & dried quickly too.

I decided to do alternate nails with polka dots & little mouses using a white polish from Claire's & a hair pin. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be white until it magically turned pale pink once it came into contact with the London Girl Minnie Pink! Not sure which polish was to blame for that little twist but I actually didn't mind so much ;) 

Doing the little mouses is super easy, I used this technique when doing my Lady Gaga Paparazzi mani, just use the hair pin dipped in polish to place 3 dots on to the nail, 1 for the face & the other 2 on top for the ears :)

For the accent nail I went for an all white base with a little Minnie peeking out from the corner that I attempted to free hand....badly & which I had hoped to hide slightly with some strategically placed heart shaped pink stones for the bow. Errr...did it work? ;)

Finishing with topcoat to seal it all & Minnie Mouse inspired mani le fini! I definitely want to try some more Disney themed nails, any ideas? Hope you liked the little Minnie Mouse Monday pick me up mani dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Really cute - love the hearts for the bow too :) x

    1. Awww thanks so much sweety! Haha was hoping that the rhinestone bows would hide my abysmal free handing there! ;) xoxo

  2. I always wanted to be Jasmine too! She was the most beautiful of all the pricesses and her best friend was a TIGER! Life doesn't get better than that! These nails are TOO cute, i love the lil mice and the bow is the perfect touch <3 xx

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    1. Omg totally agree with you Hun, I absolutely loved her! *high fives* I even had a jasmine doll & I think it was around that time I started to beg my parents for my very own tiger too! We settled for a cat ;) thank you my darlin! I think polka dots & small mice faces are def my fav type of nail art! :D xoxo

  3. These are so cute! I'm definitely going to give these a try!
    Hope you're well?
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx


    1. Hi there Laura! Aww I'm very well thank you, hope you are too! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like them! Definitely so let me know if you give them a go I'd love to see :) and thank you for following!

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    1. Thank you so much Megan! So happy you like it! :D xoxo


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