MesmerEyez Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses Review

Hello there lovely readers!

It may have come to your notice in the few FOTD's & make-up looks I've done in the past that my eye colour has a cheeky habit of changing every now & again? No sadly tis not a magical gift (but oh if it where!), but you could say I am a fan & wearer of contact lenses! I love how just the simple step of changing the eye colour can drastically change your entire make up look, really making the eyes stand out & I usually like to focus mainly on the eyes when doing my make up. They are the windows to the soul after all ;)

I normally get my lenses as daily disposables from the brand Freshlook at my local opticians in a Pure Hazel shade which are nice, natural looking & go well with my skin tone. However when I was kindly offered the chance to try out some MesmerEyez contacts lenses, a brand which is fast taking the cosmetics industry by storm I of course was very intrigued & jumped at the chance!

MesmerEyez contacts are available in an impressive range of shades & come in either daily, monthly or 3 monthly lenses. I was sent the colour Sapphire Blue 3 monthly lenses to try out which was kind of perfect as I'd been wanting to try out blue eyes for ages!

As well as the lenses, there is also a lenses storing case & a bottle of multi-purpose solution included which is used to keep your lenses in as well as for cleaning care etc.

At first I was weary about using 3 monthly lenses as I've normally gone for daily disposables in the past. This is mostly due to the fact that even though I like to wear them, I actually suffer from very dry eyes, so its always been better & more convenient to simply wear them for an evening then dispose of them at the end! With 3 monthlies though there is also the upkeep involved & lets be honest, I'm just a lazy bum! However maintaining these was no hardship at all, just make sure the lens case is regularly freshened up with solution & kept clean.

Sapphire Blue is one of the Blendz range & has a bit of brown blended in there with the blue for a more natural look & I love it! With the blue colour I found it brightened up my eyes considerably & it was definitely fun being a blue eyed gal for a short while! ;) And after wearing I simply placed them back in the lens case with fresh solution ready for next time!

Not only am I super happy with the colour but the thing that has got me hooked on these lenses is just how comfortable they are! And for me this a HUGE deal what with my dry eyes & all. The lenses are easy to put in & take out & with the added help of eye drops for when my eyes are feeling a tad dry, I've been able to wear these throughout an entire day let alone just an evening. I've even been comfortably wearing them to work, for a few days in a row before giving my eyes a little break, where I'm in front of a computer screen for the majority of the time & they've not gotten irritable at all.

The range of colours to choose from MesmerEyez is great, definitely something for everyone, including a funky XtremEyez range which would be perfect for Halloween! I'm seriously impressed with the quality of these lenses & already have my mind set on trying me some green lenses next, or maybe violet! MesmerEyez lenses are available to purchase online, the prices varying depending on which ones you get & the website also allows you to see how different colour lenses look on different skin tones which is great :)

Thanks for reading dolls! Are you a fan of wearing contact lenses? Have you tried MesemerEyez before?

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


  1. I tried coloured lenses before and always went for blue ones - I have blue eyes - so they were monstly to enhance my look. But next time I'll go for green or brown! You look gorgeous! X


    1. Awww thank you so much my darling Jo! <3 Oooh yes I'll bet the blue lenses looked incredible on you! Deffo give green & brown a try, I'm thinking of picking up some green ones next! :) xoxo

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    1. Hey! Are you using your phone? If you click on each image individually you can view the images or switch to web version? xoxo

  3. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

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    I will surely visit here again

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


    1. Awww thank you so much for your super sweet comment hun! I'm so glad you like my lil blog :) Thanks for the recommendation! xoxo

  4. However, I do have my problems with these lenses unfortunately :(
    I have astigmatism in both eyes and usually I don't have any problems with my circle lenses but I do with these lenses. Lacelle Contacts

    1. Oh no I'm sorry to hear that! I've never tried circle lenses myself, may give them a go too! xoxo


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