Getting Lippie - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lippie in Burnt Spice Review

Hey there my lovely readers!

If you follow me on Instagram (@aysh_xox) you may have noticed that amongst the usual, nail, kitty & outfit posts that make up the majority of my feed, I've recently started sharing some of my favourite lippie products as well. I figured that seeing as this is a beauty blog also, why the heck not share some of my top choices on here as well, thus mixing things up a tad in between all the nail art :)

A late starter to the lippie game, for many a year I had been a simple slick of balm & go girl as I suffer from horrendous dry lips, making lipstick wearing just a nightmare. I alone probably kept Chapstick in business. However a few years down the line after discovering the wonders of lip scrubs & moisturisers I decided enough was enough & I wouldn't let the condition of my lips deprive me on all the lippie fun!

Another factor that has encouraged me to experiment more with lip products is the miraculous invention of the liquid lipstick. On the occasions when I do dare to wear something, it is pretty much nearly always a liquid lipstick of some kind. Everything about them appeals to my needs, convenient packaging, easy application & more importantly, great formulas that sit & apply well, leaving a smooth matte yet non drying finish. I actually can't recall the last time I used a bullet lipstick *gazes apologetically at all the MAC's gathering dust* O_o

So the first Lippie Love I wished to share with you is an offering from the MAC familia (see I haven't totally betrayed you MAC!) & is from their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour range in the shade Burnt Spice.

I was browsing in the London Carnaby Street MAC store with mumma bear when these caught my eye & naturally I veered towards them to get swatching. With such a wide range of shades it was really hard to decide but after umming & aahing I opted for Burnt Spice a lovely neutral warm brown nude shade.

Not only do I absolutely love the tone of this nude & how it looks on my lips but l also feel its flattering for my skin tone. As I have pigmented lips I do tend to struggle with certain nude tones but Burnt Spice is just perfection. 

The formula applies smoothly & settles into a sleek matte finish, however I do ensure to give the lips a good scrub down with lip scrub, I currently favour LUSH Bubblegum because well....BUBBLEGUM as well as applying a slick of balm.  Most importantly it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything heavy on my lips which is the deal breaker. Longevity wise I do drink a lot throughout the day yet its still there by late afternoon.

Basically I need more of these babies in my life. The MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are available at MAC counters & online for £17.50. Have you tried any of the Retro Matte's? Whats your favourite shade? Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. This lipstick looks amazing on you. The perfect nude. I'm a little lazy with my lipstick, I chuck it on in the morning and then when it wears off, that's it. Maybe if I had a lovely Mac lippie like this, I'd love it!
    Vicky x

    1. Aaah thanks Vicky! Haha I'm so lazy too! Even though I carry them with me I hardly ever reapply, which is great with these as I've found I don't even need to. Definitely give them a try ;) xoxo


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