Loreal Paris Superstar Mascara Review

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Lately I've been having a play around with the mascaras I have in my possession & not succumbed to any of the new temptations on the market *pats self on the back* Though I do have one little bad boy on my wishlist & that's the Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara which I've heard nothing but rave reviews! So I may have to go through a wee relapse so I can see its wonders for myself...for blogging purposes of course.  

One mascara in particular that I've stumbled across in my stash & have slowly fallen for big time is this offering from Loreal Paris, the Superstar Mascara. With a name like that I was certainly hoping for super results & I was not disappointed!

The Superstar Mascara is a double ended, 2 step type job here. Normally something like this would put me off as I would presume that it would just lengthen the whole process but this wasn't the case at all.

On one end you have what is described as a super sizing white primer which you apply first as your step 1 to promised super size lashes. The wand for the primer is a corset shaped brush which I love as it really captures & coats each lash very well.

The other end of the mascara contains of course the black shade as no one wants to be rocking white eyelashes! Well I don't know...maybe some would, but not on this occasion. The top coat is a black fibre enriched formula that coats the lashes, adding volume, length & an intense black finish. The wand for this end is a curved shape which is perfect for scooping up under the lashes & really lifting them up. 

So of course the truth is in the testing eh? Here is a before shot of my bare nekkid lashes which I always curl a wee bit before mascara application...

I then applied one coat of the primer. As mentioned the wand works well in capturing each lash & I really noticed a visible lengthening after applying the primer.

Next for step 2, the topcoat. I start with applying the mascara on the top of the lashes combing downwards, before going underneath & lifting up to really get the full benefit of the mascara. The topcoat applied really well, going over all of the now white lashes until each lash was coated evenly. Not forgetting those bottom lashes too!

Et voila, the finished look. Overall verdict, I LOVE the effect the Superstar mascara gives, a glamourous, pigmented & all round beautiful finish, no gloopiness, or spidery lashes in sight. The Loreal Paris Superstar mascara retails for £10.99 & can be found on most Loreal counters & online.

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