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Hey there lovely readers! Hope you're enjoying this glorious weekend & a happy Eid to all who have been celebrating these past two days.

There's a trend on the nail scene that's recently caught my radar of late & tis one I am LOOOOVING muchly! What is it I hear you ask? Cuticle Tattoos!

I'm sure you're familiar with the pretty metallic tattoos that have been hitting the festival scene, which has had everyone go ga ga over. A fun way of adding a bit of glam to any ensemble, well why not add a bit of glam to the nails too?!

I adore henna body art, growing up in an Asian household, henna is something I'm pretty familiar with, always loving some sort of pretty design for weddings, events etc. One of the things about henna though, despite the pungent smell that puts a lot of people off, once the design starts fading on your skin, it definitely loses some of its prettiness! When I go for designs, I always prefer something simple yet elegant which is why I heart these cuticle tattoos from Charlies Nail Art store with their black henna like vibe.

You may recall me mention Charlies NailArt store a few times on here already, lets just say I am thoroughly addicted to this online store for bargain nail art supplies, the cuticle tattoos being one of them. There are a variety of different designs to choose from, each as pretty as the other & they really are a unique way of adding a bit of extra wow factor to your nails, making the mani look so much more interesting. Not to mention they're super simple & straightforward to use!

I wanted the focus to be on the cuticle tattoos so decided to go for a nude pink mani using Wet N Wild Private Viewing which I picked up in NYC earlier this year. I adore this, its like the PERFECT nude! The formula was a tad runny, however the brushes on these are fab, making application a piece of cake. I applied two coats before doing a straightforward design by applying a few strategically placed lines with my Models Own nail art pen in Black.

Once my mani was dry, it was time to apply the tats! You get a sheet of twenty cuticle tattoos of various sizes, so its easy to match up against your nail. Remember those temporary tattoos you used to wear as a wee one making you feel like the coolest kid on the block? Well these work in the exact same way. Simply cut around the tattoo you will be using, peel of the clear film & place tattoo facing down just below the cuticle.

Then using a wet cotton pad, press down firmly for about 20-30 seconds & the paper should slide right off & away leaving the pretty design on the skin.

I discovered as I went along that its much better to cut as close to the design as you can as this makes placement much easier! Lets just say that the positioning on the first hand was way off as you can see haha! But practice makes perfect & even if you don't get it directly by the cuticle, it still looks great!

Now these really are temporary, you can get a good days wear before they start to noticeably peel away from the skin & when they do, just simply peel off the remainder, which comes away very easily.

Charlies Nail Art store have a variety of lovely designs to choose from & for the absolute bargainous price of just £1.25 how can you resist? I definitely can't & I predict another nail art haul happening in the not too distant future!

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading! 

Lotsa love to ya!

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