NOTD - Hippo Nails!

Ello ello & a Happy Friday beauts! 

I have some Friday Funday nails to share with you today in the form of Happy Hippos! I love me some quirky nail art to help lift the spirits a tad & these definitely did the job :) Though my brother did kindly inquire as to why my hippos looked high with their intensely dilated pupils...well they are just VERY happy I guess ;)

Please do kindly ignore the dent in poor Mr Thumb Hippos face, he was clearly a tad over excited. To create the hippos could not be easier. I started off with this beautiful Zoya creme polish, Kristen, which is such a lovely shade of grey tinted pale blue, very different & perfect for my hippos faces :)

Using the brush I applied an oval like shape covering about three quarters of the nail. Using the same shade I added two little ears on top of the egg shape using a dotting tool.

I then grabbed this very lovely looking turquoise shimmer from a random brand a friend brought back for me from South America, my chums know me well in that I love trying random new polishes! Especially love the diamant√© detail on the bottle :) 

I used the pretty turquoise to create the faces by just free handing a smaller egg like shape inside the pale blue, as well as adding a smaller dot inside the ears.

Grabbing the Zoya polish again & a dotting tool I added on the nostril & cheek detail to the hippo faces before dotting on the (crazy hippo happy dilated) eyes using some white & black polish.

What did I tell ya? Easy peasy! Finishing off with a slick of topcoat & your hippo nails are done! Anyone remember that most amazing game of our childhoods Hungry Hippos? These totally reminded me of that! Haha!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!

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