Review - Va Va Voom Volume with Hot Hair Brianna Hair Piece

Hullo beauties! Weekend is almost upon us, happy days! Lots to look forward to with the Swap In The City event for London Fashion Weekend in Covent Garden on Saturday & then Pro Beauty Show on Sunday. If you lovelies will be attending either events then do come say hi! You can find me on Twitter as usual (Aysh_tmb) :)

Now when it comes to hair styling...I am extremely boring. As much as I would love to be a pro, no matter how many YouTube videos I watch, it always ends up an epic fail. Therefore because of this, & due to the long length, I am a bona fide straightener addict. And as much as I enjoy having long, straight hair therein lies one issue...NO VOLUME. Behold...

See what I mean? Such flatness, much sadness. I've tried & tested a number of products that promise va va voom volume yet the effects last for about five minutes before reverting back to flats-ville! And back combing the hair constantly is too damaging. One solution that has been recommended to me on a few occasions is a hairpiece, but I've always been daunted at trying.

When an opportunity to review a hairpiece from the lovelies over at Hot Hair came knocking at my door, I naturally jumped at the chance as it couldn't have come at more perfect time. Hot Hair, a brand which began in that wonder of wonders that is Selfridges (any one else addicted to the show?!) have been creators of hair extensions, hairpieces & wigs for over 15 years, so they know their stuff.

When it came to choosing which hair piece to try, I decide to go for the *Brianna 3/4 wig, as the length seemed most suited to mine & consists of pretty waves, giving the hair a lovely style, swish & more importantly volume.

One of the reasons why I've been daunted at using hairpieces is well...to be frank, I am utterly retarded at putting them in O_o Even the simplest of clip ons break me out in a sweat. The Brianna 3/4 wig however promises ease of application with a couple of strategically place combs & side clips.

No back combing is required, just simply brush some of the hair at the crown forward, slid in the comb & clip in. There is even a YouTube tutorial if, like moi, even doing this is a task ;) And here is the result!

Before you say anything, I know I know, the colour is completely different! However being naturally dark haired I opted for the Ebony shade & despite dyeing my hair a few weeks ago, it clearly seems to have a life of its own & has become lighter! Though to be honest I quite like the two tone effect :)

But more importantly...hello volume! Whilst my attachment skills still leave a lot to be desired, I managed to get to grips with it eventually, & once clipped in was over the moon with the instant volume & over all swishy-ness my hair now has.

We have a big family wedding coming up in a few months & I really wanted to have thick, voluminous locks for the occasion, thanks to Hot Hair my hair dreams will be answered. I'll be dyeing my hair fully dark again beforehand so the blend will be better. 

Overall, I am so happy with the difference the Brianna hair piece has made and I would definitely consider using hair pieces much more! They can be styled in different ways too, worn up as well as down with head bands, hair accessories etc, I can't wait to have a play!

Hot Hair have a wide range of hair pieces to choose from & can be purchased online as well as in Selfridges, I especially love the look of the ponytail extensions!

Thanks for reading lovelies! 
Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


  1. I'm loving the volume this piece has created in your hair!

    Laura xxx

  2. Thank you Laura, it makes such a difference! Annoyed at myself at not trying hairpieces before now :) And these really are easy to use, even for moi! ;) xoxo


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