Mane & Tail Horse Shampoo...Yay or Neigh???

Hey there lovely readers!

See what I did there? I should apologise but feeling pathetically proud of my little word play there...
 Ahem! Anyhoos moving on lovelies, so...Horse Shampoo? Thoughts? You may have heard about this much hyped shampoo on the market, Mane & Tail, which is catered not only for horses but humans too! Naturally I was intrigued & on one of my trips to London I popped into Liberty’s & found myself leaving with it happily thinking at last...I shall now have beautiful long locks a la Black Beauty.

After using both the shampoo & conditioner for a few months I thought I’d share my thoughts. As much as I wish I could say I now have hair that could put a prize winning show horse's to shame, alas I must confess that Mane & Tail did not suit my hair at all. *sad face*

Instead of shiny, swinging locks I found that Mane & Tail made my hair INCREDIBLY dry, especially the ends. Even using it with my HG Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner didn’t help the straw like finish I seemed to getting every time I used it.
source: Google images
 Alas...my hair did NOT look like this perfectly realistic & achievable result...

I also found that the shampoo stripped my hair of colour. I’ve been dying my hair regularly since my teens & have recently been wearing deep brown tones. After using Mane & Tail I found my hair was getting lighter & lighter with a few coppery tones running through.  Though I confess I actually didn’t mind this so much as I have been asked more times these past few months if I’ve just coloured my hair & WHAT shade it is I can’t tell you! So Mane & Tail is forgiven for that ;)
source: Google images

Mane & Tail also claims to improve hair growth but I honestly haven’t seen any major differences from my usual normal hair growth.

So there you have it, unfortunately Mane & Tail wasn’t for me. As I don't know any horses to pass it on to, I gave it to mumma bear instead who also felt it made her hair uber dry. However one thing I’ve learnt is that whilst some products might not suit everyone, they may work wonders on others! I mean the rave reviews clearly indicate that, perhaps it’s more suited to lighter hair than dark? 
Thanks for reading loves! Would love to know if you have tried this much hyped horsed shampoo & your thoughts!  
Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I thought this shampoo was a joke! I'm sure it pops up in Blades of Glory. Get yourself some TLC with some sulphate-free shampoos, sweet cheeks!

    1. Haha no joke hun, very real & much hyped too! Alas did not work for me. Oooh yes, I have me some LUSH goodies to get through & then I shall most definitely be going down the sulphate free route! xoxo

  2. This used to be my go to as my protein conditioner meaning I used it on the days I felt my hair shedding more than usual. I highly recommend it and will add it to my hair regimen soon. Strengthened my hair and overall great for the hair, including growth.

    1. Oooh really?! So glad it worked for you hun! Goes to show just because a product doesn't suit one person doesn't necessarily mean it won't be fab for others! xoxo


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