Easter NOTD - Cheeky Chicks!

Hello there lovely readers & Happy Easter weekend! Hope you've all made a start on the chocolate over indulging that is an absolute necessity on this holiday, I plan to feel like a complete heifer before the day is through so I'd best get started!

Now brace yourselves lovelies for the complete & utter mani fail I'm about to throw your way today you lucky things you. I wanted to squeeze in another quick Easter themed mani so literally threw this one together & it was pretty much one of those situations where once I started to realise this mani was going downhill fast, I had already reached the point of no return, there was no going back, I simply had to continue & finish. So here we go dears, some rather psychotic looking cheeky chicks...

For my base I used the gloriously sparkly Seventeen Juicy Neons Nail Effects in Yellow which, whilst a lovely & bright shade, was much sheerer than I realised & therefore needed a good three coats for good coverage. At least I know now for next time to use a base colour underneath. I do like the pretty glass fleck sparkles muchly though.

Next for the shells which were a bit higher up the nail than I wanted, I used my Models Own nail art pen in White for the cracked edge before filling out the bottom with NYC Pinstripe White. Because of the glittery textured base I had to do a few coats of the white which made my shells super thick industrial strength nigh on unbreakable eggshells...its a miracle the little chickys cracked through in the first place...

Finally to bring my chicks to life I simply dotted on two black dots, adding a smaller white dot inside for the eyes, before sticking on some tear drop shaped orange rhinestones for the beaks & a wee 3D touch.

Finishing off with a good few coats of topcoat & some drying drops to help speed up the drying time of the 50 or so different polish layers going on there & Easter mani was finally done...*wipes brow*

Think I might go lie down now....Thanks as always for reading lovely ones & enjoy the rest of your Easter breaks!

Lotsa love to ya!

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