Festive NOTD - Candy Cane Nails!

Hello lovely readers & Merry Xmas Eve! Hope you're all set & excited for the holiday, lord knows I am. The journey home from work was absolute bliss, ooooh if the roads could but always be like this! ;) Now I can look forward to two days of festive goodness with lots of eating & passing out before waking up & doing the same all over again *fist pump*

Seeing as we're just on the brink of Xmas I thought I'd quickly sneak in one last festive mani! You'll know if you've been following that I've knocked out a few Xmas themed mani's this year including Snow Queen Inspired Nails, Santa Claus Nails, Christmas Tree Nails Xmas Jumper Nails as well as some ReindeerNails too! Well to me no Xmas can be complete without digging out that timeless favorite of mine China Glaze Ruby Pumps at least once! So last but not least for this years final festive mani I've done some Candy Cane Nails!

Oh Ruby Pumps I do adore you :) Also apologies for the abysmal photos dolls, one of the annoying things about winter, dark mornings & dark evenings! Blogger problems ;) To create these Candy Cane nails all you need is a white polish, a red polish & some good ol' cellotape!

I started of with a base of white polish, in this case I used my fav NYC Pinstripe White. I applied two coats on every nail bar the middle one to which I applied two coats of the pretty Ruby Pumps.

Next you need to wait till the nails are completely dry, I actually applied topcoat & waited a few hours later to carry on with the design as I didn't want to risk the polish coming away when using the cello tape!

I already had my cello tape cut up in to lots of thin strips, you'll need about 3-4 for each nail depending on the size. Keep the pieces of tape close at hand, I just stuck them all to the edge of my book bwaha! Books can have many wonderful uses besides imparting knowledge! ;)

Stick 3-4 strips of tape on to the nail in a diagonal direction, once placed & firmly stuck down apply one coat of the Ruby Pumps or red polish over the entire nail & then peel of the cello tape straight away whilst polish is still wet. I still need to work on my tape technique for sure but practice makes perfect!

Finally on the middle nail I just used my Models Own Nail Art Pen in White to draw on some (rather wonky!) little candy canes. A thick coat of topcoat & finito!

Hope you liked the festive mani's this year lovely readers! Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas! Hope you have a truly magical one with your loved ones!

Lotsa love to ya! 

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