NOTD - Pikachu Inspired Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

If you follow me on Twitter (Aysh_tmb) & Instagram (aysh_xox) you'll know that I took the plunge today, visited the hairdressers, got my hur did & am now officially a member of the redhead gang! Woo! Yup, after much deliberation & palpitations I decided to go down the red route & had a few strips of hair rouged up nicely as well as an all over colour & even though I was cacking my pants the whole time, am super happy with the results! Will hopefully get to share in an FOTD soon but I still have a few old posts that I need to blog (nothing new there) so you may see my hair chopping & changing quite frequently!

A spot of random yet fun nail art with today's manicure for you dolls! I can't say I'm a huge Pokemon fan, though I say that but I remember a time long ago, made up of many days of darkness where I refused to venture out of my cave *cough*room! due to the complete & utter addictiveness that was the Pokemon Nintendo DS game...aaaah good times. And not just that but who doesn't love that cute little bugger Pikachu?! Seriously...that is one ADORABLE little animated guy & I thought hey, I'd quite like to put him on my nails...so I did :)

Haha! What do you think? I saw lots of random Pikachi nail designs on Pinterest & this one caught my eye plus looked the most straightforward! And it really was! To create Pikachu nails all you need is a yellow, black & red polish plus black & white nail art pens or brushes for the little details.

For my yellow base I used Kleancolors Neon Yellow which a friend of mine bought back from the states. Now is that a POW yellow or what?! I absolutely love the colour, unfortunately though the formula was a bit of a pain to work with, extremely thick & gloopy making the first coat look a streaky mess. Thankfully though it sorted itself out by the second coat.

Once the yellow was dry I went in with my red polish, I used WetnWild's Red Red, & with the brush placed a round(ish!) blob on the thumb & pinkie & then did the same with the black polish, Barry M Black, on the index & ring fingers.

After those had dried I then grabbed my Models Own Nail Art pens & using the white, added a smaller dot in the black for Pikachu's eyes & then used the black to do his little nose & mouth on the middle finger. Finish off with a slick of topcoat to seal & you're done! :D

Pika! Pika!...ahem! Sorry lost myself for a moment there. Hope you liked the Pikachu inspired nails my lovelies! Again...seriously...how CUTE is he?! FYI...I am fully aware that he is a fictitious character drawn by some random person & is sadly NOT real...in case you were getting concerned ;)

Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Pikachu is just too cute!!! :)


    1. Hehe! I knooooow! Such a cutie :D Pikachu fan club! ;) xoxo

  2. Super duper cute! Love the yellow.

    Sarah xxx


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