NOTD - Gone A Tad...Plaid!

Hello there lovely readers!

This week I found myself in the mood for some arty-ness on the ol’ nails, of course it also had to be something easily attemptable for le retard that is moi…an important requirement when it comes to nail art designs to try ;) So I did what I usually do & one of my favourite pastimes, which is have a browse-y through all my favourite nail blogs (of which there are SO many!) in search for inspiration…& I found it! At none other than my pal Chelle’s blog, who has all her fab nail art designs displayed in a most fantabulous gallery…gosh this girls gots skills ;) And it seems we both seem to have gained inspiration from one another as she recently did the Mermaid Gradient Nails I blogged about recently too!  High five sister! :D

Anyhoos the design of hers that I wanted to have a go at & attempt was Plaid Nails! Not only do I love the pattern, but the colours used are perfect for this time of year…

What do ya think? Was so happy with how they came out! I absolutely LOVE grey polish & think this is a fab way to wear it & even better is that it was so easy to create! The polish’s I used for this plaid design were Barry M’s Grey & Black & the Models Own WAH Nail Art Pen which is brilliant! 

I started off with 2 coats of Barry M Grey which as always applied beautifully & has such a lovely glossy finish.

 Once dried I then applied 1 thick stroke of Barry M Black along the length of the nail.

Then for the white stripes I used the Models Own nail art pen (RRP £6) which is perfect for creating lines, dots & other arty things on the nails, making achieving nail art super-duper easy! I just love it & recently purchased a few more from Models Own when they had their 50% off sale recently. With the pen I simply draw on four lines, 2 vertical & 2 horizontal to complete the plaid design.

Finish with a coat of topcoat & you’re done! Though unlike me, you may want to use a decent topcoat instead of reaching for any old crapola one thus resulting in slight streaking of polish…*tumbleweed* 

I’m absolutely in love with the plaid design & now want to try it in a variety of different colours! Perhaps red & green Scottish plaid? Or a Burberry style using a lovely nude polish? Oooh decisions, decisions! 

Thanks as always for reading lovelies & thanks Chelle for inspiring me with your divine designs you wonderful nail goddess you…

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Do a Burberry one!!! I would love to see it!

    1. Hehe! Will see what I can do lovely, I really want to try the Burberry pattern too :D xoxo

  2. Great job on the nails! They look amazing. I wish I had steady hands to do these.

    1. Aww thanks Sherin me lovely! Its honestly a lot easier than it looks, trust me..if I can do it! Lol! ;) The nail art brushes are fab too & make it so much easier xoxo


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