Marie Antionette Afternoon Tea at Pont St Belgravia

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"Let them eat cake"...advice that I try to incorporate religiously in my lifestyle. Though there is no concrete evidence that she uttered these words, the quote is often associated with that iconic figure of class & extravagance that was Marie Antoinette, who like myself enjoyed partaking in the delightful pastime of afternoon tea.

PontSt restaurant located within Thompson Belgraves Hotel & situated in the beautiful Belgravia area of London take note of this & have crafted a delightful Marie Antoinette inspired afternoon tea experience which my friend Tolu & I had the pleasure of experiencing recently.

I arrived a bit early but was seated straight away by the lovely attendant who led me to a cushioned sofa booth table & offered me some refreshments whilst I waited for Tolu. I really do have to credit the service from the staff here, not only were they lovely & friendly, but they also scored MAJOR brownie points with me by kindly providing me with a charger for my phone as it was running low & naturally I was all in a panic about whether it would last all the inevitable food photographing that would be going on!

Once my chum had joined me, we then perused the menu to have a looky at what treats we were in store for. As you can see, the tea choice here isn't huge, with a couple of black & a few green teas, however I guess the main focus with this afternoon tea is the nom nom treats. We both opted for a simple English Breakfast which is served in the prettiest crockery, I do love a pretty teacup!

Then came the arrival of the 3 tiered afternoon tea itself, each layer filled with intriguing delights! Accompanying this is a platter of finger sandwiches in surprisingly simple combinations of cheese & pickle, cucumber & cream cheese & a meat option as well but despite their simplicity they were still extremely good!

Also alongside all this you have a plate of the ever present home made scones, clotted cream & jam. These were actually delightfully light, Tolu definitely enjoyed hers & myself who normally stays clear of the scones couldn't resist half of one.

On to the main focal point, everything looked so pretty we almost didn't want to touch it...almost. Starting at the bottom & making our way to the top we began by first testing the decadent selection of savories. Created specially for the Marie Antoinette afternoon tea by head chef Sophie Mitchell, you have delicacies such as Quail Egg Tartlets, Smoked Salmon on Pumpernikel, Foie Gras on Brioche Toast & Toasted Cheese Balls.

The sweet offerings really are impressive & so pretty, including delightfully chewy Rose Macaroons, pretty blue Fondant Fancies (which were INCREDIBLE!), Chocolate Opera Cake, Absinthe Choux, Champagne Lychee Jelly with Rosewater Cream & Marie Antoinette Playing Card Biscuits. 

During all this time your tea can be replenished as often as you like & the Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea can also include champagne so if you like to indulge in a glass of bubbly then you would definitely enjoy this!

I should mention that if it is a quiet afternoon tea experience that you are after then the ambiance at times wasn't as serene as others have been, a couple of large parties arrived whilst we were there, including a hen party & whilst not hugely disruptive, there were times when we did have to speak up to hear ourselves.

Overall though both Tolu & I highly enjoyed our Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea, the unique food offerings made for a very interesting experience & we were fit to burst by the end. We couldn't finish everything so the waiters kindly packed up our leftovers to take home. The Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea costs £35 per person, a really good price in my opinion for an afternoon tea that is something a little different.

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  1. I absolutely love going out for afternoon tea and this by far looks one of the best I've seen - It all looks beautiful xx

    Beth | Polishedcouture

    1. Hi Bethany! Aaah its completely my favourite thing to do, whats not to love?! You definitely should give this one a try, its really quite different! xoxo


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