NOTD - Minnie Mouse Inspired Disney Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

You know how much I adore all things Disney with a childhood being brought up watching all the classics & basically wanting to be Princess Jasmine when I grew up. To me Disney is just a symbol of pure happiness & joy & gosh darn it you can be sure I'll be forcing Disney on my own children one day like there's no tomorrow! ;) Today I was inspired by Disney's very own little diva for some Minnie Mouse nails...

It didn't actually turn out QUITE how I'd hoped, as I experienced some lovely colour running & not to mention the pretty disastrous free handing but I still went with it anyhoos!


NOTD - Barry M Indigo & Maybelline Flash Cosmic!

Hello there lovely readers!

Tis been a productive one down this end with moi finally taking on the task I've been holding off for weeks...organising my polishes. It was a wee bit daunting...& I needed to lie down afterwards...but I did it! No longer am I finding polishes by the tv, under the bed, in teacups, within the kitchen cupboards (yup, that's right) but all are happily tucked away in some fab & cheap drawer storage I picked up in Asda's no less. I would of course love to own a helmer for all my polish storage needs but I just lack the space so these suit me fine, I may even do a post sometime?

Moving on I wanted to share with you lovelies one of the nail polish combos I am loving at the moment featuring an old favourite of mine plus a super fabulous funky topcoat that is simply stunning! The trusty favourite in question is my good ol' Barry M Indigo & the special little topcoat is Maybelline's Flash Cosmic.


Getting Lippy - Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Shouty

Hello there my lovely readers!

Today I have another pretty lippie to share with you, a gem that has made it to much favored status with moi & is from the Mirror Shine range from Seventeen cosmetics. It was from within this range I actually first ventured towards when treading the lipstick waters & purchased two of what have now become staple lip products in my collection. I loved Bee Hive & Nudist Peach so much it was inevitable that another Mirror Shine lippie would fine its way into my life, this time in the form of the lovely Shouty....


NOTD - Sci Fi Alien Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

So its that time of the month again darlings...Polish Days! When I found out what this months theme was, “To Boldly Go...” my inner sci fi geek squealed in delight as I absolutely LOVE all things Sci Fi! Star Wars is up there as one of my all time favourite films (the classics obvs, not the recent CGI filled disappointments) so I was excited to get my thinking cap on & decide which way to boldly go for my Sci-Fi manicure. 
An obvious option was of course the much loved Galaxy nails but for some reason they scare the bejesus out of me! I will attempt them one day but for today I went down another route & did me some holographic Sci Fi Alien nails instead!


The Lash Files - NYC Big Bold Mascara Review

Hello there lovely readers!

So...mascara. Who doesn't love them? A lovely little product that instantly makes those eyes stand out oh so prettily, I can understand why it is a 'holy grail' staple for many! I'll be honest & say that in the past I've often bypassed the mascara step in my everyday make up purely by the factor that I'm just so bum lazy to remove it! However I've become reacquainted with them of late & noticed what a humongous difference it does make & now wear it pretty much every day! Lately I've been having a play around with a few different ones, most recently this lovely little offering from NYC's range, the Big Bold Mascara...


NOTD - Beaded Nails featuring Barry M Nail Art Pens!

Hello there lovely readers!

For my first blog post of this month I have this beautiful mani design to share with you that was inspired by the amazing Lucy who is without a doubt my nail oracle! I absolutely love this super talented ladies blog, she has some serious skills with her beautiful designs & whenever I'm looking for some nail art inspiration, hers is often the first stop I make. So here is my attempt at her stunning Beaded Nails Design