TTDEYE Polar Lights Yellow Green Contact Lens Review

Hello there lovely readers!

Along with my nails & afternoon tea reviews, I'm sure you're familiar by now of my fondness for switching up my eye colour & rocking a coloured contact lens on occasion. 

You can read all of my contact lens reviews HERE which predominantly feature the brand Klenspop, who in particular specialise in cute kawaii lenses that enhance the eyes beautifully.

As much as I adore these however, I wanted to try something a bit more different & natural looking so decided to have a browse in other places to see what I could find & stumbled across the brand TTD Eye on a friends Instagram account. The lens she wore looked so stunning yet really lovely & natural so inevitably I headed straight to the website to order me a pair which happened to be the Polar Lights Yellow Green Lens.

TTD Eye offer free worldwide shipping which is a bonus & these came to about $25 so around £20 as they were on sale at the time, double bonus! 


Disney Nail Art Series - The Lion King

Hello there lovely readers!

I could not let August go by without throwing in a new manicure for my Disney Nail Art Series now could I? Speaking of, how on earth is it almost September already? This year seems to be going by at an alarming rate!

My next Disney manicure is a bit special to me I guess as it is up there as one of my favorite Disney films & was actually the very first Disney movie I went to watch at the cinema...The Lion King.


NOTD - Holo Diamond Sequin Flowers

Hey there lovely readers!

I recently stumbled across this wee pot of pretty blue holo diamond sequins in my stash, I believe I must have picked them up on one of my Born Pretty Store hauls, my go to place when it comes to nail art supplies.

Slapping myself on the wrist right there at neglecting them so on account of them being just so darn pretty, I then went to thinking on ways in which I could incorporate these in a mani & the thought that immediately came to mind was using them as petals! The shape of the sequins are perfect to create some pretty blooms so I went on ahead & did just that.


NOTD - Rose Gold God by NEXT

Hello there lovely readers!

Whilst browsing through NEXT the other day waiting on my friend who was picking up an order, I found myself drawn like moth to flame towards the beauty section as I always like to have a peek at their perfumes. During my perusal I was delighted to notice that NEXT seem to have expanded on their cosmetics significantly with the Make Me Beautiful range including an intriguing selection of face & lip products, however me being me I was naturally drawn to the nail polish offerings of which I was happy to notice was very vast indeed & features a wide collection of mattes, shimmers, glosses & glitters. 


Afternoon Tea Adventures - The Hotel Du Vin

Hello there lovely readers!

Gosh I am so behind with writing up my afternoon tea escapades of late. I've experienced some lovely ones over the past few months that l want to share with you but I don't know where the time is going lately! But did you know that its actually Afternoon Tea Week right now?! So perfect time to rectify the situation I'd say. So lets make a start today with a review of another lovely afternoon tea in one of my favourite places to visit, Henley.

I've already written about my first afternoon tea experience in this delightful town at The Red Lion Hotel which was fabulous, so do have a read of that. When I heard that there was another offering within Henley then you can be certain that I was eager to try it! This afternoon tea in particular is at The Hotel Du Vin. I actually saw a fellow blogger friend Instagram a photo of the tea, I knew straight away I had to try it & I can assure you it had NOTHING to do with the fact that candy floss would be served as part of it...*side eye* O_o


NOTD - Sweetpeas and Stripes

Hello there lovely readers!

Oooh its been a while! These past few weeks have been all manners of manic with work, life & everything in between. Thankfully I managed to squeeze in a brief holiday to the Poldark lands aka Cornwall to visit one of my lovely friends plus catch some much needed time out. I could happily have stayed there forever as I adore it there muchly....who knows maybe one day.

As we seem to have been rather cheated of a summer this year (seriously Mother Nature, whats the dealio, I thought you & I had a special arrangement?) I've been resorted to creating summer vibes via other means, mostly my favourite way of course, on my nails.

It really uplifts my mood greatly when I'm wearing a pretty patterned mani & I'm an absolute sucker for florals, they soothe me so much so whenever I get a chance you can be sure I'll be rocking a floral manicure a lot of the time! My wish one day is to recreate stunning floral mani's like Follow That Way...seriously this girls skills are insane, her floral mani's are like works of art!