Hello Kitty Pink Gradient Nails

Hello lovely readers!

As much as I love my gothic vibe mani's, I do on occasion like to embrace the inner barbie girl that clearly still lingers in that dark soul somewhere, if this mani I have for you today is anything to go by! 

I wasn't kidding was I? ;) Recently OPI released an adorable Hello Kitty collection filled with pretty pink tones, now whilst I don't own these *sad face* I DO however have a wide choice of pinks to play with, as well as finding some cute Hello Kitty nail art stickers lying around in my stash. Putting the two together I rustled up a quick pinky gradient mani.

Mmmmm gradients...you are so satisfying! As usual when doing a gradient start with a white base to make the colours pop! I did a post a while back HERE with a brief guide on how to do gradients!

Then grab your two shades, here I've used Models Own HyperGels in Pink Veneer and Cerise Shine as I love the thick formula of these, fab for gradients! 

Apply a strip of each of the two polishes, side by side, on your piece of make up sponge, then dab directly onto the the nail, using side by side & up/down motions to create that fading two tone gradient effect.

If your worried about lots of polish mess going on to your skin then prep the nails before hand using some Latex Skin Protector which I've blogged about HERE. This stuff is FABULARSE for this kind of nail art!

Apply your gradient a few times with the sponge until your happy with the finish, I manage to get an opaque finish with two goes, especially with the HyperGels.

Then I just grabbed my Hello Kitty stickers & placed directly on the nail in random places using a pair of tweezers.

Finish with topcoat and done! Cute Kawai Kitty nails good to go! :)

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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