NOTD - Neon Gradient Nails

Hullo & happy hump day lovely readers! So the holiday glow has officially gone now alas but hey ho, NYC I will be coming for you again next year so watch this space! ;) In the meantime, I don't know about you but I am SO ready for summer already! Be gone frost!

To help me get some summer vibes going on I reached for some neon shades & had my first go at sponged gradient nails, something that I've wanted to try for yonks & I'm so happy with the result. I think I may now be addicted to this form of nail art!

I've always been cautious of trying gradient nails as I'd assumed they were complicated but I couldn't have been more wrong! There are some easy to follow tutorials on YouTube but once I'd grasped the concept it really was very straightforward!

For this super summery gradient I reached for two shades from of the Models Own Polish For Tans Collection, Bikini, a pow wow yellow & Sun Hat, a hot neon pastel pink. Sorry lovelies but I was so stressed when trying this I totally forgot to take pics as I went along, but I'll do my best to explain the steps!

Before you apply the gradient you need to have a white base already on the nails as this is really what makes the gradient stand out & work. So using a simple white polish I applied one coat onto the nails.

Next grabbing my makeup sponge, which I had cut in half so the width was just larger than the size of my nails. I applied a stripe of each polish, next to each other on to the sponge, then doing one nail at a time, applied the colours to the nail in a dabbing motion, whilst also moving the sponge in an up & down and side to side direction so that the two shades blend in to each other.

Once all ten nails were done, I went in again for a second coat, applied in the same way. Depending on the colour & quality of the polishes, you'll need to apply the gradient a few times till you achieve a nice opaque blended finish. Once happy, clean up any polish that has gone on to the skin with acetone & a brush.

Now I didn't originally plan on the mani being this blingy. However once I'd finished my gradient, I got a tad over excited & ended up denting a few nails! After a little screeching episode, I calmed down & reached for some pretty pink rhinestones & simply added a few in different sizes to each nail. See how fab nail art jewels are? Not only do they look fab but they can also hide a multitude of mistakes! WIN!

Sealing those stones in with plenty of topcoat & my Summer Neon Gradient nails were good to go again! I've worn this mani all week & I cannot wait to play around with different colours & try more gradient manicures now that I know how simples they are!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - 3D Aztec Nails

Well hello there lovely readers! How are you all doing? So I returned back from my trip to NYC last week which was nothing short of amazing. I had the most incredible time out there in the Big Apple & now I've experienced the big city for myself, I can completely understand why everyone loves it! In fact, even though I've always been very much a home girl, I could honestly see myself living out there...& coming from me that's saying something!

Anyhoos holidays end at some point & one must return back to normality I guess which includes getting the blogging mojo back! Today we have a funky Aztec vibe going on with this 3D studded tribal mani I have to share with you beauts.

I adore Aztec patterns, they just scream summer times to me. Instead of doing a free hand design I decided to use some funky studs instead, to create a 3D effect & I loved the result!

For my base colour I used Barry M Matte nail paint in the shade Rhossili, a really lovely raspberry pink shade which dries to a matte finish. I applied two coats for full coverage which applied flawlessly, Barry M formulas are top notch!

Doing one nail at a time, after the second coat of polish had been applied, I grabbed a toothpick & my studs which are from Born Pretty Store, my go to place for bargainous nail art supplies. Psst you can also get an extra 10% off using my code TRUW10 ;)

Here I've used a combo of triangle & round studs. Dipping the toothpick in a little clear polish, I simply picked up the studs & placed on to the still tacky nail in a tribal style pattern.

I liked the matte effect so decided to forgo topcoat however I wanted to rock the tribal nails a bit longer so applied a couple of coats the next day to prolong the wear of the studs.

I hope you liked the 3D Aztec nails! Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Jewel Nails with KISS Nail Wraps

Bonjour lovely readers! Having a good week?

Thought I'd roll out a post before I head off on my trip to the Big Apple on Thursday :) It's proving hard to contain the excitement, not only am I excited to see my friend, but also for all the shopping temptation! And I'm not even talking the big brands...Walmart...I'm coming for you.

Now as much as I adore my polish, I do like to mix it up & give the old nail wraps a turn on occasion. With a plethora of pretty designs to choose from & no polish drying time you're winning really! Thankfully the majority of nail wraps available on the market are pretty easy to use & whilst having a dig through a selection of nail wraps I'd accumulated over time, I found these bobby dazzlers from KISS

Eye catching for sure huh? I absolutely love the jewel design & twas even more happy at how straightforward they were to apply. In the past I've used nail wraps that have been so fiddly that I may have ended up having a rather unattractive banshee-like screeching fit & just ended up binning the things!

These however kept Aysh in a nice & calm state with their ease of application. After filing the nails to your desired shape & length, prep them as well by going over the nail with a spot of polish remover to ensure the nail bed is totally dry. This helps the nail wrap to adhere better to the nail.

With these KISS nail wraps you simply select the wrap which best suits your nail size, peel off from the plastic backing & apply on to the nail. If your placement is a bit off, simply lift & position in place again until your happy. Then just trim & file off the edge. If you need to trim the wrap a little too beforehand you can do so to better fit on the nail bed.

And that's it, no topcoat required, just super jazzy nails ready to go! These promise 10 days of wear but I honestly can't comment on the longevity as me being me, I was already itching for a mani change the next day. And these peeled off super easily ;)

I'm sure that I've seen a variety of KISS nail products in Boots & Superdrug, I mean I've had these for quite a while, however I also found them on Amazon for a reasonable £5.99!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have a good week & catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Paint It Purple Nails for International Womens Day!

Hello lovely readers & Happy International Women's Day too all you fabulous beauties! *epic fist pump jump in the air*

My wee contribution to the cause shall be in the way I know best, by painting it purple on the nails! Why purple I hear you ask? Well here's a little fact of the day for you...Back in 1908, the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) in Great Britain adopted the colour scheme of purple, white and green to symbolise the plight of the Suffragettes. Purple symbolised justice and dignity - two values strongly associated with women's equality. So here's my #PaintItPurple mani!

I couldn't resist including a spot of fierce leopard print in to the manicure, I do love me some animal print! And I thought the combination of mink grey & purple went pretty well together!

For my purple I used Models Own Roxy from the Disco Pants collection. This was the first shade that caught my attention from the whole collection, quite different to the others, Roxy is a divine amethyst purple shimmer with pretty red & blue flecks that sparkle beautifully. I applied two coats on the index & ring fingers & applied only half of the middle finger.

Next for my leopard nails I used this gorgeous mink grey shade Marleybone Mews from Nails Inc, which was one of the magazine freebies a while back. FYI a little birdie told me they are at it again with Marie Claire magazine this month! Woo! I applied two coats to the thumb & little fingers as well as the other half of the middle finger.

Going back in with Roxy, I dotted on purple splodges randomly on to the mink using the polish brush before creating the leopard design using black polish & a dotting tool. Just simply surround the purple spots with C like curves, adding a few black dots here & there too.

Finally I applied a row of square purple gems down the centre of the middle finger before sealing it all in with a couple of coats of topcoat to secure the stones nicely.

Hope you liked the #PaintItPurple nails lovelies! Have a great day & thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Hippo Nails!

Ello ello & a Happy Friday beauts! 

I have some Friday Funday nails to share with you today in the form of Happy Hippos! I love me some quirky nail art to help lift the spirits a tad & these definitely did the job :) Though my brother did kindly inquire as to why my hippos looked high with their intensely dilated pupils...well they are just VERY happy I guess ;)

Please do kindly ignore the dent in poor Mr Thumb Hippos face, he was clearly a tad over excited. To create the hippos could not be easier. I started off with this beautiful Zoya creme polish, Kristen, which is such a lovely shade of grey tinted pale blue, very different & perfect for my hippos faces :)

Using the brush I applied an oval like shape covering about three quarters of the nail. Using the same shade I added two little ears on top of the egg shape using a dotting tool.

I then grabbed this very lovely looking turquoise shimmer from a random brand a friend brought back for me from South America, my chums know me well in that I love trying random new polishes! Especially love the diamant√© detail on the bottle :) 

I used the pretty turquoise to create the faces by just free handing a smaller egg like shape inside the pale blue, as well as adding a smaller dot inside the ears.

Grabbing the Zoya polish again & a dotting tool I added on the nostril & cheek detail to the hippo faces before dotting on the (crazy hippo happy dilated) eyes using some white & black polish.

What did I tell ya? Easy peasy! Finishing off with a slick of topcoat & your hippo nails are done! Anyone remember that most amazing game of our childhoods Hungry Hippos? These totally reminded me of that! Haha!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - One Of A Kind by Polish Alcoholic

Hello lovely readers!

Wowzah, can you believe we are in March already? Where did February go? Not that I'm complaining, I don't know about you but I am so over this chill & set for Spring already. More importantly though...I can officially begin the countdown to my holiday to NYC *cue Carlton dance of happiness* Yup, next week I am off to the Big Apple to visit my beautiful friend Jene & I cannot wait! If any of you beauties have visited feel free to throw any must do recs my way!

I have such a beautiful polish to share with you today my lovelies, not only is the polish itself oh so pretty, but the bottle is just utterly swoon worthy. Behold...One Of A Kind by Polish Alcoholic.

<insert heart eye emoji> One Of A Kind is a pretty special polish, not only was it created by the talented Sabrina aka Polish Alcoholic, who makes her own range of indie polishes (seriously how awesome to make your own polish) but this little gem was a Limited Edition, so when I won a bottle in a giveaway a while back you can imagine how ecstatic I was!

Could we just stop for a moment & admire the simply divine bottle this polish comes housed in? Encrusted with real Swarovski crystals along the front, that sparkle so prettily, I don't think I own a bottle of polish as stunning as this!

On to the polish itself, One Of A Kind is a lovely off white milky base with a very delicate pink & blue opalescent shimmer running through it. Its formula is sheer, so a few coats is required for an opaque finish, here I've used 3.

This is the sort of polish that can be used alone or on top of another to give a new twist to an otherwise ordinary shade, I can't wait to try this over other colours.

Not that it really needed it but I have developed a fondness for all things pearl of late, so applied these pretty gems in a sort of floral pattern on to the nail, with a large stone surrounded by smaller pearl petals before finishing with topcoat :)

Thanks for reading as always!

Lotsa love to ya!