Easter NOTD - White Wabbits Tutorial!

Hey there lovely readers!

So I'm sure it won't have escaped your notice that Easter upon us, if the abundance of fluffy bunnys & cheeky chicks everywhere weren't a big enough giveaway then the lure of a four day weekend definitely catches attention!

Naturally I can't help getting in to the spirit of things by indulging in my favourite thing...nail art! As well as chocolate egg over eating...a skill I take most seriously. So I guess make that SECOND favourite thing ;)

Last year I created these pink Easter Bunny Booty nails which still make me giggle everytime I think of them. As cute as they were to wear they were also of course hugely impractical, but for the wee time they were worn the wabbits were dearly loved.

This time I decided to create some slightly better behaved bunnies, who instead of showing us their behinds, give us their best selfies smiles instead! :)

Easter time always makes me want to reach for pretty pastels & I had the perfect polishes to use  courtesy of Ulta3 who (along with many other brands I'm sure you remember!) released some speckled polishes a while back for the season each with delightfully bunny themed titles! 

On my thumb & middle fingers I used one coat of Blue Bunny a bright blue pastel creme with teeny black glitters as well as a few larger hexagonal ones. 

On my index & ring fingers I went for the pink offering using one coat of Bunny Bloom, a pretty strawberry pink creme with the same black glitters. On my pinkie I decided to go all white using Models Own White Light HyperGel which is what I also used for my rabbits.

Now to draw our bunnies! Here is a wee step by step breakdown on how to create your own wee wabbits...

Begin with one or two coats of your base colour, with these Ulta3 polishes I felt one was more than enough, especially as I'd be adding more polish for my bunnies

Start by drawing a round(ish) circle at the tips of your nails for the bunnies head using the brush that comes with the polish.

Then grabbing a finer nail art brush, dip into your white polish & draw on two ears above the head, if you want to make them floppy you can but I didn't have enough space. Fill in your two long triangular ears with more white

Then using some black polish & a dotting tool apply two dots next to each other for the eyes.

Next using a bright pink polish, here I've used WAH nail art pen in Pink & used the fine nib to apply a teeny nose & to fill in the inside of the ears with a smaller triangle.

Final step is to add those whiskers by simply adding three small strokes either side of the nose with black polish

For my pinkie white bunny I simply used the black & pink polishes to draw on a rabbit face a little differently, more comic book, rustic arty style? That's what I'm telling myself with anyway...

Not forgetting a nice covering of glossy topcoat & your cute bunnies are ready to hop :) I have some googly eyes lying around that I'm itching to use & I've just had an idea for what they might be perfect for so stay tuned for more Easter nail art... 

Losta love to ya!


  1. Your nails are so cute! I wish I could achieve this but I always mess my nails up when painting them.

    Carla | carlamirabelli.blogspot.com.au

    1. Aww thank you so much Carla! Aww do give them a go, hopefully having the step by step pictorials makes it a tad easier to recreate, definitely let me know if you do! xoxo


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