NOTD - Blue Spring Blooms

Hi there lovely readers!

Yes I know...Florals for Spring...groundbreaking ;) But nope not just Spring in my world, why I'm more than happy to rock florals all year round as I just adore them. I have a serious obsession for floral embroidered EVERYTHING at the moment, recently succumbing to the current blogger favourite EGO & picking me up a pair of the super pretty Cheska Floral Nude Mules. I never thought I would fall for this trend but the moment I saw them...I knew I needed such floral goodness in my life. And FYI they not only look fab, but are super comfy too...WIN.

Anyway I digress, but basically yes, florals make me sigh in contentment...especially when they are on my nails. I do dig me a good floral design...err did I mention that? Wanting to venture down a slightly different path of my usual dotticure and dry marbling style that I love because heck its just so darn easy to do yet looks awesome, I wanted to play around with some of my acrylic paints. 


Disney Nail Art Series - Cinderella Fairy-tale Butterfly Wings!

Hello there my lovely readers,

Not too long ago I decided to begin a Disney Nail Art series on my blog, combing my everlasting adoration for the two passions in my life...nail art & Disney!

I started things off with this Beauty & The Beast manicure which I thought was quite a fitting way to begin the series as the new live action film had just been released. 

I've, rather unexpectedly I'll admit, adored ALL the live action Disney remakes that have been made so far & if my sources are correct there are many more to come! Cinderella was one of the Disney classics that was recently remade & I absolutely loved it, not just for the glorious presence of one Richard Madden as Prince Charming & the divine Cate Blanchett whom I adore as the Evil Stepmother! Lily James as Cinderella herself was a bit meh in my opinion but I still adored the movie mostly due to its beautiful consistent message throughout the film..."Have Courage & Be Kind" A motto I think everyone should live by...

I noticed in the film that butterflies were quite prominently featured so I decided to use this as my main inspiration as well as the beautiful perriwinkle blue shade I've come to associate with Cinderella. Combining these two magical properties I ended up with this finished look...Golden Blue Butterfly Wing Cinderella nails fit for a fairytale princess...


NOTD - Pastels & Rainbows!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Today's nail art that I have for you gives me ALL the happy vibes. For me nail art isn't just a passion but also incredibly therapeutic...not only does it make me feel fab when the tips of my fingers are sporting some form of funky coverage, heck who doesn't feel good when rocking pretty nails, but whereas for some it may be a chore of a task, for me the whole process of nail painting is relaxing as well.

I also find it to be the biggest mood lifter, its the little things that help make one feel not so rubbish & for me having a fun manicure is one them. After having a pretty darn down in the dumps week with my wisdom tooth extraction developing into a glorious infection which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy & trying to recall a time when I wasn't on a diet of painkillers and antibiotics, I decided I needed something to lift my spirits & as usual resorted to some nail art therapy...& this is what I came up with...

It may be pouring outside but its all Pastels & Rainbows up in here! Well this definitely succeeded in uplifting my mood greatly & would you believe me if I told you this wasn't actually even done with nail polish but in fact acrylic paints?


Klenspop SW4 Grey Circle Lens Review

Hello there my lovely readers!

It seems the theme at the moment will be deemed grey, looking out the window right now this seems quite fitting! Seriously though May...you broke hun?

Following on from my last post of fun & flirty Lace & Grey nail art, today we are focusing on the eyes as I have another gorgeous circle lens to share with you from my fail safe good old chums at Klenspop! I adore their lenses muchly not just for their wide range of circle lenses to choose from but also their affordability, comfort & fast shipping also wins them major brownie points! You can check out all of my previous Klenspop contact lens reviews HERE.


NOTD - Lace & Grey

Hello there lovely readers!

Grey can be considered dull & dreary yes indeed but I confess I've grown a certain fondness for wearing it on my nails. Far from depressing it can work very nicely as a classy & on trend shade to wear.

And if going for a block colour grey is not your thing well then...why not jazz it up a tad like I've done here?

You'll be surprised by what a difference simply adding a few strategically placed lines & dots can make & transform an otherwise ordinary mani into something more fun :)


New Shade from True Brit London - Sunday Best & Bow Tie Tutorial!

Hey there my lovely readers!

So May is upon us! And with it the return of 5 day working weeks...*wails in despair* I confess one of the many reasons I love Spring time (though its obvious that Spring is clearly broken at the moment) is the abundance of bank holidays, oh how we've been spoilt with these glorious long weekends. 

Not the greatest start to the month with yours truly having a wisdom tooth extraction which I elected to have under local anesthetic because I'm either mental or a masochist. Most likely a bit of both. So one is currently on a cocktail of painkillers & anti-inflammatory's that could knock an elephant on its ass. Happy Days *cue creepy drug induced grin*

Powering on, today I have another deliciously delightful nail polish offering from True Brit London's newly released collection, pink ladies this is one for you...

What did I tell you? Swoon worthy right? This beautiful polish goes by the title *Sunday Best & is a stunning glossy fuchsia peony pink that gets its glorious edge with the addition of an opalescent pearly shimmer giving this pink a magical iridescent glow.