NOTD - Turquoise Rhinstone Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Feeling the turquoise vibes today with this manicure featuring a couple of those beaut Models own Hyper Gels & some pretty rhinestone goodness courtesy of Born PrettyStore... I think this may be up there with some of my favourite manis so far I am so in love with it!


NOTD - Neon Splodge Manicure

Hello there lovely readers!

Have your shades at the ready lovelies as I've got some super bright neon goodness coming your way today with this insanely bright mani which I have creatively titled “neon splodge nails”...unique huh?


NOTD - Cute Disney Alien Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

So looks like Summer's finally found us in the UK, hurrah! But with it seems to have also bought the occasional lightening rainstorm! It does make dressing rather problematic no? But the glorious weather could not have come at a better time with my partner in crime Ram & I hot footing it down to Brighton for a mini holiday this week was which was just incredible. It was our first time visiting & we have fallen in love with the place so much we're already planning on going back before summer is through! :)

Got a fun little mani to share with you today darlings featuring those cheeky little alien cuties from a certain Disney Pixar movie I'm sure you are all familiar with...here's a clue...”The Claaaaaaaaaaaw!”


NOTD - Map Print With New Digitally Customised ArtPro Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

Okay, so I'm pretty excited about today's post about my favorite topic...nails! I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say that polish is my first love, however a new innovation in the nail salon world has come to my attention recently...digitally customized nails. Have you ever seen a print that you adore, a favorite dress or a piece of art, & thought “Ooh, I'd love that on my nails!”?, I know I have & now this can actually be possible thanks to the ArtPro Nail Printers, which are slowly finding their way in to nail salons all over the UK!

This fab system, which can digitally print any image onto natural or synthetic nails, first came to my attention via Twitter, were I found myself chatting with the lovely Wendy of Inailz, who are the distributors of the digital printers in Ireland. I was intrigued by the concept of them & so when Wendy kindly offered to send some customized nails for me to try...how could I refuse?! When it came to picking what image I wanted, I had a hard time selecting however I find myself a bit obsessed with vintage map prints at the moment, I just love them, so I browsed Google Images for a print I liked, sent it to Wendy & voila....hello pretty Map Print nails!

Seriously, how bloomin fab do they look?! I could not stop staring at them, the design is stunningly eye catching & I was simply blown away by the gorgeous detail! I think its safe to say I was excited...


NOTD - Chanel Inspired Quilted Nails

Hello lovely readers, hope you're having a good weekend!

Today I have some Chanel inspired quilted nails to share with you, this is a design I've wanted to try for absolutely YONKS & even though I'm not 100% happy with how they came out, for a first attempt I'm still pretty chuffed with the result & I hope you like them too!


Independence Day Nails!

Hello there lovely readers! 

Aaaah Friday...you've come...AT LAST. Lord this week has been all kinds of hell I can't even tell you, so I most definitely won't bore you with the details my dears, instead I've decided to get in the USA spirit of things with some Independence Day inspired nails in honour of our American cousins 4th July celebrations!


Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush in Stare-Struck

Hello there lovely readers!

I've got bit of a gimmicky beauty product to share with you lovelies today, ain't they always fun? Now this was purely a makeup fix purchase to satisfy that urge we all get from time to time...some more often than others ;) So I hotfooted to the only place that could fulfil said urge, Boots! And it was here that my eye caught this cute little Cheek Stamp blush offering by the makeup brand Seventeen.