Review - Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid Factor 50

Hello there lovely readers! 
Hope you're all having a great weekend :D The sun is still gracing us with its delightful presence & one thing I always forget, too busy I be with enjoying all the rays, is that most important sun protection!

This is something I've rectified, better late than never right? I've always found it a tad problematic when it comes to finding a nice & affordable sun cream for the face. I tend to use just a bog standard supermarket brand sun cream for the body in factor 50 because I BURN...I learnt that the hard way when I forgot to take any with me when I visited Tenerife & came back looking like a shrivelled tomato, so bad my own parents didn't recognize me at the airport o_O The supermarket sun cream does the job fine however like most I do find it extremely thick & greasy, not something I would want to put on my face!


NOTD - From Paris With Love...

Hello there lovely readers!

A little alternative take on a French manicure today using a pink base & white nail art giving a distinctly Parisian feel to the nails & was inspired by a lovely instagram account I follow 'alinapinuccia', she has the prettiest nails!  I've only been to Paris the once & that was for Disneyland so I never actually got to see the place, however its definitely on my list of places I am dying to explore, one day soon hopefully!


NOTD - Corset Design Nails & Step By Step Tutorial!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Ever been to a cabaret show? I haven't yet I must confess that its something that I've been intrigued with & would love to see! The Lady Boys of Bangkok is one cabaret show that has hit the UK by storm recently & looks like a right hoot with all its glitz, glam & fun antics! Well The Lady Boys of Bangkok have also teamed up with Bad Apple Cosmetics, who are already a fav little brand of mine as I've blogged about their polishes before & created a fab nail art challenge for us bloggers to get our nail art on! I wanted to create a fun, glam & quirky design that would also fit in with the cabaret theme so I decided to do me some corset nails!


NOTD - Penguin Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I have some fun & quirky nail art in the form of one of my favourite animals...Penguins! :D I think out of all my nail art attempts so far, I'm liking this one the best. Not only because its such a cute & easy to do design but 'Pingu' (that funny odd little penguin character from our childhoods) also happens to be my nickname, bestowed upon me by one of my besties...how I got this nickname? Well apart from my petite size I've been kindly informed by my friends that when I run I bear a pretty strong resemblance to this most comical of creatures...*side eye*...hence why you will most probably never see me run in public ever again o_O

What do you think? Every time I looked down at my nails I just couldn't help but smile, definitely worked as a great mood lifter when things were getting a tad stressed at work! Here's a step by step picture tutorial to show I created my Pingu Penguin nails!


NOTD - Blueberry Pearl

Hello there lovely readers! 

Today I have one of the lovely Barry M Gelly's to share with you that have been quite a hit within the blogosphere. I've always been a huge fan of Mr M's polishes & have been loving all the new ranges that have been released of late, these ones especially.