NOTD - Barry M Greenberry Gelly & Sour Apple Confetti!

Hello there lovely readers! Are you all having a lovely weekend? Its been such a beautiful day, the sun came out in all its glory & twas spent indulging in a delightful birthday afternoon treat catching up with a good matey. Afternoon tea never fails to lift ones spirits & I am now in a very ready to nap state, which means that it was very successful *thumbs up*

So a beautiful bright day calls for an equally beautiful & bright polish I say, therefore I'm bringing forth a yummy combination courtesy of Barry M today, the stunning Greenberry & Sour Apple


NOTD - World Cup Inspired Nails...

Hello there lovely readers!

The main topic on most of the country's mind at the moment is of course The World Cup & despite not being the biggest footie fan in the world, one can't help but get sucked into the excitement also. So I thought I’d contribute in my favourite way with some World Cup inspired nail art...


NOTD - Mint Choc Chip with Dripping Sauce Nails...

Hello there lovely readers! Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Warning...the following manicure may incur hunger pangs & ice cream cravings...or maybe that was just the case with me. 
You see, food brings me a lot of joy...so does nail polish...& when those two glorious things mix well then I'm pretty much in heaven. Which brings me to today's mani I have to share with you...some mint choc chip nails with dripping chocolate sauce!