NOTD - Cherry Blossoms on Chester Square...

Hello there lovely readers!

Thought I'd throw up a quick post (don't worry not literally of course, you can come closer) before heading off on my travels this Sunday where the blog will be getting some quiet time for a wee while & tomorrow will no doubt be filled with last minute crazed panic packing that is always inevitable with moi! o_O


NOTD - Models Own Sardonyx from the Velvet Goth Collection

Hello there lovely readers!

So Models Own have been busy bees of late & released not one but TWO new collections recently, Fireworks & Velvet Goth, both looking absolutely fabulous of course & naturally creating some serious lemmings. Oh Models Own why you do this to me?! Thankfully though my lovely family were aware of said lemmings & gifted me with some pretties from both collections for my birthday which I couldn't wait to get on mah nails. 
The first one I have to share with you lovelies today is the one which caught my eye the most, the gorgeously vamp Sardonyx from the Velvet Goth Collection...


NOTD - Models Own Ibiza Mix!

Hello there lovely readers!

Sharing a little sparkle this Sunday with you lovelies in the hope of easing those inevitable Monday blues to come, nowt like a bit of glitter to brighten things up a tad eh? Twas in the mood for some gothic-y black goodness yet wanted to party it up a wee bit so decided to go for a little glitter gradient using the uber funky Models Own Ibiza Mix


NOTD - Super Mario Bros Mushroom Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today thy nails have helped keep moi in a happy frame of mind for surely as they immediately transported me back to my childhood & one of my favourite parts of it that featured quite often...Super Mario Bros! 


NOTD - Emerald City

Hello there lovely readers! 

If you follow moi on Twitter you may know that I'll be off on a much needed little holiday at the end of this month with my fam, a Med Cruise to be exact which I'm super excited about! Lordy knows I am in dire need of a little break & I've always wanted to go on a cruise even though I'm not exactly what you may call an accomplished swimmer...I'll just be sure not to watch Titanic, Speed 2 or any other cruise disaster related movies before then...o_O


The Lash Files - Bourjois 1001 Cils Mascara Review

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I have a gem of a mascara to share with you pretties that has officially made it to number one favourite HG mascara status for moi, no mean feat let me tell you. Lately I've been mixing & matching, chopping & changing my mascaras, trying to maintain a bit of rotation so that they all get a bit o' loving, however despite that I've found myself reaching for this baby most often of late as dayaaam does it deliver! Mascara in question? Bourjois 1001 Cils!


NOTD - House Of Holland Press On Nails by Elegant Touch

Hello there lovely readers! 

Today sees this ol' blogger become another year older *wails*...my mission to discover NeverNeverLand continues...Keeping things nice & mellow this year with a few get together's here & there with friends which will be lovely. Tis also a good time to reflect on where life seems to be leading me at the mo & other than thinking that mayhap I should really get my shiz together & do all those grown up things i.e. marriage, babies etc. I can't help but feel pretty content with things right now. I'm hoping to start off with making a few changes career wise which is both exciting & terrifying so looking forward to seeing what the next year shall bring!

Things have been so crazed of late that I've not had a chance to do some birthday themed nails! No matter though as I've actually been wanting to share these fabulous new nail offerings from Elegant Touch with you which I was kindly sent recently & were pretty perfect as I was rushed for time yet wanted something funky on my nails & boy do these deliver!


NOTD - OPI Black Spotted...Remember that un?!

Hello there lovely readers!

Speaking like the polish addict I am, when it comes to special effects polishes I pretty much love them all, crackles, feathers, velvet etc & now you can find many interesting & fun effects polishes on the high street to jazz up those nails. However there was one special effects polish that was released a good while back that had all polish addicts hyperventilating over...OPI Black Spotted. 

Reason for insanity was that not only was this a new type of effect/topcoat but it also happened to be limited edition & available only at Sephora France! Such was the eagerness to get hold of this coveted polish that I even heard stories of it selling on ebay for over $50, wowzah. Fortunately my lovely French work colleague chose at this time to pay a visit home so I asked (begged) if she may be able to attain it & angel that she is she did! *happy dance* I knew I wanted to try the Black Spotted over a vibrant neon so before going on to that I just wanted to take a moment & share the gorgeousness that is this neon yellow with you...


NOTD - Foxy Nails with Step by Step Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers!

Its been a while since I've done some nail art so for today here's some quirky & cute foxy nails with a little step by step tutorial on how you can create them too :)