NOTD - Two Tone Chevron Tips with No7 Limited Edition Duo Nail Colour

Hello there lovely readers!

I think my local Boots must know me quite well now with how easily I succumb to polish temptation as during a recent visit to pick up lunch, my eyes were naturally drawn to a basket right by the till filled with these new No7 Stay Perfect Duo Nail Polishes (RRP £6). Cheeky ploy Boots...but it obviously worked as I couldn't resist picking one up to take home for some mani fun!


NOTD - Peridot Nails for August!

Hello there lovely readers!

Tis the month of August already, the birthstone of which is the stunningly pretty Peridot stone. On Instagram (aysh_xox) a few nail bloggers I follow came up with a periodical nails idea where each month, mani's are done inspired by the months birthstone, which I thought such a great idea & couldn't resist taking part in also! Last month was the turn of Ruby for July & now we have Peridot for August!


Getting Lippy - Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquer in Show Off!

Hello there lovely readers!

My lovely friend Jo aka Mademoiselle Lala sent me a delightful care package a while back, because she's just an absolute sweetheart really whom I adore to pieces! Amongst the lovely bits & bobs she kindly sent my way, she also included some of the new Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquers which I've been rocking on the lips of late & come in 4 different shades. The two I have are It Girl which is a delightfully bright pink & this one I have to share with you today, Show Off, a vividly bright coral shade, enough to brighten up any lip.


NOTD - Models Own Southern Lights!

Hello there lovely readers!

I often find myself getting so caught up over new nail polish releases/collections like any normal polish-aholic that after the initial seizure of excitement followed by inevitable purchasing, I then proceed to start the process all over again for another new polish release thus forgetting all about the previous one! Shame on me. 
The result of this is I still have lots of special little polish pretties that require some loving attention! Putting that to rights with one such pretty that I have to share with you lovelies & is the gorgeous Models Own Southern Lights...


NOTD - Whimsical Nails...

Hey there lovely readers!

I was in the mood for some whimsical fairytale like nails the other day as you do, not surprising as I seem to live in a world of my own half the time so I've been told. So after having a prowl through my worryingly growing polish collection for some suitably whimsy like polishes, I couldn't decide on just one so picked 3 magical pretty's to create my mani...

For this I used Ulta3 Crytallina & Models Own's Jack Frost & Indian Ocean. I love layering different polishes as you can get some really interesting & different results depending on the shades you combine. I love the simple prettiness these three polishes created together, my mani definitely made me feel like a pixie!

I started off with two coats of Ulta3 Crytallina, a wonderful Ozzy brand that my darling Chelle introduced into my life, thank you sweety! I absolutely love the milky white shade which has the prettiest pale gold shimmer running through, so stunning! It is sheer though so 2-3 coats is needed.

On top of Crytallina I applied a coat of Models Own Jack Frost, a beautiful iridescent glitter that sparkles blue, green & pink in different lights. It reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Flash Cosmic.

Finally I topped it all of with a coat of one of my ol' Beetlejuice favorites, Models Own Indian Ocean. Aaaah I do have a lot of love for this little bottle of duo-chrome loveliness reminiscent of tropical waters. 
With its pretty iridescent shimmering colours of blue, pink & gold I think we can definitely class it as whimsical for sure ;)

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Do you like layering different polishes too? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Golden Sherbet

Hello there lovely readers!

I forgot to mention on here but if you follow me on twitter you'll know that today saw this ol' blogger donning a teachers cap & teaching my first (& probably only!) nail art class. Eeep! Twas very nervous about it let me tell you, I mean I was truly flattered to even be asked in the first place, most of the time when it comes to nail art, I just have a play around & hope for the best! But after the initial nerves had passed we just got in to the fun of it all & had a lovely time! Its definitely something I'd love to do again for sure :D

A little memo that totally passed me by is that its actually International Nail Art Day today! Did you know this? Me neither! So of course I couldn't help throwing together a quick mani using one of my favourite forms of nail art...DOTS! And even though this is one of the more simpler mani's I've ever done I actually think its one of my favorites as I'm super happy with how it came out!