MesmerEyez Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses Review

Hello there lovely readers!

It may have come to your notice in the few FOTD's & make-up looks I've done in the past that my eye colour has a cheeky habit of changing every now & again? No sadly tis not a magical gift (but oh if it where!), but you could say I am a fan & wearer of contact lenses! I love how just the simple step of changing the eye colour can drastically change your entire make up look, really making the eyes stand out & I usually like to focus mainly on the eyes when doing my make up. They are the windows to the soul after all ;)

I normally get my lenses as daily disposables from the brand Freshlook at my local opticians in a Pure Hazel shade which are nice, natural looking & go well with my skin tone. However when I was kindly offered the chance to try out some MesmerEyez contacts lenses, a brand which is fast taking the cosmetics industry by storm I of course was very intrigued & jumped at the chance!


Getting Lippy - The Body Shop Love Gloss For Lips in Tropical Pink!

Hello there lovely readers! 

This particular Friday being even more glorious than usual as it also happens to be pay day! Oh that beautiful moment where you feel completely flush before the inevitable skintness that will follow after succumbing to an entire months worth of wish list lemmings...at least I can use the blog as an excuse for all make up related purchases...every time a cheeky purchase is made....& eyebrows are raised... “Its okay” I reply...“Tis for blogging purposes ya know”...saved. ;)

Even though I adore all things make up there's still one avenue in the make up world where I still do not venture much & that's lip colour, more often than not just applying quick slick of lip balm & being good to go! Not only do they scare the bejesus out of me but being a sufferer of incredibly dry lips, it just ends up being a bit of a long winded nuisance to wear lipsticks what with all the exfoliating & moisturising & preping etc. However having said all this I still somehow own a ton of lippies....How did that happen? ...*tumbleweed*


NOTD - Two Tone Leopard Print wth Nails Inc...

Hello there lovely readers!

I found myself in the mood for some easy peasy quickie nail art yesterday so after umming & aaahing & pondering & google-ing I decided in the end to go for some leopard print nails again. I've had me a go with this design before HERE & I just love how quick & easy it is to create, plus it can be done in so many different colour combos, its definitely a design I don't think I'll ever tire of :) This time I decided to reach for some Nails Inc & went for two tone leopard print nails...


The Lash Files - Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

Hello there lovely readers! 

Whilst popping in to Boots the other day for an emergency chocolate purchase, I decided to make use of a voucher I had offering £2 off the latest mascara from make-up brand Seventeen, Doll'd Up. It seems absolutely impossible for me to enter this place without leaving with an item of make-up in some form! But it was too good to pass up on so off I happily went with my new mascara & not forgetting the chocolate bar of course...

I've used one other mascara from Seventeen which didn't really do much for me if I'm honest but I was willing to give this latest offering a try. I absolutely love the cutesy red & black packaging of the new Doll'd Up Mascara & I’m a total sucker for prettily packaged makeups ;)


NOTD - Estee Lauder 'Insatiable'

Hello there lovely readers! Hope you're all having a tip top weekend!

Now as much as I absolutely LOVE, my glitter, my sparkle, my holos & duochromes on thy nails, a fact that is quite obvious in the majority of the NOTD's blogged on here, I also get moments when I actually want to tone things down a tad & go for a nice simple neutral block of colour on the nails...so when one such moment arose again I decided to reach for a polish that has been on my 'must try' list for a while, Estee Lauder's Insatiable...


NOTD - Animal Print Nails with Revlon Nail Art Expressionist 'Vincent Van Gold'

Hello there lovely readers! Hope you are all having a good week? Hang in there dolls, not long to go now ;)

Whist in Boots the other day I was of course far too easily lured in & took full advantage of the current 3 for 2 offer going on. What can I say? I have no self control! One of the purchases made included one of the new nail art duo sets by Revlon which I mentioned briefly in my previous post on the Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Polish in Orbit. I was intrigued to see a few new offerings from Revlon on the counter including these fab looking Expressionist Nail Art Duos so of course I had to take one home with me to play with ;) 

The shade I opted for was Vincent Van Gold & is a gorgeous pairing of purple & gold with which I attempted me some animal print nails...