Halloween NOTD - Dripping Blood Hearts ft Joan Collins Timeless Beauty!

Hello lovely readers!

Every Halloween there is one design that I re-create every year in what now has become a tradition I suppose & that's some lovely dripping blood nails! 

They look awesome, are fun to do & you can play around with how you have your blood drips, either by the cuticles, on the tips of your nails or even both! This year I wanted to give my blood drips a slight twist, so instead of normal drops...I went for some dripping heart shaped drops instead!

Of course for this you need a lovely blood red polish & I was recently sent a pretty bottle from Joan Collins new beauty range called Timeless Beauty which she has recently launched & features a lovely range of chic beauty products which embody Hollywood Glamour & vintage Art Deco vibes. 

The range features a collection of nail lacquers including this divine red which goes by the name Crystal* & just so happened to be the perfect shade to recreate my blood!

Can we just take a moment to admire the beautiful bottle this polish is housed in? I absolutely LOVE the diamond edged bottle shape & pointed long gold cap, it gives the polish a wonderful vintage look that immediately made me reminisce of my mums signature bottles of polish that I used to always admire from afar. Not only that but doesn't it also have a major Louboutin vibe going on? LOVE

The polish itself is a lovely glossy formula & an intriguing brown toned red, so classy & yet actually perfect for recreating some blood!

To create your blood drips first apply some of your red polish across the tips of your nails using the brush, this doesn't have to be done neatly! After all it IS meant to resemble a puddle of blood ;)

Then for your drops, instead of just applying one drop, apply two smaller ones side by side, before joining the two together at the bottom to create your heart drop! Add about 3 of these per nail.

Then draw a vertical line from the pointed bottom of your hearts up to your red tips. Once you've done this you can then go back in to curve the edges of your lines to make them resemble drips!

I coated the entire little finger nail with the pretty Joan Collins polish as I just loved the shade so much & well because I'm just random.

Finish with topcoat & you’re done! Hope you liked this year’s variation on blood drip nails! Sorry I haven't been able to do step by step pictorials to go with the instructions for my Halloween designs, all of which you can find HERE, lighting & time have not been in my favour lately!

You can find Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range which includes not just nail polish at only £13 each, but a wide range of gorgeous looking products in M&S stores as well as online. Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween NOTD - Stitched Skin Nails!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Time for the next Halloween mani my fellow dark ones & I think this one is my favourite of the bunch. So far this year we've had Holo Cobwebs & Bat French Tips. This time I thought I'd go down a more gory route with some Stitched Skin nails...but me being me I still managed to throw in some glitter action too haha! Can't keep magpie me from the sparkles!

I was so chuffed with how these came out & the best part is that they're probably the EASIEST of the designs so far to do! All you need is a nude/skin toned polish, a red polish, a black polish & a couple of nail art brushes.

I started with applying my base colour, here I've used this nameless Cynthia Rowley polish I picked up whilst browsing in TK Maxx. A dangerous ground for succumbing easily to many polish temptations let me tell you...

A perfect beige nude shade, its the type that would suit literally every skin tone! I applied two coats for a nice opaque finish.

Now for the stitches! Grabbing your nail art brush & red polish of choice, here I've used 17 Risky Red which was simply the first red polish my eyes just so happened to land on, start drawing on your cuts.

For this simply apply straight lines haphazardly across the nail in various directions, the beauty of it is that they don't have to be neat so don't stress about getting perfectly straight lines!

It was at this point I couldn't resist adding a touch of glitter, for my sparkle I just applied some of this pretty red glitter from PIXEL across the top of my red lines.

Now to create the stitches, grabbing a finer brush & some black polish, apply a thin black line along the middle of your cuts. Then, still using the brush & polish, apply your row of little black stitches all the way along your cuts, as many as you can fit on.

And that is it! Finish with your obligatory topcoat for that super glossy finish, or you can even mattify if you wish for a more natural skin look...actually now that I think about it this would've looked really interesting with the skin matte & the blood/cuts glossy...hmm next time! Thanks as always for reading witches!

Lotsa love to ya 


Halloween NOTD - Bat Tips!

Hello lovely readers!

Halloween nail design number two for you today witches! A little spooky twist on a French mani, instead of white tips...Black Bat Tips! With a bit of psychedelic neon action too...why not?

For my base colour I've used Angelica Hip Hop, a gorgeously vibrant neon orange/pink jelly which I picked up from Primarni yonks ago. Not entirely sure they still stock as I've not seen them since Primark expanded their own cosmetics range? But you can still find them online

I wanted my bats to stand out but you can of course use any base colour you like, yellow would've been awesome actually to achieve a cool Batman vibe to the look...but of course me being me I only realised this after...*face palm* O_O

After applying two lovely coats of Hip Hop I waited a few minutes for it to dry before grabbing my Nailbees nail art brush, my new favourite brush to use & free handed my bats using a dark purple Rimmel polish Deliciously Dark...definitely apt for Halloween.

I drew these from scratch using an image I had in my head but there's a few different quick hacks/techniques you can use to create bats, its honestly not as hard as it may seem! 

One way is to apply a thick black curved line along the tip just like you would for a normal French mani, then grabbing your base colour, apply 4 semicircles along the edge on top of the black to give the appearance of the bottom of the bat wings. then just add two pointed triangles in the centre of your curve for the head & hey presto!

Finish it all with obligatory topcoat & your bat nails are good to go! I've just finished my next Halloween mani for you guys & I think this is my favourite so far, can't wait to share with you! Until then witches you can find all the Halloween mani inspo from my previous designs HERE!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween NOTD - Holo Cobwebs!

Hello lovely readers!

So the time hath come to start getting spooky on the nails my dears! My goth side is so satisfied this time of year but then with me its all 365 days not just October with its main event of Halloween, I'm dark souled pretty much all year round ;) But tis now especially my oddness can come out in full force haha!

So for my first Halloween mani I've decided to go for some creepy cobwebs which I've glammed up with silver holo because life is always brighter when there's holo dolls. Halloween doesn't always have to be dark & spooky, though I totally dig that too 

Please excuse the quality of the pics beauts, I've never been over the moon with my photo skills in the first place but I've recently moved & struggling to find which areas have the best lighting, so far the kitchen is winning... O_O Not to mention that the winter months means early darkness which, as you know my fellow bloggers out there, is our worst nightmare!

Anyhoo I digressed there with that mini rant, apologies. For my base polish I've used the glorious A England shade Encore Margot. I ADORE the lovely Adina's brand of polishes with their beautifully gothic & medieval collections, I URGE you to check them out.

Encore Margot is a dreamy blue toned silver holo which I've applied two coats of on most of the nail, leaving a wee angled part by the cuticle end bare...not sure why, just felt the mood for a bit of random negative spaceage.

Once dry I then grabbed my nail art brushes including my new Nailbees brush which is so fine & perfect for details! The lovely Minnie also sent me a Freddo chocolate with my order along with a cute little note, such a sweetie!

Using some black polish I proceeded to add on my cobwebs. To create the design begin by drawing two diagonal lines to create a cross on to the nail before adding a horizontal line down the middle so that you have the 6 triangle sections of your cobweb

Then using the Nailbees brush & more black polish just add on the final details of two small curved lines in between your triangles & hey presto you have your cobwebs!

I couldn't stop there so for some extra glam factor I applied one clear & two black rhinestones on to the negative space as well as a couple of dots of China Glaze Lorelai's Tiara which is one of my favourite sparkly glitters with its silver & ice blue tones.

I also added on a final dot of glitter on to the centre of my cobwebs before coating it all with obligatory topcoat to seal.

And thats Halloween mani number 1 for this year done! You can have a peek at all of my Halloween mani's HERE. Racking my brains now on what to rustle up next...until then beauts! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner!

Hello there lovely readers!

It seems my blogging mojo decided to go on a wee vacation for a while there, but hopefully she's had a nice reprieve as I'm determined to get my blog back on. And just in time for my favourite month too because yes...ALL THE HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING. I can't wait to get started on throwing together some spooky Halloween manis for you because gods know I love this time of year! Have a sneak peak at some of my designs from Halloweens past HERE for some early inspo but there'll be more to come fear not! Or be feared... ;)

Before I begin on all things ghoulish I have some other bits & bobs to share with you, I've recently come across some absolute GEM beauty treats lately & am eager to share their awesomeness with you. I feel it is my duty.

Next to nails, my HG beauty product is without a doubt eyeliner, I feel naked without it & am rarely without my armour of a cat wing flick! Lately I've enjoyed mixing it up a tad with different styles & looks. There's so many fun & fab ways to jazz up your liner & one way in which to do so is incorporate some colour. Not only do I love my eyeliner but I am a sucker for all things metallic...enter at this point...Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners*...one word....ERMAGEEERD!

I'd heard about the brand Eye of Horus amongst the beauty grapevines but never had the opportunity to try myself, shocking really as I adore anything Egyptian themed which is clearly the inspiration behind this award winning Australian brand that is not only cruelty free but also paraben, nut & gluten free.

The Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners come in four different shades: Alchemy Gold, Ancient Pewter, Copper Sphinx and Imperial Bronze*, which is the shade I'm sharing with you today.

I've come across many liquid eyeliners that promise a multitude of wonderful results but sadly never delivered but I am happy to tell you that the Eye of Horus Liquid Metal liners are exactly what they say on the tin...hello gorgeous, pigmented molten metal finish!

The packaging as you can see is beautifully sleek, with the brush & handle being the long coloured cap part of the liner, the length actually makes handling the brush much easier.

The nib is most important when it comes to applying eyeliner & these are not only fine pointed but sturdy as well, making applying a smooth line an absolute breeze.

The swatch here is one swipe of the liquid metal bronze goodness & I completely went into real life heart eye emoji face at the mirror like molten metallic finish...ungh just look at it *swoons*

I couldn't wait to incorporate some of this bronze goodness into a look & this is what I came up with. I decided to do a bronzed smokey eye with a double wing, using the Liquid Metal to create the extra flick as well as adding a touch of sparkle to the inner corners...

The formula is dreamy, smooth not grainy & as you can see beautifully pigmented, the colour pay off is divine, you wont find yourself having to apply layer upon layer to get an inkling of sparkle with these. And better still they will not budge once dry which is in no time at all.

I love how just incorporating a bit of pretty metal bronze into a simple wing instantly transforms your whole look to something more eye catching. There so many ways you can use this, on the upper lid, inner corners, a pop of colour along part of the lower lashline...there are actually some BEAUT looks on the Eye of Horus website that have got me all inspired to try!

Of course these would also be absolutely PERFECT for bold Arabic eye looks which I am all over...Cleopatra coming at ya...I am definitely going to enjoy creating a fun bold look worthy of the Egyptian queen.

I've come to the conclusion that I absolutely NEED the silver pewter & alchemy gold liners in my life yesterday. The Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liners can be found on Beauty Bay as well as Bath and Unwind for £16.50.

Thanks for reading beauts and catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)