NOTD - Pink Wednesday with KIKO & MUA Fur Effects Fuzzy Fluff!

Hello there lovely readers! 

How's your week faring so far? Just one more day to go then helloooooo four day blissful break filled with lots of stuffing of ones face & relaxing...just beautiful.


NOTD - What's New Pussycat? Kitty & Paw Print Nails...

Hello there lovely readers! 

Hope you're all having a super lovely lazy Sunday or 'official duvet day' as I usually like it to go by ;) Those who know me well are aware of the fact that as well as makeup, food & nail stuffs, another thing I absolutely love are cute kittehs! They are for surely my favourite animal & I mean who doesn't adore those little balls of fluff?! I have my own little munchkin whom I adore to bits & is slowly becoming a little regular on Instagram (aysh_xox) I figured it was inevitable that I'd eventually attempt a kitty inspired manicure so that's what I have for you today lovelies! Pussycats & Pawprints Nails...