Klenspop Bunny 3 Color Violet Circle Lens Review!

Hello there lovely readers!

Obligatory “wooo is it hot enough for ya folks?!” Apparently it was hotter than Hawaii in the UK today...heck I'm down for that! I know I should be grateful for the glorious invention that is A/C, but I think the office got a bit overexcited with the settings thus inside it was rather north pole like in its temperature confusing the delicate senses a tad! O_o

So another day, another contact lens review for you my dears! Is it weird that I've always wanted purple pixie eyes? As you know I love switching up my eye colour & as much as I enjoy the greens, greys & blues, I've always been curious to try some more fun & unusual shades.

Thank to my lovely chums at Klenspop I don't need to rely on Snapchat filters to rock me some purple peepers anymore with a little help from the *Bunny 3 Colour Violet Lenses.

As with all Klenspop lenses you'll receive your contacts in their funky fun packaging that I just love & which includes not just the lenses but also a case to store them in & mini tweezers for safe & easy shifting of the lenses. 

I noticed straight away that the Bunny 3 Color Violet lenses were much smaller than the previous circle lenses I've tried from Klenspop. Here is a quick breakdown of the lenses details:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Basic Curve: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water content: 38%
Manufacturer: Lenspop

On to the trying & testing! I couldn't wait to give these a go so here is an obligatory 'before' pic of my natural eyes...

And now with the Bunny 3 Color Violet Lenses...

Omfrreeekinngggaaahfn....pretty much sums up how I feel about these. I was worried that with my naturally very dark eyes the violet wouldn't show up so well but I couldn't have been more wrong & I absolutely LOVE the finish these give.

As mentioned before due to the smaller graphic diameter of these lenses there is not a huge amount of enlargement of the irises but that doesn't bother me at all, I really adore the natural & delicate look.

The colour itself is gorgeous, a mix of lilacs, violet & brown. One observation I noticed actually, I don't know if you can tell but there seems to be a few more strokes of brown in the left lens? Unless its just me but again I didn't mind that additional coincidental touch of randomness!

On to comfort of wear, as always I've found Klenspop lenses to be super comfortable. Again, maybe this could be due to the smaller diameter but I did find my eyes started to feel a bit dry a lot quicker than with the previous lenses, but eye drops helped with that. But I would definitely wear these for a shorter length of time than the others.

Its no secret that Klenspop is my favourite supplier of lenses. Quick shipping, you'll get your lenses in around a week which is fab. The prices are great too, I believe these ones are currently on sale at $7 which is a bargain!

You can find these lenses plus so many more on the Klenspop website. Do have a gander at my previous Klenspop lens reviews HERE to see some of the other colours/designs available.

Thank for reading!

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Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Game of Thrones Fire & Blood Inspired Nails...

Hello there lovely readers!

Ooooh its been a while since I've used a good flakie polish! Well I thought it was high time I rectified that situation ASAP today...

Flakie polishes are a fab way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary shade if you are after a little something different but don't want to go down the whole glitter route. Flakies are basically fine shards/flecks of holographic glitter, usually suspended in clear polish however you can find some serious rainbow POW WOW flakies these days...*looks at ILNP*...prepare your eyes for some serious sparkle! Note to self: BUY ALL THE ILNP FLAKIES.

I was having a brain-fart moment & couldn't decide what to do, finding myself engrossed in reading my current Game of Thrones books plus having (finally!) started watching the TV series, I used this as inspo & combined a mixture of my favourite things, glossy burgundy, antique gold, pretty stones & of course a bit o' flakie to create a vampy medieval Fire & Blood Game of Thrones vibe mani!

For my gold fix I used two coats of Formula X Love Chemistry on my pointer finger which I picked up in Sephora during my NYC trip last year. I must be the only blogger to visit Sephora & come away with nothing but polishes haha! But then I guess that shouldn't really surprise. Love Chemistry is a swoon worthy pale gold foil with pink hexagonal glitters, so pretty!

Then for the gothic blood touch, of which there is no shortage of in GofT I'm sure you'll agree, I reached for a golden oldie, one that has actually been repurchased I love it THAT much, good old reliable Barry M Red Black. Two coats leaves a lovely glossy finish.

Using the same shade I added on a trio of dots in descending size on top of the gold nails using my double ended dotting tool which has a different sized dotter on each side...doesn't it look just like drops of blood? I luuuuuurve it! Yes I know...I'm weird.

Next for the flakie action! Here I've used Essie LUXE Effects in Shine of the Times & oh how puuuurdy it is. Apply one coat on top the Black Red & simply sit back & enjoy that dazzle. Depending on which angle & light you look at it from you can detect colour shifts of fiery orange to shimmery green.

For a final touch (because you know I'm ALL for the subtle look) I finished the mani with a pretty turquoise tinted black rhinestone on each nail which I picked up from Born Pretty Store, before adding some topcoat to seal. Use my code TRUW10 for 10% off.

And thats it! Hope you liked my darlings, any other Game of Thrones fans out there? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Easy Holo Zebra Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers!

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas or inspiration with nail art, I find you simply can't go wrong with rocking a bit of animal print! Be it spotty leopard or stripy like a tiger/zebra, both are equally easy to do & the finished look slays.

It just so happened I found myself in the mood for some stripes, but rather than just go for a simple two tone striped look, I decided to twist it up a tad by doing a holo base with slightly angled stripes!

Of course you can rock a black & white zebra or an orange & black tiger look but its always fun to play around with different colours I'm sure you'll agree!

As mentioned for this mani I wanted some holograhic action so for my base colour I've applied two coats of Color Club Cherubic from their amazeballs Halo Hues collection which is a fabulous & unusual beige toned holo.

Then I added my black stripes first using the striper brush from my black WAH nail art pen, which is perfecto for this type of nail art. Rather than apply the stripes straight across horizontally, draw on the stripes angled downwards slightly, about three on each side, to give an edgier effect.

Next apply your white stripes, this time using a nail art pen in White,again I used good old WAH. Draw on the stripes in the same way, placing them directly next to the black, either under or above the black as shown.

For a final little optional step I stuck on a triangle gold stud at the centre bottom under the cuticle giving the mani a touch of punk-ness which I love!

Finish with your obligatory topcoat to seal & that is it! An eye catching yet easy design in seconds.

Hope you liked dolls, let me know if you give it a try, thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Cherry Blossoms & Honey Dew!

Hello there lovely readers!

Though it would be wise not to get ones hope up judging by the recent forecasts, it does seem that Mother Nature may finally be allowing us a Summer. Better late than never & lets just hope that I haven't gone & jinxed it... O_o

One thing I always associate with this time of year & always look forward to is the beautiful abundance of cherry blossoms decorating both branches & pavements with their pretty pink blooms.

Florals are also one of my favourite forms of nail art & there are so many different ways to get creative! Here I've used the aforementioned flower as inspiration for today's Cherry Blossom nail art design...

I wanted my mani to pop so picked a lovely lively pink for my blossoms, Models Own Sun Hat delivered on this nicely, & teamed it with some vibrant minty fresh green on the tips courtesy of the gorgeous Picture Polish Honey Dew

To create these first apply your green tips in a sort of pointed French mani which could not be easier to do, using your polish brush, swipe one side of the tip at a curved angle & do the same on the other side so that they meet in the middle & voila!

Then for your cherry blossom just grab a dotting tool or bobby pin & dipping in to your pink polish, place 5 dots in a circle just beneath the angled tip to create you flower

Now I have to apologise here...I was watching Game of Thrones at the time of doing this mani & got so distracted I completely forgot to continue photographing the rest of the design steps...NAIL BLOGGER FAIL *slaps wrist*

My bad...but as you can see, once you've done your tips & flower you can literally have free reign over the additional details you want to add. Using some gold polish & glitter, I added a dot of both to the centre of the blossoms & then using a thin nail art brush with some black polish, outlined my petals & added a few delicate stems either side.

For a final bit of detail I added on some wee white dots along the stems. You can continue adding more detail if you like, have fun playing around with different sized dots & stems but I left it there...perhaps if I hadn't been so engrossed in GoT I would've happily carried on!

Finish with your topcoat & thats it! Now lets hope some real cherry blossoms grace our streets with their pretty presence :) Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Introducing Linziclip - The Innovative New Claw Clip!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now, when it comes to my hair I have two styles...down & straight...or pulled back in a pony or clip. I know...exciting huh? If I'm feeling particularly adventurous then I'll dig out the curling wand/crimper/waver to add a bit of OOMPH as it were, however I have tasked myself with the job of watching as many YouTube hair tutorials in the hope of advancing my hair skills.

In the mean time, butterfly claw clips are my go to accessory for when I want my long hair out of the way. However as much as I love them, these can also be a tad troublesome....bulky sized making leaning back an uncomfortable task, insecure/loose grip, poking into the scalp painfully etc. But I'm happy to share with you beauties a nifty little invention that was recently brought to my attention & has made all aforementioned problems a thing of the past...

Let me introduce you to the *Linziclip, a new & innovative claw clip accessory that has been manufactured in an entirely new concept that is not only easy to use, but grips the hair securely & is supremely comfortable to wear thanks to its nifty design.

What makes Linziclip so special I hear you ask? Thanks to the clever designing of a flat back, the teeth & springs of the clip are nicely hidden & best of all you are able to lean back in comfort without having the claws digging into your scalp as is the case with the majority of butterfly claw clips & is a major nuisance I'm sure you'll agree!

The Linziclip is available in not just one but three different sizes...

A large maxi claw for when you wish to loop up & secure your entire length of hair up.

A midi claw which is more suited for medium to thicker hair & is perfect for putting back part of the hair for a half up half down look.

And finally you can also get these adorable itty bitty mini clips which are suitable for all hair types & great for securing sections of hair from the sides.

Here I've used the midi clip, which comes in a variety of different designs & colours, this one has an adorable daisy print. I find the midi Linziclip to be perfect for securing back the top & side sections, leaving the back length loose in a casual style.

The grip of the Lenziclips is fantastic, once in place it does not shift, no stray hairs slip from the teeth & the best thing of all is that you can lean back in your seat in comfort, whilst driving, heck even lie down & you won't have it digging into your scalp.

I am utterly digging these Linziclips & have happily locked away all my old butterfly clips to a thing of the past. I've also noticed a few mysteriously going walkies after 'lending' to the bestie & mother ship...*eyebrow raise* tis a good thing I love them ;)

The Linziclips range in price from £3.50 to £8.00 depending on design & size which is a bargain & you can find them on Amazon & Ebay. Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)