NOTD - Floral Bouquets

Hey there lovely readers!

I'm sure you know by now my absolute LOVE for all things floral, especially on my nails of course! Florals for Spring are a necessity however I'm happy to rock blooms all year round. This is probably the most detailed design I have ever done, yet I do love a challenge & I am so so happy with how it came out! 


The £1.30 Stila Glitter & Glow Eyeshadow Dupe!

Hey there lovely readers!

No your eyes are NOT deceiving you dear ones you read that title right...So yah, I'm pretty darn excited to share this post with you today but before I continue I must mention that 100% credit for this goes to the lovely blogger Gemma aka Gemmaetc, who first brought these to my attention! I was casually perusing her lovely blog (if you haven't checked her out already, rectify!) when I saw her post on this particular product pop up on her sidebar, so naturally rushed to click!


NOTD - Earth Day Nails

Hello there my lovely readers!

Aaaah I am SO happy with how this finished design came out, so much so that it actually may be my most favourite nail art look of the month! Hurrah for nail art wins. I've had so many fails of late I was beginning to despair...


Afternoon Tea Adventures - The Amba Charing Cross

Hello there lovely readers!

Its time for a spot of my favorite tea & cake talk again with a splash of super pretty crockery thrown in! On a not too long ago venture into the capital city I met with my two lovely pals Fei & Saf for a long awaited catch up whilst also partaking in my favourite pastime!


NOTD - Coachella Festival Vibe Nails

Hey there lovely readers!

There is one event that is currently on everyone's social media's right now..the pinnacle Oscar caliber festival of festivals...Coachella. Alas I was not one of the lucky humans to go...my invite must've gotten lost in the post....Until then I'll have to get my festival vibes in another way...Now these nails are totally giving me ALL the Coachella vibes, what do you think? I may not be there in body but most definitely am in spirit! 


NOTD - Birds Of A Feather

Hey there lovely readers!

I'm in two minds about this nail art look & was almost not going to post it but meh...I was so in love with that mesmerizing magnetic base (if not so much the design itself) that here it is anyhoo!


NOTD - Dr Seuss The Cat In The Hat Nails

Hey there lovely readers!

Something a tad, crazy & quirky, for today's nail art I think  is an apt way ti describe this design hah!


Disney Nail Art Series - The Jungle Book Shere Khan Inspired Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

As you may know about me now, I love challenging myself when it comes to nail art so I really enjoy partaking in various nail art challenges on Instagram as there are usually lots of interesting themes & prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

I'll be attempting a few manis for the Clairestelle8April challenge so most of the designs you'll see this month will be for that! One of the prompts is "Childrens Books" & the first book that came to mind for me was Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book...not only one of my favourite books but a wonderful Disney film too of course! SO I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone here & have another addition to my Disney Nail Art Series!


Meebox Nail Subscription Box Review plus Spring Nail Art!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now I am sure we are all familiar with Beauty Subscription boxes non? I can't exactly recall myself WHEN these became a thing, but I do vividly remember the beauty world going completely gaga over the concept of them & I can understand why as it has become a great & more affordable way to try out numerous different brands & products all in one go!