NOTD - Eye See You!

Hello there lovely readers!

Yesterday was a beaut of a day & twas spent doing one of my most favourite things...afternoon tea! I whisked my bestie off to The Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot as a little birthday treat for her & enjoyed a delightful afternoon of tea drinking, cake eating, wildlife watching in the beautiful grounds of the hotel & all round relaxing by the glorious fireplace. Bliss.

Later on whilst browsing in town we sought refuge in Miss Selfridge from that insane rainstorm that occurred & I ended up leaving with yet another cheeky dress purchase...darn you weather! *shakes fist at sky* Though the dress WAS on sale & mighty puuurdy ;)

Today's nail art I have to share with you lovelies is a quirky one & inspired by a design I'd seen from the awesome WAH nails. I follow WAH on Instagram & just love their amaze designs & its my wish to one day get my nails done from one of the fab WAH gals in London! Whilst browsing through Instagram the other day I saw this ace Eye design & just had to give it a try!


The Lash Files - Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara!

Hello there lovely readers!

Whilst having a casual browse through my make up stash I noticed that I've somehow managed to accumulate a rather shocking collection of different mascara's...how that happened I have no idea...*cough*
Anyhoos here all these little uns were needing some love & attention & it turns out the first one to get a test drive has actually become a favourite & thus been in pretty much constant use these past few weeks, Rimmels ScandalEyes Lycra Flex....


NOTD - Models Own Red Sea with Chevron Tips

Hello there lovely readers!

Yesterday saw me visiting the capital for a way overdue catch up with my lovely blogger friends Saf & Ayshe. The day consisted of much eating, tea drinking & macaroon sampling in one of my most favourite places in the world Laduree, before more eating was done in a gorgeous Moroccan Aladdin cave of a restaurant hidden away in Covent Garden & lots of talking! A spot of cheeky shopping may have been done also ;) Then in the evening I met up with the fab Rhamnousia who has been a twitter buddy of mine for yonks & fellow Henry Cavill obsessive, so to finally meet up with the lady herself was brill & filled with much nattering & giggles. So all in all...a pretty ace day :)

Today's mani I have to share with you lovelies features the purdy Red Sea, which is part of Models Own Splash collection that was released around summer time last year & consists of a selection of pretty jewel like flakie polishes. Now I do love me a good flakie, I do :)


NOTD - Furry Bobbins!

Hello lovely readers! 

Hope you're all having a fab weekend! Its been a wee while since I've done a spot of nail art since Xmas so rectifying that today with a quick & quirky nail design using one of my favourite colour combinations, purple & gold, as well as showing a fun way of using those little pots of MUA Fur Effects :)