NOTD - Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

Hello there lovely readers!

Its no secret my love of the sweet things, being the afternoon tea addict that I am I couldn't NOT be partial to a slice or ten of cake hmm? If anything its absolutely necessary for blogging purposes, if I didn't adore cake...no afternoon tea reviews...sad times.

When I can combine my petite joys in life with my other greatest passion, nail art in case you didn't know that already....yes I can feel the waves of shock emitting from you O_o, then that makes me a happy sweet toothed bunny! As you can see I got my inspiration for todays nail art from that bonny wee treat everyone loves to indulge in....cupcakes!


Getting Lippie - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lippie in Burnt Spice Review

Hey there my lovely readers!

If you follow me on Instagram (@aysh_xox) you may have noticed that amongst the usual, nail, kitty & outfit posts that make up the majority of my feed, I've recently started sharing some of my favourite lippie products as well. I figured that seeing as this is a beauty blog also, why the heck not share some of my top choices on here as well, thus mixing things up a tad in between all the nail art :)

A late starter to the lippie game, for many a year I had been a simple slick of balm & go girl as I suffer from horrendous dry lips, making lipstick wearing just a nightmare. I alone probably kept Chapstick in business. However a few years down the line after discovering the wonders of lip scrubs & moisturisers I decided enough was enough & I wouldn't let the condition of my lips deprive me on all the lippie fun!


Disney Nail Art Series - Maleficent

Hey there lovely readers!

So I felt it was about time to add another manicure into my Disney NailArt Series that I've started here on my blog. 

So far I've thrown together some Beauty and The Beast nails & a suitably fairy-tale perriwinkle blue Cinderella themed design as well. I thought the time had come to switch things up a tad & give one of the glorious villain diva's a turn in the nail art stakes. 

Alongside the Disney princesses there are also some utterly fabulous goddesses in Disney playing the role of villain whom you can't help but love & I look forward to experimenting & creating something fun for them too!

The first Disney villain I wanted to rustle up something for is one of my favourites Maleficent. Of course Sleeping Beauty is a vintage classic when it comes to Disney & a firm favourite of mine, but I also loved the live action adaptation retelling this intriguing villains story in a really wonderful way with Angelina Jolie in the lead role. 


NOTD - Fourth of July Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

As today's nail art has distinct red, white and blue vibes going on I think its obvious what occasion is inspiration is here ;) Every year I like to throw together a mani to mark my American cousins over on the other side of the pond's Independence Day celebrations. Any excuse to get my nail art on!

I was muchos happy with my Fourth of July nails last year which featured blue dripping glitter & a step by step tutorial so go have a peek at those HERE. I loved them so much & didn't think I could top them...maybe it was a mistake to go in with that attitude as I really wasn't happy with how these ones for this year came out but meh you win some, you lose some & I'm gonna roll with this FAIL of immense proportions!