Glitter Polish Removal Made Even Easier With The PVA Glue Technique! Feat. Topshop Dark Night...

 Hellooooo  & Happy Friday my beauts! For those of us who had to grudgingly return back to work after Xmas…HUZZAH! And for the rest of you lucky lot who managed to nab the two days off, hope you’ve had a lovely prolonged break!  

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know that I am a fan of the glitter. Yup, I do love a bit o’ sparkle action on my nails, sometimes when doing a simple mani I often can’t help myself, by going in with a glitter to add some dazzle & jazz it up! But there is that one teeny tiny tedious thing about glitter polish…it ain’t half a pain in the arse to remove! But fret not dear ones as there are ways to get past all that scrubbing, screeching, hair pulling that usual comes with glitter polish removal! First is of course the blessed FOIL TECHNIQUE which I’ve blogged about in detail HERE. Fab way of getting that glitter of nicely.  However for this it is ideal to have some time going spare which I know a lot of us don’t have! Enter at this point this fab other technique I discovered whilst perusing some of my fav nail blogs & saw a lot of the lovely ladies doing…the PVA GLUE method! I’m clearly late as usual to jump on this bandwagon as it’s been around for a while but my god is it fantastic! The glitter simply just peels off the nail, no more scrubbing & damaging those nails! Yay!  

For this all you need is some PVA Glue which is available from most stationary/art shops, a brush & your glitter polish of choice…

Place a blob of the glue on to some card or paper & using the brush apply a coat of the glue on to the nail as you would a base coat…

The glue will take a couple of minutes to dry depending on how thick you apply it (I piled on far too much the first time!) but you’ll know when it is as it dries smooth & clear.

Next you’re ready to apply your glitter polish, for this I dug out this absolutely beautiful Topshop polish that has caught my eye many a times & goes by the name of Dark Knight.

Dark Knight is a stunning mixture of blue & silver glitters in a blue jelly base, so gorgeous! Of this I applied two coats.

Once you’re ready to remove the polish, just grab an orange stick & starting from the sides, lift of the glitter from the nail. Because of the glue, the glitter polish should just peel right off & on some nails the whole coat came off in one go!

Once the glitters off you’re left with clean, polish free nails ready for the next mani! 

After using this technique a lot over the past few weeks I’ve learnt a few things along the way too. Firstly this method would most suit if you want a temporary glitter fix! A couple of times I did it & went to work with the mani still on then half way through the day I found I’d lost a nail or two, in that the polish had peeled right off! So this would be absolutely perfect if you want to rock a glitter mani for a night out/birthday/party etc. Just pile on that glitter, & then simply peel off the next morning! Another tip though if you do want it to last a bit longer is to apply a base colour underneath. I’ve done this a few times too & managed to get a couple of days wear. Also I was bit anxious at first at the thought of applying glue to the nails, but like I said, I’ve been using this technique a lot over the past few weeks & my nails are absolutely fine!

So that’s it dolls! Another quick, simple & super easy way to remove glitter polish! *happy dance* Now us glitter addicts can fulfill our needs more often & get our sparkle fix! Woo!

Thanks for reading as always. I’d love to know if you’ve tried this technique too & what you thought! 

 Lotsa love to ya!