Festive NOTD - Candy Cane Nails!

Hello lovely readers & Merry Xmas Eve! Hope you're all set & excited for the holiday, lord knows I am. The journey home from work was absolute bliss, ooooh if the roads could but always be like this! ;) Now I can look forward to two days of festive goodness with lots of eating & passing out before waking up & doing the same all over again *fist pump*

Seeing as we're just on the brink of Xmas I thought I'd quickly sneak in one last festive mani! You'll know if you've been following that I've knocked out a few Xmas themed mani's this year including Snow Queen Inspired Nails, Santa Claus Nails, Christmas Tree Nails Xmas Jumper Nails as well as some ReindeerNails too! Well to me no Xmas can be complete without digging out that timeless favorite of mine China Glaze Ruby Pumps at least once! So last but not least for this years final festive mani I've done some Candy Cane Nails!


Festive NOTD - Reindeer Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Feeling a wee bit melancholy to have reached the end of my nice long weekend break! Those who are off now for the whole of Xmas, I am very jealous, that is all & those who are venturing back to the office tomorrow...I feel your pain, but hey at least the week will be a short un :)

Time is on my side for once & there's still some left till Xmas so lets squeeze in another few festive mani's shall we? Today I have probably my most favourite festive mani so far to share with you lovelies....Reindeer Nails!


Customised Dermalogica Facial Experience at Shumaila's Beauty Salon...

Hey there lovely readers

Its no secret that I love me a good pamper sesh, who doesn't eh? In the last year or so I've also been exploring the wonders of a good facial & can honestly say I am hooked! Not only are facials hugely beneficial to your skin but the whole experience of having one is just so incredibly relaxing that I've often opted on going for a facial instead of a massage.

Last month I was contacted by Shifa of Shumaila's Beauty Salon in East London who oh so kindly asked if I would like to come down for a Customised Dermalogica Facial...well how could I say no! So off I trotted down to London town to the main salon which is located in Gants Hill. Now here's the funny thing...Shifa & I had exchanged lots of lovely emails prior to my visit, however I had no idea until the lady herself walked through the salon doors that it was none other than the lovely Shifa of GetGawjus who's blog I've been following since before I even started blogging & whom I met over 2 years ago at the NBBE! Lol! Such a small world! So it was absolutely delightful to see her again & have a wee catchy up too!


Festive NOTD - Elegant Touch Christmas Jumper Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Now we are all really getting in the festive spirit what with Xmas being just around the corner next week :D However as I'm sure is the case with many of us, the festive season also brings with it all manner of chaos with last minute shopping, organizing, not to mention the inevitable craziness that seems to happen with work life every Xmas! All these things combined can leave one without time to pretty up the nails to look all festive however Elegant Touch have come to the rescue with their Press-On Nails in a range of jolly designs to truly get your nails into the Christmas spirit!


Festive NOTD - Oh Christmas Tree...

Hello there my lovely readers!

One is in pretty high spirits as tomorrow shall be my Friday & then hello lovely long weekend! *Happy dance* And of course its Xmas next week so I'd say that's time for another festive mani! My work colleague actually made a request for some Xmas trees, so ask & you shall receive...some Xmas tree nails!

I was so happy to finally have a chance to dig out one of my Models Own Velvet Goths, the beautiful Absinthe which I've been dying to try & boy it didn't disappoint!


Festive NOTD - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town...

Hello there lovely readers!

Last night, you'll know if you follow me on Twitter (aysh_xox) was pretty much the highlight of my month as it was finally THE night of the second Hobbit film being released! My fellow LOTR obsessed mates & I headed to the IMAX to watch it & my lord...INCREDIBLE! Even if you aren't a huge Middle Earth fan I do urge you to go watch if only to witness the beauty of Orlando Bloom as Legolas.......Sorry...drifted off for a moment there. Already cannot wait for it to be released on DVD so I can watch the obligatory 600 times ;)

Anyhoos back to reality I have another festive mani to share with you lovelies! Today we have some sparkly Santa Claus nails, hope you like them!


Festive NOTD - Snow Queen Inspired Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

So December is upon us & things are beginning to look a lot like Xmas....though to be fair they did seem to look rather Crimbo-ish over a month a go ;) Ready to get all festive on here which means...Xmas themed manis! 
Time granted I hope to do some year & I thought I'd start things off with a Snow Queen Inspired Manicure which I've done for The Snow Queen Challenge, a fab idea thought up by the lovely ladies Kellie aka BigFashionista & Sara of TheAgoraphobicFashionista & is open to all bloggers to take part in to create a Snow Queen Inspired look be it nails, makeup or outfit! Naturally I was eager to think up some nails suitable for the theme so here we go!