Festive NOTD - Candy Cane Nails!

Ho ho hellooooo lovelies & Merry Xmas Eve! Hope you're all set & excited for the holiday, lord knows I am. The journey home from work was absolute bliss, ooooh if the roads could but always be like this! ;) Now I can look forward to two days of festive goodness with lots of eating & passing out before waking up & doing the same all over again *fist pump*

Seeing as we're just on the brink of Xmas I thought I'd quickly sneak in one last festive mani! You'll know if you've been following that I've knocked out a few Xmas themed mani's this year including Snow Queen Inspired Nails, Santa Claus Nails, Christmas Tree Nails Xmas Jumper Nails as well as some ReindeerNails too! Well to me no Xmas can be complete without digging out that timeless favorite of mine China Glaze Ruby Pumps at least once! So last but not least for this years final festive mani I've done some Candy Cane Nails!

Oh Ruby Pumps I do adore you :) Also apologies for the abysmal photos dolls, one of the annoying things about winter, dark mornings & dark evenings! Blogger problems ;) To create these Candy Cane nails all you need is a white polish, a red polish & some good ol' cellotape!

I started of with a base of white polish, in this case I used my fav NYC Pinstripe White. I applied two coats on every nail bar the middle one to which I applied two coats of the pretty Ruby Pumps.

Next you need to wait till the nails are completely dry, I actually applied topcoat & waited a few hours later to carry on with the design as I didn't want to risk the polish coming away when using the cello tape!

I already had my cello tape cut up in to lots of thin strips, you'll need about 3-4 for each nail depending on the size. Keep the pieces of tape close at hand, I just stuck them all to the edge of my book bwaha! Books can have many wonderful uses besides imparting knowledge! ;)

Stick 3-4 strips of tape on to the nail in a diagonal direction, once placed & firmly stuck down apply one coat of the Ruby Pumps or red polish over the entire nail & then peel of the cello tape straight away whilst polish is still wet. I still need to work on my tape technique for sure but practice makes perfect!

Finally on the middle nail I just used my Models Own Nail Art Pen in White to draw on some (rather wonky!) little candy canes. A thick coat of topcoat & finito!

Hope you liked the festive mani's this year lovely readers! Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas! Hope you have a truly magical one with your loved ones!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Festive NOTD - Reindeer Nails!

Greetings to you my lovely readers on this fine Sunday, hope you're all having a relaxing one. Feeling a wee bit melancholy to have reached the end of my nice long weekend break! Those who are off now for the whole of Xmas, I am very jealous, that is all & those who are venturing back to the office tomorrow...I feel your pain, but hey at least the week will be a short un :)

Time is on my side for once & there's still some left till Xmas so lets squeeze in another few festive mani's shall we? Today I have probably my most favourite festive mani so far to share with you lovelies....Reindeer Nails!

Bwaha! Whatchya think? This mani also proved to be rather educational as my knowledge on Santa's reindeer was abysmal but now I can name them all! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen & not forgetting good ol' Rudolph all managed to have a place in this mani! Thank god for Wiki...

To create the reindeer I started of with 2TrueCosmetics Shade 12 which is a lovely grey toned nude & the perfect shade for the reindeer faces. If you remember my Fox Nails from a while back, I did a little step by step pictorial on how to create them, well for the reindeer its pretty much the same concept so do have a looky back at that post!

Next step was to create the reindeer antlers for which I used Models Own Cherry Pie, the only brown-y polish I could find! I seem to be lacking in brown tones when it comes to polishes ;) I used a fine nail art brush to draw on the antlers for each of my little reindeer

Then all you need to finish is a black & white polish as well as a red for Rudolph! Using the black & white & a dotting tool I gave all my reindeer big bright eyes by starting off with a large white dot, then placing a smaller black dot inside that before adding a tiny white dot to finish.

Last step is the reindeer noses created by simply painting on an oval-ish dot on the tip, black for all but the ring finger Rudolph who of course gets a lovely red nose with a bit of red glitter added on for a bit o' sparkle :)

Not forgetting the topcoat to seal & you have your gang of reindeer ready to pull Santa's sleigh! Thanks for stopping by lovelies, hope you liked the festive mani!

Lotsa love to ya!



Customised Dermalogica Facial Experience at Shumaila's Beauty Salon...

Hey there darling ones! So are we all set for next week? I've got to hit the supermarket at some point today as I've decided to go all Delia in the kitchen & cook up a feast! I must be mental...I've been happily hibernating during my few days off, so the thought of venturing out into the Xmas crowds has me breaking out in a sweat... *says a quick prayer*

Before that though on to today's post! Its no secret that I love me a good pamper sesh, who doesn't eh? In the last year or so I've also been exploring the wonders of a good facial & can honestly say I am hooked! Not only are facials hugely beneficial to your skin but the whole experience of having one is just so incredibly relaxing that I've often opted on going for a facial instead of a massage.

Last month I was contacted by Shifa of Shumaila's Beauty Salon in East London who oh so kindly asked if I would like to come down for a Customised Dermalogica Facial...well how could I say no! So off I trotted down to London town to the main salon which is located in Gants Hill. Now here's the funny thing...Shifa & I had exchanged lots of lovely emails prior to my visit, however I had no idea until the lady herself walked through the salon doors that it was none other than the lovely Shifa of GetGawjus who's blog I've been following since before I even started blogging & whom I met over 2 years ago at the NBBE! Lol! Such a small world! So it was absolutely delightful to see her again & have a wee catchy up too!

After a catch up & a cuppa I then went in for my facial treatment. I'd been booked in for a customised Dermaolgica Facial which also includes a face mapping beforehand. This is the interesting part, the face mapping is a skin analysis that is carried out prior to your facial & allows the therapist to identify any skin concerns, how your skin has been in the past & how it is now so that the therapist can then cater your facial to your skins needs.

After my analysis we found that my skin, whilst in pretty good condition, did have some dry areas which came as no surprise to me. From the consultation the therapist was then able to use the most suited Dermalogica products for my dehydrated skin to carry out the facial which was absolutely blissful from start to finish, I loved all the different stages of the facial & even though my lovely therapist did explain each stage I confess I was in such a state of blissful relaxation that I lost track! I especially loved the 10 minute nap at the end of it ;)

After my treatment I felt so completely pampered & of course my skin felt amazing. Thanks you so much to Shifa & the lovely ladies at Shumaila's for having me! I also inquired about the Dermalogica skincare as I'm interested in exploring the range more, I've been using the Daily Microfoliant which has been leaving my skin looking so much more vibrant. However I've had a hard time finding the range in department stores, but thankfully Shifa informed me that the entire range can be found on the Beauty900 website which also offers free delivery & free samples, fab news!

Thanks for reading my lovelies! If you're ever around East London then I definitely recommend you pay the lovely ladies at Shumaila's a visit, they not only offer facials but a wide range of treatments to choose from! Are you a fan of facials?

Lotsa love to ya! 


Festive NOTD - Elegant Touch Christmas Jumper Nails

Ello ello my lovely readers & Happy Friday!

Now we are all really getting in the festive spirit what with Xmas being just around the corner next week :D However as I'm sure is the case with many of us, the festive season also brings with it all manner of chaos with last minute shopping, organizing, not to mention the inevitable craziness that seems to happen with work life every Xmas! All these things combined can leave one without time to pretty up the nails to look all festive however Elegant Touch have come to the rescue with their Press-On Nails in a range of jolly designs to truly get your nails into the Christmas spirit!

I confess I've never been much of a wearer of fake nails however the Elegant Touch range has converted me. What I love about these particular nails is not only is there a wide range of pretty designs to choose from, they also come in a short size so I can still type & use my phone etc. tasks that are not so easy with super long talons! They are also pretty straightforward to use.

Seriously, how awesome are the festive designs? I'm loving the whole Christmas jumper vibe they've got going on, so if you've treated yourself to a Xmas jumper this year then these will make the perfect accessory to go with! Here I've given the Snow Hearts design a whirl...

Application couldn't be simpler, these particular nails come with adhesive tabs which you simply apply onto the nail, peel off the backing paper, leaving the nail bed with a sticky surface on to which you then press on the appropriate sized nail. Its a good idea to match up all your nails before you start & have them all laid out in front of you...the right way up...as you may have noticed that I actually applied the thumb nail the wrong way round... bwahaha! Sssshh! ;)

I personally found the tabs a wee bit fiddly to use however I did like them for the fact that they made removal so easy! I was easily able to peel off the nail without any trouble, though of course you should always use polish remover! *cough!*, but if you are wanting the nails to last longer than a few days then glue would definitely be needed instead.

I received lots of lovely compliments when wearing these, I also couldn't stop staring at them which made driving a tad more adventurous that's for sure ;) The Elegant Touch Press On Nails retail for £7.10 & can be found online. Thanks for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya! 

Disclaimer - products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


Festive NOTD - Oh Christmas Tree...

Hi-di-hi folks! 

Hope you're all having a tip top week my lovelies? In case you couldn't tell already I'm in pretty high spirits as tomorrow shall be my Friday & I can then enjoy a lovely long weekend! *Happy dance* And of course its Xmas next week so I'd say that's time for another festive mani! My work colleague actually made a request for some Xmas trees, so ask & you shall receive...some Xmas tree nails!

I was so happy to finally have a chance to dig out one of my Models Own Velvet Goths, the beautiful Absinthe which I've been dying to try & boy it didn't disappoint!

I started off with a base of Orly Midnight Madness which is one of those simply beautiful berry wine shades that are just perfect at this time of year. This was two coats which applied so nicely & dried to a gorgeously glossy finish, I really don't knowwhy I don't own more Orly's!

Now on to that beautiful greenness that is Absinthe from Models Own's recent Velvet Goth collection. Isn't it just gorgeous? And perfect for my Xmas trees! Absinthe is a stunning deep emerald green absolutely jam packed with different sized green & black glitters. It actually dries matte but once you topcoat that bad boy...BAM! It becomes so vibrant & alive I just adore it!

I used the cellotape technique to create my trees & give them that sharp edged finish.
Next up for my tinsel I used Models Own 25 Carat Gold & the good ol' dotting tool to dot on a trail of tinsel around my little trees.

Finally no tree is complete without a shining start atop it so I used some of my star shaped rhinestones & placed them in the appropriate place with a bit of clear polish before sealing it all with a thick coat of topcoat. Done!

Hope you liked the Christmas Tree Nails my lovelies, thanks so much for stopping by! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Festive NOTD - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town...

Greetings lovely readers & a happy weekend! It would seem that my body has completely forgotten how to have a lie in as I was up with the birdies but I guess I’ll just have to counter this with a good ol' nap later ;)

Last night, you'll know if you follow me on Twitter (aysh_xox) was pretty much the highlight of my month as it was finally THE night of the second Hobbit film being released! My fellow LOTR obsessed mates & I headed to the IMAX to watch it & my lord...INCREDIBLE! Even if you aren't a huge Middle Earth fan I do urge you to go watch if only to witness the beauty of Orlando Bloom as Legolas.......Sorry...drifted off for a moment there. Already cannot wait for it to be released on DVD so I can watch the obligatory 600 times ;)

Anyhoos back to reality I have another festive mani to share with you lovelies! Today we have some sparkly Santa Claus nails, hope you like them!

For my Santa Claus jackets I started off with a base of Nails Inc St James, a lovely red creme. I only applied one coat as I then went in with a coat of sparkle with the pretty red glitter Nails Inc Trafalgar Square. You really do need a base with this glitter to really bring out the sparkle!

Next for the white lining & black belt I used my trusty Models Own nails art pens & simply applied a white line down the centre of the nail before drawing a black line horizontally across.

Finally for the golden buckle I used Models Own 24 Carat Gold & a nail art brush to draw on the square shape before applying a bit of golden glitter on top to make it stand out & sparkle. A coat of topcoat & done!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you done any festive nails? Catch up with you soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


Festive NOTD - Snow Queen Inspired Nails

Howdy there my lovelies, pinch, punch & all that jazz! So another weekend has literally flown past mighty quickly & I'm currently in a panicking, completely bricking it state of mind as I'll be starting my new job tomorrow, eeep! But I am excited too so fingers crossed all goes well & I don't make a complete & utter tit of myself.

So December is upon us & things are beginning to look a lot like Xmas....though to be fair they did seem to look rather Crimbo-ish over a month a go ;) Ready to get all festive on here which means...Xmas themed manis! I loved doing some last year including Christmas Puddings, Snowflakes & a Xmas Pressies & Holly mani. Time granted I hope to do more this year & I thought I'd start things off with a Snow Queen Inspired Manicure which I've done for The Snow Queen Challenge, a fab idea thought up by the lovely ladies Kellie aka BigFashionista & Sara of TheAgoraphobicFashionista & is open to all bloggers to take part in to create a Snow Queen Inspired look be it nails, makeup or outfit! Naturally I was eager to think up some nails suitable for the theme so here we go!

What do you think? Suitably Snow Queen-y? I'd like to think of the divine Tilda Swinton rocking these in Narnia ;) I ended using a few different polishes for this manicure as I just loved them all haha! Whilst hunting through my stash for some frosty polishes I came out with this selection of pretties...

To start off I painted on my base NYC Pinstripe White of which I applied two coats before going in with a coat of Models Own Jack Frost, a beautiful iridescent glitter which jazzes up the white beautifully giving it a pretty, ethereal look. For some reason my pics came out with an annoyingly yellow tint on some of the glitter, grrrr most frustrating! But its very pretty in real life ;)

Next for the waterfall style nail art, in the style of the muchos talented Sammy of TheNailsaurus. I grabbed a fine nail art brush & starting with Models Own Bloo Bloo applied quick upwards strokes starting from the cuticle ending at around the middle of the nail.

Using the same brush I then used 2True Pro Sequins Polish in Eva, a beautiful & sparkly silver blue glitter & added some more strokes next to the Bloo Bloo

To finish off I just added a few strokes of Face Of Australia Titanium metallic silver polish to add a nice dimension to the design. The finish reminds me of icicles which was perfect for the theme!

A bit more sparkle was required so I grabbed my dotting tool & China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, which is a stunning silver glitter with larger ice blue glitter pieces, so pretty & perfect for this mani, I can't wait to try it by its onesie! With this I simply dotted on a bit of sparkle on each nail before coating it all in topcoat to seal & shine :)

Hope you liked the Snow Queen Inspired Nails lovelies! Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s Snow Queen Inspired posts! Thanks for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!