NOTD - Gone A Tad...Plaid!

Hello there lovely readers!

This week I found myself in the mood for some arty-ness on the ol’ nails, of course it also had to be something easily attemptable for le retard that is moi…an important requirement when it comes to nail art designs to try ;) So I did what I usually do & one of my favourite pastimes, which is have a browse-y through all my favourite nail blogs (of which there are SO many!) in search for inspiration…& I found it! At none other than my pal Chelle’s blog, who has all her fab nail art designs displayed in a most fantabulous gallery…gosh this girls gots skills ;) And it seems we both seem to have gained inspiration from one another as she recently did the Mermaid Gradient Nails I blogged about recently too!  High five sister! :D

Anyhoos the design of hers that I wanted to have a go at & attempt was Plaid Nails! Not only do I love the pattern, but the colours used are perfect for this time of year…


I Pity The Foil!...Easy Peasy Glitter Polish Removal! (PIC HEAVY)

Hello lovely readers!

Aah glitter. How I adore you. The way you sparkle & shimmer & makes ones nails glimmer so prettily…*sighs*…but damn if you aren’t a pain in the backside to remove. At least you were…until I discovered a most awesome method that allows you to come off nice & smoothly, involving certain baking supplies, plus a few extra bits & bobs, waving bye bye to those dark days of sitting there scrubbing away with cotton wool removing a layer of my nail in the process. 

Hi my loves! Apologies for the title there…a little private joke for Hayley & Saf involving an amusing typo when discussing this topic on Twitter that had me in stitches…what can I say? I’m easily amused. ;) So yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I am a fan of the glitter polish…having pretty glittery nails makes me happy ;) However I’m asked quite often about HOW I remove the buggering stuff off my nails as it IS known to be quite a chore. Well no more dolls! I’ve had a few requests for a post on glitter polish removal & seeing as quite a few of my recent NOTD’s have been glitter based, I thought this would be the perfick time! Hope you enjoy & find it helpful!

                                                            A Quick BEFORE Pic...

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the ‘foil method’ of glitter polish removal & that’s the method I use. It really was life changing…okay slight exaggeration perhaps but it REALLY is brill. Plus the method I use has an added step which makes it EVEN easier to come off, all you need is ten pieces of foil large enough to wrap around the nail (mum has ceased asking me what I’m cooking when I’m retrieving some from the kitchen), cotton wool pads which I cut in half (must think economically now), nail polish remover & the item for my added step which is a cheap nail polish. Oh & a few spare minutes of course! :D


NOTD - Bronze Glitter Gradient

Hello there lovely readers!

Yesterday saw me visiting London town again with my buddy Saf, where we attended the London Blogger Meet organized by the lovely Emma who is jetting off to Oz at the end of the year the lucky thing! It was held at The Warwick Pub & really was so much fun; I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in yonks! An afternoon spent doing some of my favorite things, eating, chatting, & hanging out with bloggers…AWESOME GOOD TIMES. Met so many lovely ladies too whom I really hope to see again very soon in the near future :D