Halloween Nails - Pumpkins & Ghouls!

Hello lovely readers!

Hope you've all had a good weekend & that everyone in the UK is keeping safe & well in spite of this storm that's gracing us with its most unwelcome presence! I opened the curtains this morn to a surprisingly calm breeze & sunshine & thought that thankfully my town, aka the place where absolutely nothing happens...EVER , had escaped the brunt of the storm only to look across to the road opposite to find the way blocked by rather large tree...not quite escaped then! Wherever you are though stay safe.

I thought I'd squeeze in one last Halloween mani as I really love doing them! After pondering on what manner of scariness to put on thy nails this time I ended up going for some evil pumpkins & ghoulish ghosts! Mwaha! *cough*


Halloween Nails - Count Dracula!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I've another Halloween manicure to share with you lovelies, I really do hope to knock out (knockout? Would that even be the correct term? Sounds rather rude...Hmm) a few more before the end of the month,they're just too much fun! Hopefully hectic work & life will allow me to do so! 
This time I've gone down the vampiric route with some Count Dracula Nails <insert suitably evil laugh here>


Halloween Nails - Creepy Cobwebs!

Hello there lovely readers!

Find myself channeling my inner Marlene Dietrich whilst still recovering from old friend the flu who has decided to linger around, flattered I am definitely not! Anyway some cheering up was required so I hot footed it the capital with some friends for a few random adventures this weekend including introducing the mateys to the yummy goodness that is Bubbleology Bubble Tea! If you haven't tried it loves...rectify asap! We then headed off to a comedy club to enjoy a bit of stand up & grub which definitely delivered on the laugh factor as the awesome Paul Choudhry just happened to be performing that night! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy stand up comedy that much but all the comedians were brilliant & I even got a picture with Paul, weekend made! ;)

So we are coming up to that time of the year where all the ghouls & goblins like to come out to play & lets face it, humans of all ages can't help but get in to the spirit of things! I do love Halloween I confess & one way I love to join in is with some Halloween fun on the nails! I hope to get my nail on & create a few different Halloween manis this year starting things off today with some Creepy Cobweb Nails...


NOTD - OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Review

Hello there lovely readers!

Now I'm sure that it'll come as no surprise when I tell you that when it comes to nails, polish is my one true love! Those little bottles of prettiness just make me happy, you know how Scrooge McDuck has a huge vault of his moolah that he likes to dive into & swim around in? I have a similar recurring dream except instead of coins its endless bottles of polish!

However there are other quick & easy ways of getting fab looking nails nowadays, one such being nail wraps. I find myself having accumulated quite a few different ones lately so decided to on occasion give the polish a miss & try a nail wrap instead. The ones I have to share with you today are the OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps which I found on sale in Fenwicks & could resist picking up.