NOTD - Chameleon Chrome Nails with Magical Unicorn Dust!

Hi there lovely readers!

Now I'm sure that you've all seen by now the chrome nail trend that looks like your rocking molten metal on the talons & is the current obsession in the nail world. Seeing these stunning mirror finish metallic sci fi nails on my Insta feed has me itching to get in on some of that shiny action!

My only dilemma  has been that the majority of chrome powders I've come across work with UV Gel polish only. I do own a UV lamp, but the idea of using gel polishes, for me & I'm sure others, is just a bit much, especially seeing as I chop & change my nails so often. Though for this there is also a solution, that being using a peel off basecoat...this way I could easily remove said gel polish after a few days if I wish. 

But for now, like Indiana Jones hunting for the Holy Grail, I've been searching for a chrome powder that works on regular polish & I've just ordered one which I think may be exactly what I've been hunting for....but until then I thought I'd share with you a lovely & very budget friendly alternative you can get to achieve a futuristic finish to you nails & is courtesy of Born Pretty Store.


New Shades From True Brit London - Seaside

Hey there my lovely readers!

Time to share another one of the pretty new shades recently launched by the nail polish brand True Brit London, today I have a shade that is just so perfect for summer I know I will be rocking this both on my fingers & tootsies for sure & is the so very suitably titled...*Seaside!

ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS. Isn't it puuuuuurdy?! 


NOTD - Cute Kawaii Chicks!

Hello there lovely readers,

So this post is going up a tad delayed, I had initially planned on Good Friday but unfortunately I was hit with some very sad news on Thursday. if you follow me on social media you'll know that last week I lost my beloved Miss Kitty. I can't even begin to explain how devastated my family & I are with the loss of my sweet Hoshi, those who know me well know how much my little furbaby meant to me, but my little one was just too poorly & it would have been cruel to keep her with us. She was such a big character its hard to think her gone & I was so overwhelmed & touched with the thoughtful messages received over the Easter break, it truly meant a lot to me so thank you so so much. RIP my little star.

On to todays post...despite it being a bit late I couldn't very well let Easter pass on through without some form of suitably themed nail art now could I? As always nail-spiration is in abundance with pastels, speckles & cute creatures galore, I so love creating something fun every year. Have a peek at some of previous Easter themed nail art including, Cheeky Bunny Booty nails which remain a firm fav for obvious reasons, my Easter Minion Chicks Tutorial for a fun take on the design as well as a wee White Wabbit Tutorial featuring some speckled goodness too.

This year I decided to go down the chick route again but with a slight kawaii twist & created these cute little newborn chickadees popping out of their shells with their curious faces & batting us with their eyelashes :)


New Shades from True Brit London - Nostalgia

Hey there lovely readers!

I'm excited to share with you a few of the divine new nail polish shades that have been released by one of my favourite brands True Brit London, these new additions have recently joined their already stunning array of lacquers available. 

Its no secret how much I adore this brand, True Brit London nail polishes really are something else.  Not only are the shades & formulations top notch, but they really have nailed it in the packaging stakes with their gorgeous chunky ice cube shaped embossed bottles that exude luxury, only without the hefty price tag. I also love their quintessentially classy vibe, seeking inspiration for their collections in all things from history to traditionally British themes. You can check out my previous True Brit London posts & swatches HERE.  

I have four of the new shades to share with you but I wanted to give each shade the attention it deserves so will split up each post individually. To get the ball rolling we are starting things with the distinctly unique Nostalgia*.