NOTD - Peek-A-Boo Panda Nails for #artists4earth

Hey there lovely readers!

Coming at ya with some cuteness today with these sweet Peek-A-Boo- Panda Nails, not just for the good vibes because who DOESN'T want an adorable bear on their nails, but more importantly for a good cause too!   

The nail art QUEEN, Maria of @SoNailicious, has just started a wonderful nail art challenge calling all nail art warriors together to raise awareness for endangered species through the power of art. She's honesty such a BOSS for highlighting this important topic & how our lifestyles are currently affecting the world, its climate & its creatures.

I naturally had to take part & for my power animal I've chosen the Giant Panda which also happens to be the WWF logo. This beautiful & peaceful creature is affected by both forest destruction & poaching & thus their numbers are around only 1,800 in the whole world which is devastating. Thankfully stricter laws & wonderful charities like the WWF building amazing conservation programmes is helping make a change to all that. Hurrah! 

Now on to these nails, I honestly couldn't help but smile whenever I saw these peek-a-boo pandas blinking up at me & I've received the loveliest comments from strangers when out & about! :) And believe me when I say they were super simple!

I started with my base & well I couldn't resist diggin out Magpie and Swan, two of Models Own Speckled polishes that were ALL the hype when released a few years ago for their Illamasqua dupe status. Plus its Easter so speckled nails are a must! I alternated the two & applied the minty Magpie on two nails & the lilac Swan on two also, leaving the little finger blank for its own full panda!

Then grabbing a white & black polish, which every nail art warrior needs in their arsenal, I began creating my peeking pandas! Starting with the white, apply a half moon to the tips/bottom half of the nail.

Next grab a double sided dotting tool (or whatever you have lying around that can create wee dots!) & dot on two black ears either side of the face & a wee nose at the bottom in the centre.

I used a nail art brush to add on my black panda eye patches to make them a bit bigger & more shapely, but a dotting tool can be used for this too. Once these were dry I went in again with the white for the eyes before finish with a curved black line in the centre to add some character. As you can see on the little finger I created a whole hugging panda, freehanding the arms, legs & face with black polish & nail art brush.

I waited a good ten minutes before I went in with my beloved top to seal & shine my design but alas little pointer finger panda still suffered a bit of dragging O_o I hope you love these Panda Nails as much as I do lovelies! 

And if you get a moment do check out the hashtag #artists4earth on Instagram to see other amazing nail art warriors creations for this cause that needs awareness! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Japanese Art Inspired Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

I'm currently continuing on my creative journey if you will with looking for more challenging & interesting nail art looks. Following on from my previous post I'm finding myself drawn more to artwork these days as inspiration & I've always been intrigued by Japanese art with its serene blossoms & beauty.


NOTD - Rainbow Bouquet!

Hey there lovely readers!

Despite it being mid March already (how the heck did that happen?!) Spring could not seem further away if the rainstorms of last week were anything to go by!


Easter NOTD - GoT Dragon Eggs ft Prism Polish Viserion

Hey there lovely readers,

So countdown is in motion for the final season of Game of Thrones...who else is excited?! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that yours truly is a fan. I am in equal parts over the moon excited for the new season but also devastated that it will all be coming to an end soon! How will we cope?! 

In honour of the occasion & also because Easter just happens to be around the corner, I thought it apt to recreate some Dragon Eggs nails using a very special polish!