Kco Cosmetics Natural Glow Review - My New HG Bronzer!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now this post is way overdue & I'm annoyed with myself that its taken me so long to blog about this brand, one that many I'm sure are unaware of, because basically you NEED to know about them beauts! So here's me rectifying this & you can thank me later.

Kco Cosmetics is the creator of the Natural Glow Original Compact powder which has now become my HG contour/bronzing powder as it has literally blown ALL others out the water.

I first came across Kco Cosmetics at a beauty show a while back, I'm actually talking a good few years! I stopped by the stand as I'd never heard of them & naturally the blogger in me is always intrigued with newbies in the makeup world.

It was there that I was introduced to their signature product, the Natural Glow Compact. This face powder promises an instant healthy gorgeous glow to your skin, adding warmth & covering blemishes.

Now I confess this is where I get a teeny bit miffed with the products main concept, as you can probably see looking at my pics here, its clear that the Natural Glow is a bronzing powder of sorts mostly...to me anyway, however I've heard (& looking at some reviews too)  that it can also be used as a face powder, in place of foundation as well? Perhaps that may be the case by using a lighter touch with a kabuki face brush to give an all over glow without looking like you've been tangoed.

I know for certain that this would be way too dark for me to do that & unfortunately on the website there are no swatches, which is a bit of a downside as clearly you will want to see what you are buying...hence why I've done my best to swatch for you here. There also doesn't seem to be much information on the origins of the brand either on the site, disappointing as I always love to read up on how a brand came about...hopefully they will rectify this too.

The formula of the Natural Glow Powder is amazing & what makes it now my favorite bronzer of ALL TIME. I have never come across a powder that not only blends SO perfectly on to the cheekbones, but also defines them, contouring so beautifully & leaves your makeup with the most glorious warm & healthy finish. No muddy patches here!

There is a very slight element of shimmer in the Natural Glow Powder, however this doesn't transfer on to the skin leaving you looking like a vampire out of Twilight at all! In fact, I may be in the minority here, but I've always been more fond of bronzers which have a touch of shimmer in them, Barry M Natural Dazzle was my first bronzer LOVE & still is...or 2nd love now next to the Natural Glow!

I use an angled brush to apply the powder under my cheekbones to define & add warmth, as well as along my jawline, forehead & anywhere else I want to add a touch of glow! If I use another bronzer then I always find myself reaching for this still & using my ELF contouring brush, tap along the cheekbone for added definition.

I've almost hit pan on my current compact it has gotten that much usage but the beauty of this product is that a little goes a long way, it is very pigmented & you only need to touch your brush to the pan to pick up enough product to sweep along your jawline, cheekbones etc & I've had mine for ages! But I know for certain that I will be repurchasing the Natural Glow powder till the end of time. Unfortunately though it seems the brand is only available online via their website....they NEED to expand out! 

The Natural Glow Powder is £24.99 & worth every penny in my opinion, try it & see for yourself my beauts. I've also recently been using the Blonde Terracotta bake highlighting powder* which has....like the Natural Glow, SERIOUSLY impressed me. But seeing as I've gone on quite a bit already, I'll share the Terracotta Bakes delights with you in another post & babes...if you have a soft spot for highlighters then you will LOVE THIS, so stay tuned! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Geisha Nails!

Hello there my lovely readers!

As much as I adore nail art there are times when life gets in the way meaning that quick solutions are required when wanting to pretty up those nails but finding oneself lacking in time!

One nail hack that I love is the use of water nail decals. These are designs/images which you can transfer on to your nail, either polished or bare, after soaking in water, a concept rather like those quirky tattoos you used to get in sweet/bubblegum wrappers as a kid, remember those?  

I usually get  my nail decals from my favourite place for nail art supplies, Born Pretty Store, not only are they super cheap, but they have a huge range to choose from! FYI you can also get 10% off your order using my code TRUW10

On a recent little haul I picked up some of the Geisha nail decals that I'd had my eye on for ages, I mean how could I not, how beautiful are they?

Depicting pretty painted images of the stunning Geisha ladies, the design is so intricate & beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at them & was eager to get them on! 

I wanted to place these on a nude base to really show them off so applied a couple of coats this Cynthia Rowley nameless biscuit toned nude creme.

Your polish needs to be completely dry before applying the decals so you can always apply them the next day or just use a speed dry topcoat like I did with my one true topcoat love CND Air Dry as I have no patience!

Now the fun part of adding the decals, its best to have everything in front of you so have your sheet of decals, scissors, tweezers, kitchen towel & a cup of water at the ready & do one nail at a time. I wanted to do a step by step pictorial for you but it was evening & the lighting was bad (blogger problems) so I'll just explain each step!

Pick which image you want, cut out & using the tweezers, dip the decal into the water for about 10 seconds. Lift out the decal & pat on to the kitchen towel to get rid of excess water. 

Then using your finger, push at the image & your decal should slide right off the backing card, if not then just place back into the water for a few more seconds.

Again using the tweezers place the image on to the nail, sliding back & forth until your happy with the placement, then using the towel, press firmly to flatten any creases. If the decal is a bit big, trim with scissors & if you find some of the image going over the nail onto the skin then you can also remove this with acetone & a brush to clean around the edges.

Do the same on each nail & once all ten are done, seal everything with a nice thick slick of topcoat to not only protect the design but for a lovely glossy finish.

And the finished look you are left with is a stunning,  gorgeous intricate manicure design that looks like it took hours but twas done in literally minutes! I will definitely be getting more of these beauties & you can to...just head on over to Born Pretty Store now beauts.

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Flamingo Nail Art Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers!

To celebrate almost making it through the first month of 2017 intact I have a quirky Friday Funday (okay its technically still Thursday but who's counting?) manicure for you that succeeded in putting a smile on my face with its featuring that most delightful of bird species...flamingos! 

Inspiration for this actually came from a darling flamingo print dress I picked up in an independent boutique in London. Once I had that on...I knew I had to have me some flamingo nails to match :)

And creating these flirty flamingos is easier than you might think, to show you just how easy, I've done a step by step pictorial showing you each stage so that you can rock these funky birds too! Just keep on reading beauts...

Start with a nice neutral tone base to make those flamingos stand out, I've used one of my favourites, Rum & Reggae by Nina Pro Ultra. You can also choose to leave the nail bare with just clear base coat if you wish!

Now to begin creating your flamingos, start by applying a half moon/ semi circle of pink on to the tip of your nail as shown below, here I've opted for Models Own Gumballs from their sweet shop collection & yes it smells like bubblegum!

Next, using the same pink & a fine nail art brush, draw on a curved hook from the top of your half moon for the neck of the flamingo like so

Then grabbing a little bit of white polish, using another fine nail art brush or a dotting tool/toothpick/bobby pin apply a small blob of white at the tip of your pink hook

Now using some black polish & the fine nail art brush again, add on a small curved black beak to the edge of the white as shown, you can slowly see your flamingos coming together!

Next its time to grab a lighter shade of pink to what you've already used to add definition to the body, here I've used Mavala Candy Floss & applied a smaller little semicircle on top of the darker pink.

The eyes come next & are simply a dot of white with a finer dot of black in the centre, you can add a bit more pink for the head if you need to

And finally for a finishing touch I added on a curve of sparkly glitter courtesy of Models Own Pink Fizz which is optional of course but who can resist a bit of sparkle?

Cover your design in a a nice thick slick of topcoat & you have your flamingo's!

So easy right? I do love a quirky mani, its been a while since I've done a design like this & I've missed them! For me mani's are therapeutic in a way, having fun & vibrant nails always helps make me feel more content & positive & this definitely delivered on that :)

Do let me know if you give this a try, would love to see! Thanks as always for reading, till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Review - Revlonissimo 45 Days 2 in 1 Shampooo & Conditioner for Brave Reds

Hello there lovely readers,

Every once in a while you stumble across one of those wonderful, life changing, world shifting products that you never knew HOW you coped without. Sounds a tad over the top maybe but such has been the case with this recent find & which ALL ladies who dye their hair regularly need in their life.

The Holy Grail product in question is Revlonissimo 45 Days Total Color Care, a 2 in 1 sulfate free shampoo & conditioner which I received at a PR event & only recently discovered the wonders of. I am a regular dyer of the hair, the colour requiring topping up at least every couple of months, a task which I don't exactly relish! Not only is it a long grueling process but the amount one spends on hair dye, especially with my long hair, can end up quite costly!

It was at a time when my hair was starting to look a tad dull that I dug out & used the Revlonissimo for Sensual Brunettes, simply because I had run out of shampoo & as soon as my hair was dry I was blown away at how beautifully vibrant the brown tones in my hair had become, it looked like I had just freshly dyed it when in fact it was done at least a good four months ago! The number of comments I received after using this asking what dye I was wearing I can't tell you.

Upon discovering the wondering benefits of this little gem I went & purchased the version for Reds because as you can see below...I've now just recently had a revamp with red/black ombre hair courtesy of the fabulous Rockaily Cuts in London. 

I now incorporate this product in to my weekly hair care routine religiously. The instructions advise that you use this product twice each wash which in my opinion is not necessary at all. Not only is it completely unsavvy, why you would be out of product after only a few sessions! Plus it lathers up so well that one rinse is more than enough. 

The way I used to previously use this was by first using my regular shampoo, at the moment I am LOVING the OGX range. Once washed I would then lather in the Revlonissmo, massaging it in for a few minutes before rinsing out. However lately I've actually just been using the Revlonissimo on its own as I don't want to over wash my hair due to the red dye.

I then use the accompanying conditioner that goes with the OGX shampoo in to which I also add a squeeze of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner for a bit of extra TLC for the hair. I leave this for a good five minutes to work its magic before finally rinsing out as well.

I never blow dry my hair, preferring to let it air dry. This is partly because my hair is so long, to blow dry would be far too intense a workout which my wee arms just couldn't handle & yes I'll admit I'm just a lazy bum. Plus I straighten my hair, as it will be getting heat from that, to blow dry it too would definitely be overkill. But once dry the results after using this routine of late has been smooth, shiny & vibrantly coloured locks that look like they have been freshly dyed. Happy Aysh!

So my fellow hair dyers, if there is one product you NEED in your life it is this. Not only does it leave the hair looking, smelling & feeling wonderful but it will also save you a packet on hair dye as you'll find yourself needing to top up less often. The Revlonissimo comes in different shades for all hair types, the range includes variations suitable for Brunettes, Ice Blondes, Intense Coppers, Radiant Darks & Brave Reds. You can find it online on Beauty Bay HERE for £9.95...so what are you waiting for...go go go!

Lotsa love to ya!