KISS Gel Fantasy Press On Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Being the bonafide polish lover, I'm not usually one for falsies. However I can't deny that having some stick on nails on stand by is actually quite handy, a fact proved quite recently when I had a last minute family do to attend & no time to paint the nails!

I was sent the Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails* a while back & as mentioned, as I don't really like to use false nails I honestly did not think I would use them! But thankfully there they were ready to save the day & by doing so, also proved to me that they are actually pretty darn awesome as falsies go! Forgive me for neglecting you so.


NOTD - Pastel Cherry Blossoms

Hey there lovely readers!

Cherry Blossoms have to be one of my favourite blooms with their pretty, feminine & elegant presence. Not only do I adore the florals themselves when they come out in all their glory every year but I am a sucker for anything cherry blossom print & especially (surprise surprise) nail art!

I've done a couple of different takes on the design, which you can see HERE & HERE. This time I was in the mood for some soft pastel tones & gradient nails as its been a while since I've done me some good ol sponging & this was the outcome!


Afternoon Tea at The Arch Hunter 486

Hello there my lovely readers!

More tea and cake reviewing time! So one of my dearest friends & favourite humans celebrated their birthday recently therefore naturally we marked said occasion with my favourite pastime...afternoon tea of course! 

I wanted to try somewhere new so after a bit of browsing, it was the Royal Afternoon Tea at The Arch London which caught my eye, so booked it I did & off we went! FYI I nearly always use the website afternoontea.co.uk as my main port of call when afternoon tea hunting, it really is fantastic as you can book everything online so easily & search for teas in any area of the UK you like. As we were spending the whole day in London, naturally I searched for one in the city.

The Hotel is located round the corner from Marble Arch where a few other hotels are also situated. On our way there my friend went loco as she was certain a famous Bollywood actress walked past us upon exiting one of the hotels...Kareena Kapoor I think? Not exactly being a Bollywood pro I wouldn't have even realised if it wasn't for her hyperventilating! Anyhoo once she had regained her composure we continued to mosy along to our destination.


New Shade From True Brit London - Pillar Box & Royal Guard Nail Art Tutorial

Hello there my lovely readers!

Every girl needs a signature red polish in her stash. Although in my case lets just say its more likely to be a few dozen, yet I assure you that they are all unique & entirely different tones of red...o_O

But if you are looking for a perfect Pillarbox red then look no further because my friends at True Brit London have got you covered with one of the new additions to their already outstanding nail lacquer collection.