NOTD - Abstract Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Now I'm not sure what to call this nail art look I have for you today...You see it WAS meant to be an attempt at the arty abstract look that I've been seeing pop up on my IG feed so often of late, in particular by the awesome SoNailicious & was one of the hottest trends of last year.


NOTD - 503 Orchid Holographic Magnetic by Wycon Cosmetics

Hey there lovely readers!

Boy do I have a pretty polish to share with you beauties today! Remember when Magnetic polishes came forth into the nail polish world & blew our minds into oblivion with their magical properties? Or was that just me...? I recall quite a few high street brands took a slice of this pie & released some lovely magnetic polishes however of late I've not seen so many which makes me sad!


NOTD - Sharp Galactic Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

You may recall a while back I blogged about the stunningly pretty Chameleon flakies from Beauty Big Bangs that give a magical dragon skin finish to your nails when applied over polish. If not then go have a peek at its prettiness HERE.

Needless to say I became completely obsessed with the stuff & next created a Dragon Egg nail design using another shade of Chameleon Flakies, 4A, which were perfect for the finished look I wanted to achieve. I also did a step by step tutorial on this look as well which you can check out in detail HERE f you want to have a go at recreating yourself!.


NOTD - Sea Breeze & Jax by For Your Nails Only

Hello there lovely readers!

You may recall a few posts back I shared with you a stunning colour shifting Ultra Chameleon Chrome polish called Zealous from indie brand For Your Nails Only.

I was so happy to have been able to snap up this pretty, you see Sharon's polish sell super quickly whenever she restocks her shop & understandably so as they are gorgeous. One haul saw me successfully nab two of Sharon's holo glitters, which are her signature polishes you might say as her holo glitter formulas are just so bobby dazzling sparkling!