NOTD - Floral Portraits

Hey there lovely readers!

I have been going a tad floral CRAZY of late...no surprise really considering the time of year but florals really are my true love when it comes to nail art. I think it stems from my dad who used to paint floral portraits many moons ago, I made this wonderful discovery during a house move as you do! :)


NOTD - Voodoo Child

Hey there lovely readers!

Jumping from the sweet Spring vibes of the previous post right into some gothic goodness...that's how I roll ;) 

Its true that as much as I love my dark side muchly, the inner Disney pastel princess still manages to seep through often & I love both worlds ;) My last nail art look was suitably sweet so today we have some dark Voodoo action...

My inner witch is content :) I've wanted to do a fun witchy Voodoo symbol style nail art look for some time & I'm chuffed with how these came out!

This look was the perfect opportunity to use one of the Primark Limited Edition Dusk collection polishes I picked up a while back. Did I buy these purely for the badass (& obviously Louboutin inspired) bottle? Maybe. But they also happened to be gorgeously gothic duochromes so WIN WIN in my book. 

I applied two coats of the Primark shade Cosmic, a beautiful dark purple flakie duochrome to my pointer, ring & pinkie fingers. Wanting a bit of contrast to the design I decided to paint the remaining nails in A England A Midsummer Nights Dream, a truly beautiful pale pink lavender holo, a bit of light to the darkness as its all about balance right?

I then googled some Voodoo symbols that I could attempt to freehand & picking a few different ones I used a fine nail art brush & some silver polish for the dark nails & black polish for the light nails.

For that extra touch of magic I added a pretty rhinestone to the middle finger before finishing with topcoat. Nails ready to cast some spells! Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Jewel Butterfly Nails

Hey there lovely readers!

Wowee its been a minute & then some since I've last blogged. As usual life & everything in between has been pretty chaotic & not all of it great. But...thankfully the winds finally seem to be changing for the better & whilst a bit late...I'm totally ready to get this year started properly.


NOTD - Peek-A-Boo Panda Nails for #artists4earth

Hey there lovely readers!

Coming at ya with some cuteness today with these sweet Peek-A-Boo- Panda Nails, not just for the good vibes because who DOESN'T want an adorable bear on their nails, but more importantly for a good cause too!