Nail Polish Remover Cream?! A High End & Low End Comparison Review!

Hey there lovely readers!

If I stumble across a gimmicky, quirky, out of this worldy nail related product, you can guarantee I will be ALL OVER IT like butter on toast. I feel like it is my duty ya know?

When Nailfix and Chill came upon my radar via twitter, an innovative nail polish removing CREAM, I was naturally filled with curiosity to find out how this product worked & if it was any good.


Christmas 2019 Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

I completely forgot to post the nail art looks I rustled up this (or last now I guess) Christmas! I guess I've gotten so used to just posting on Instagram these days (@aysh_xox) that the blog takes more of back seat which saddens me! However I would like to have an online portfolio of my designs to look back on hence why I persevere with posting on here :)

I did 4 different looks for the festive season starting with some Snowflakes! I love doing this design because all snowflakes are different so you can do so many variations! I have actually done a step by step Snowflake tutorial HERE. After applying a pretty baby blue base, I used white polish to draw a cross with a vertical line through it. This is our snowflake! And for the details I just added some small dots & angled lines to make it resemble a snowflake. Finishing off with a pretty clear crystal in the centre.


Afternoon Tea Adventures - Dukes London (Vegan Friendly!)

Hello there lovely readers and a happy new year!

Its been quite some time since we have had some afternoon tea action in these parts, so for the first post of 2020 lets rectify that shall we?

2019 was filled with its fair share of downers let me tell you. But amongst the lows there were some magical highs too, one being finally meeting my beautiful online chum Georgie for the first time after "knowing" each other in the online universe for years. Truly one of the kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, this is another reason why I will forever be grateful for blogging.


Halloween Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Very late posting this (a couple of months eeep!) but here are the nail art looks for Halloween I rustled up this year. Rather than post each individually I thought I'd just bunch them all together in one blog post for some easy to read inspo :)

So without further ado lets get spooky!

Look number 1 was actually a recreation of an old design of mine! I did skeleton bones a few years ago so I knew I wanted to recreate this fun look with the 3D jewel heart element & I love how it came out! I used a black polish as my base, this is Illamasqua Creator which also has teeny silver glitters in it making it a boujie black! I then used a fine brush & white polish to draw on my ribcage & pelvic bones before adding the red heart shaped rhinestone to finish!