UK Based "Coloured Contacts" Lens Review

Hey there lovely readers!

Stepping away from nails today & talking about another feature ;) As you may know I'm rather fond of changing up my eye colour every now & again with the help of good old contacts. As happy as I am with my baby browns, I also love how simply switching up your eye colour can automatically alter your look & enhance your eyes.

Being the avid wearer I am, I've blogged about a few lenses already, you can catch all my reviews HERE. Over the years I've experimented with different types, styles & shades, in particular having a certain fondness for the kawaii style Korean lenses that REALLY enhance the irises. However of late I find myself being drawn to more natural effect lenses. Both Klenspop & TTDEYE are favourite brands of mine whom I've purchased lenses from time & again.


NOTD - Autumn Trees!

Hey there lovely readers!

I don't know about you guys but I am SO ready for the change of season already! Yes sunshine & Summer you've been delightful, but I'm all for the blankets, candles & hot cocoa life now...I am an Autumn baby after all!


NOTD - Quick & Easy Shattered Glass Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

In this busy day & age sometimes a quick mani fix is required when it comes to the nails, but that still doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself with nail art! 

I'm ALL for finding quick & easy nail art hacks to achieve pretty nails that look like they took a lot longer than the 5 minutes they actually did for those occasions when I am running short of time. This is where nail art stickers are an absolute GODSEND.


NOTD - Easy Sci Fi Nails using Nail Wraps!

Hey there lovely readers!

Whilst having a sort through my nail art stash recently, I came across a bunch of old nail wraps which I'd accumulated quite some time ago, if the dust gathering on them was anything to go by! O_o