Hello there lovely readers,

It has been a hot minute since I've done an afternoon tea review which is crazy as I've had SO much material to share what with it being my favourite pastime & all. But this year seems to have gone off kilter in a major way with a lot going on with work, health & LIFE, hence the huge backlog, 

So lets get back on track a wee bit shall we & what better way than with the help of chocolate to kick start things again.  Naturally as soon as I heard that a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea existed it immediately went on to the ever growing "must try" list, I mean who ISN'T a fan of the magical world of Roald Dahl AND chocolate?


Octopus Nails!

Hey there lovely readers,

As much as I love challenging myself when it comes to my nail art with intricate & detailed designs...sometimes you just need to have something CUTE AF on your nails for a wee little boost if you will, which is how I came to have these extremely RANDOM yet satisfyingly cheerful Octopus Nails!


NOTD - Lemony Nails

Hi there lovely readers,

I've been obsessed with lemon prints of late, on fabric, on crockery, on print...you name it, I see it, I NEED it. Naturally it was only a matter of time before this obsession transitioned on to my nails :)

I saw a pretty lemon look by one of my favourite nail artists on instagram @nailstorming. Not only does she have the loveliest designs but she also shares fab tutorials to help you recreate them! Her lemon nails were inspired by the awesome @thehangedit...another one of my favs! Any way I basically wanted to be part of this lemony gang ASAP so got to getting me some lemon nails too & not only were these were SO easy to do but I think they may be one of my fav looks this year!


NOTD - Something Blue Vintage Florals

Hey there lovely readers!

I think if Princess Arora would rock a manicure then this is what she'd adorn her nails with...some traditional rose florals with a touch of blue to appease that argumentative Merryweather ;)