NOTD - Cracked Pottery Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

I have some new nail art to share but before then how's about a bit of a catch up before getting to that...

So...despite the year starting off in not the best of ways with bush fires, apocalyptic storms & of course being hit with a worldwide virus pandemic...I am still determined to try & achieve the goals I wanted to this year, especially after having such a rough 2019. This includes travel (though naturally one is holding fire for now...) better health (I finally bought a bicycle & will be attempting regular cycling when I can!) & one other thing that I have wanted to do for the longest time which is...POTTERY! 


Afternoon Tea Adventures - Do You Like Chocolate?

Hello there lovely readers,

I think we are all in agreement that the answer to the question in the title of this post is & always will be YES. Afternoon Tea is my favourite pastime (I know...I'll give you a moment to pick yourself up from the floor after fainting from the shock of this statement) Add chocolate to the mix & I'm pretty much Homer Simpson in that well known chocolate land heaven dream sequence.

When my buddy Ram & I arranged a long awaited catch up sesh, it was a no brainer that afternoon tea would be the order of the day. So I booked us in for the Do You Like Chocolate? Experience at the Kimpton Fitzroy in London. Upon arrival I knew we were in for a treat with our tea set in the stunningly flamboyant & retro vibed Fitz bar room complete with its own disco ball suspended from the ceiling!


Nail Polish Remover Cream?! A High End & Low End Comparison Review!

Hey there lovely readers!

If I stumble across a gimmicky, quirky, out of this worldy nail related product, you can guarantee I will be ALL OVER IT like butter on toast. I feel like it is my duty ya know?

When Nailfix and Chill came upon my radar via twitter, an innovative nail polish removing CREAM, I was naturally filled with curiosity to find out how this product worked & if it was any good.


Christmas 2019 Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

I completely forgot to post the nail art looks I rustled up this (or last now I guess) Christmas! I guess I've gotten so used to just posting on Instagram these days (@aysh_xox) that the blog takes more of back seat which saddens me! However I would like to have an online portfolio of my designs to look back on hence why I persevere with posting on here :)

I did 4 different looks for the festive season starting with some Snowflakes! I love doing this design because all snowflakes are different so you can do so many variations! I have actually done a step by step Snowflake tutorial HERE. After applying a pretty baby blue base, I used white polish to draw a cross with a vertical line through it. This is our snowflake! And for the details I just added some small dots & angled lines to make it resemble a snowflake. Finishing off with a pretty clear crystal in the centre.