What I Wore....A Touch O' Blue, With Some Suede Thrown In Too

Greetings my darling readers! Having a good weekend? Typing up this post in my fav blogging position, in bed, with blankets, a jumbo sized cuppa & sweet foodstuffs in the form of eggy bread (made by yours truly no less…go me)…perfick! I do love lazy Sundays! The one teeny tiny difference today though is that I also happen to be rocking dark lips in my PJ’s at the same time…oh yes. You see I have a bit of a personal battle going on between myself & one lipstick going by the name of Cyber by a certain make up brand ya may have heard of called MAC. I was kindly given this lipstick by my darling mother, at first this obviously made me super happy & squeal with delight, but now I’m beginning to think if maybe this was her idea of humour. Cyber in a nutshell is quite possibly the vampiest of vampy lipsticks, a truly GORG deep purple Aubergine. It is actually a divine colour, in a lovely satin formula too, but ooooooh for the life of me I just cannot wear dark colours as much as I wish I could! *cue violins* I don’t know what it is but I just feel like a complete twat when wearing dark shades, feeling they don’t suit my lips or complexion 7 end up just making me look dead :( *sigh!* It’s frustrating as I absolutely adore the vampy look, with the dark lips, smokey eyes, bronzed cheeks etc. But I won’t give in just yet! Maybe one day I will ACTUALLY venture outside with this lippie on & perhaps even blog about it too, but for now I’m content with rocking it with my PJ’s  ;) One small step, one giant leap & all that…

Just a quickie outfit post to share with you lovelies today before I get back to my very busy day of errrr…napping & eating. 
                    Dress - Ebay, Cropped Cardi - H&M, Skinny Blue Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - Clarks

This is one of my absolute favourite little dresses; I just adore everything about it. The colour, the pretty print, the flowing material & of course the bell sleeves…I HEART bell sleeves. But I think the thing that I love most about this dress is the fact it cost me a grand total of…99p! Yes! From that glorious place we like to call Ebay. Whenever I’m reminded of this, I always wonder why I don’t purchase more things from there, other than the fact that it will probably lead me to bankruptcy of course. 
I spotted these pretty suede shoes whilst passing by Clarks, made much easier to see by the lovely big, red SALE sign next to them. Next to lace, suede is another one of my big loves & I absolutely adored the cute rounded style of these shoes, I knew I had to have them! The only downside is that they didn’t have my size so I bought these ones which are a size smaller so can only really wear them when I know I won’t be doing much walking! :-/ But I still love em! ;D

I also bought two pretty new dresses yesterday (both on sale! BOOM) whilst out lunching with bestie which I can’t wait to share with ya dolls, so pretty they are. I may even wear Cyber with them too…*hyperventilates*

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Do you own Cyber? What do you think of it? 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Flower Power with O.P.I Smok'n In Havana

Hello there my loves! Hope you’re all having a delightful week so far? Despite the most UN-delightful weather that is…yes April Showers are in full throttle here in good ol’ England. Currently tucked up in bed with a cuppa & good movie, the best thing to do in this kinda weather methinks ;) Tonight’s choice… A Knights Tale, definitely up there as one of my favs! Plus it has the amazing late Heath Ledger in it…*sigh* such an incredible actor he was, truly sad he is no longer with us :( 

Now, I’m sure you know by now that I am a…err "liker"…you might say of the nail polish? An insanely over obsessed addict some have said. However as much as I absolutely adore these little bottles of beautifulness, I have a little confession to make. I actually own only 2 bottles of what is quite probably the most popular & well known polish brand in the world, O.P.I…& even those were not purchased by me! *hangs head in shame* I don’t know what it is, as awesome as many of the collections have been, I’ve never actually taken the leap & purchased, having found other & slightly cheaper dupes? However this is something that this pitiful excuse of a nail polish addict plans on changing for sure! A sort of life's pursuit if you will... ;)

Today I have ONE of the two O.P.I’s that I own to share with you, this one was kindly sent to me by my lovely sister across the pond Vonnie in a makeup swap, thanks doll! I actually did this mani yonks ago & have only just gotten around to blogging about it! (What’s new Aysh) Apologies in advance for the god awful pics my dears, I did this mani in the evening were the light was dull, dull, super dull! But did my best to try & capture! Here we have the smoking hot Smok’n In Havana, a deep, brick red with the most delightful golden shimmer running through it giving it an almost burnt orange edge. 
Smok’n In Havana was originally part of the O.P.I’s Caribbean collection from 1997 but is now part of the O.P.I Classics.  I like to think of this as one of my more “grown up” shades, definitely pretty, especially with the bronze gold shimmer to it. However I did want to jazz it up a tad more so did my fav thing of adding a few nail stickers, giving the mani a hippy flower power touch! :D Peace baby…

What do you think? Do you own this shade? What’s your favourite O.P.I polish? I guess I’ll need recs to continue my O.P.I journey! ;) Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


Conceal Me! Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage & Garnier Roll-on Concealers...

Hiyaaaaaaa! Happy Friday sweets! DAAAAYM was this week long or was this week long? Now to get on with enjoying the weekend…well as much as this ermm slightly skint blogger can till pay day that is…*cough!* Had a few bills here & there to take care of (oh the joys of being a grown up) but that beautiful day of the month we all love shall be arriving sometime next week so will just have to hold on tight & not succumb to any of the MANY (oh so very many) lemmings I’ve had till then! One thing I’m muchos happy about though is that I’ve recently finally paid off my little brum brum of a car Rolo (yes he has a name) which I bought about a year ago, wooo!  Happy days! Tis really a great feeling ya know, getting that delightful letter in the post containing such nice news….plus that lovely sensation of feeling like you’ve actually achieved something! ;D

On to the post me lovelies, if you’re a regular follower of my blog, then you’ll probably remember moi mention the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer quite a few times, when doing makeup looks for weddings, evening do’s etc?? I’ve had quite a few requests from you lovely lot on doing a more in depth review on it, only huuuuuge apologies for the delay! So here we go, better late than never non?? ;) 

Before talking about the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage however, I really want to give another product a mention, one that is definitely up there at HG status & also a concealer of sorts? Tis the fab Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2in1 Roll on Concealer in the shade Fair & is a product that I use every single day without fail, love it that much I do! 
I’m quite fortunate in that I don’t have very heavy darkness/bags under the eyes (YET!) but still very much require all the help I can get with looking a bit more bright eyed, ready to face the day & the Garnier Roll On helps do that for me. Whilst this by no means performs immediate miracles & rid you of dark circles, as much as I wish to tell you so, it definitely helps with making me look more wide awake! It has a thin & light liquid like consistency, which I apply by gliding under the eyes a few times with the help of the nifty roller ball, giving a nice cool massaging sensation at the same time, then using my finger simply pat on to lightly blend in. Whatever you do though DON’T RUB IT IN as this will just take the entire product off & thus do nothing! Like I said I use this daily & love how it revives my tired eyes, plus I should mention that it lasts absolutely YONKS! I mean I can’t even REMEMBER when I got this so that just tells ya! Lol! Another nifty little tip I heard was keeping this product in the fridge to give an even more refreshing cool feeling when applying. 
 Normally I'd apply a tad more than this but this is to just show you how it looks applied....
                                                                            After a bit o' dabbing action....
The Garnier Roll-on comes in four shades now which is great & is available from Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc for £10.20.

Now on to the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage of which I was recommended by an MUA friend of mine & haven’t looked back since! It’s quite a popular concealer amongst many MUA’S, the reason for this is probably due to the two shades you get in the palette, which you can blend & customize in to your own shade suitable for your skin tone. I have the shade SC-3 which at first I wasn’t too sure about, thinking it a bit pale but it’s actually perfect for me! 
Now when it came to applying, I wasn’t sure I was even doing it right to be honest! Bwaha! However when I spoke with my MUA friend she explained to me that there really isn’t a set in stone RIGHT way of applying concealer, just do whatever suits you! So every person has their own way I’m sure of application, for me, I like to apply before foundation & maybe a little on top at the end. I use the Mac 249 brush to apply this concealer as it’s flat, paddle shaped & blends really well.
So starting with the lighter shade of the two, I dab it on to anywhere I want concealing, so basically under the eyes, along the nose, across any blemish’s & annoying little veins etc. Then grabbing the darker shade, I blend this on top of it so that it evens out to a shade that matches my skin tone better. A lot of people like to blend the two shades on their hand first to create the correct colour & then apply, but like I said, just find whatever way suits you & this seems to work just jiffy for me! So once all the area’s needed are suitably concealed, I then continue on to apply foundation etc & if needs be, add a little extra concealer on top. But I very rarely need to as the coverage of the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is just brilliant & I definitely feel like my skin appears flawless but without it looking like its caked on which is the beauty of this concealer.  Here are a coupla before & after pics for ya that, even though they are at quite close range so it’s kind of difficult to see, show quite a noticeable difference I think! :)
                                        BEFORE...(naked make-up less eye!!! Aaaaaaagggh!)
                      AFTER - *phew* that's a bit better...sorry to have scared ya like that... ;)

I definitely recommend the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage to many, not only is it a lovely product to use, with its creamy consistency making it very blendable & difficult to cake, plus giving the most amazing coverage but it also last absolutely ages so is definitely worth the price of around £26.
The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer is also available in quite a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones which is fab & is available from most House Of Fraser’s, Space NK & online.

Have you tried either the Garnier Roll-on or Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage? What were your thoughts? Thanks for reading! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Spring Green, Polka Dots & Toadstools!

Greetings chikadees! How’s you all doing? Good I hope! Managed to make it through those Monday blues *high five!*…now that just leaves us with four ooooh so very long days to go…FAB :-/ *reaches for the “open only in extreme emergencies” chocolate stash*  ;) On another note, are we really almost halfway through April already?!! Where is the time goooooing? I’m not sure if I’m entirely liking the speed at which this year seems to be passing to be honest with you, the next thing you’ll know Summer will be gone (before it’s even arrived by the looks of things!) & the Xmas carols will once again begin their glorious wailing from within the department stores!

Woo, please excuse that most obviously PMS related rant me lovelies…tis all good now…choc is in the gob *sigh!* On to the post in hand, here are the nails I was sporting this weekend, twas in the mood for something bright, bright, bright! At first I was veering towards the orange end of the colour spectrum, but after having a little chin wag with the lovely Emma on twitter, who appears to be as avid a fan of Barry M nail paints as yours truly, I found myself reaching for one of his…the blooming gorguz Spring Green to be precise! A lovely, lush & suitably bright green cream, perfecto!
Thumb has been excluded from today’s NOTD…tis its own fault for smudging on me so is currently on a time out till next mani. After applying two coats of this lush colour (seem to use this word a lot these days…I think I shall make it my word of the week…LUSH) I decided to make it a bit more interesting by the addition of a few polka dots, heavy on the accent finger & finished with a pretty green stone on the tips. Not forgetting a coat of what is STILL my FAV top coat at the moment, No7’s Stay Perfect Topcoat.
Really happy with how this mani came out, it reminds me of toadstools & Super Mario Brothers! And of course bright Spring days :) Application as always with good ol’ Barry M polish’s was a dream in two coats. My wish is to eventually own ALL the Barry M shades…ooooh a girl can dream! Have also heard on the grapevine that Barry M have released some new shades including their own range of what look to be AWESOME magnetic polish’s! *drooools* This begin the lemmings…. ;)

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Do you own Barry M Spring Green? What’s your favourite Barry M polish? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD - Butter Pecan...

Evening lovelies & Happy Friday...the 13th!! Oooooh! Any most unusual happenings go on in your day today? I guess I should be grateful to report that today was pretty uneventful for moi & just your bog standard average working day really, unless you can count the fact that my eye liner just didn’t want to co-operate with me this morning & kept on going on all kinds of wonky! But I guess we all have good makeup days & bad make up days…well let’s just say this wasn’t the best of ones & a lot of people at work were left wondering why this Alice Cooper wannabe had arrived in to their midst… :-/

I haven’t done an FOTD in a while & this is one that I really wanted to share with you lovelies as it was done using mainly one product, you know, one of those fab makeup products that has a multitude of uses? Aren’t they just the bestest? :) The product in question is the fab ELF Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Butter Pecan, a lovely compact cream shadow that consists of a light golden apricot shade in one half & a dark brown caramel shade in the other. I’d seen this little beauty pop up on a few blogs where it was used not just as an eye shadow but also as a blush, highlighter, contour & lip colour too! Not only does it work perfectly in all these ways but it’s also a mega bargain too at the most awesome price of £1.50! I had to use a product image as…well…err mine has had quite a bit of usage & just wasn’t in the best of condition to photograph! Sorry! 
                                                                                 Source - Google Images

Here I used the Butter Pecan Duo on the eyes as well as the cheeks too :)
For foundation I used Garniers BB Cream of which I had a few samples of & loved! Am definitely feeling the BB Cream hype! I then applied the lighter shade of the Butter Pecan Duo on to the lid using my ring finger then adding the darker shade on the outer V blending out.  For the cheeks I applied the dark brown shade to contour lightly, blended the two shades together as a blush on the apples then just applied the light golden shade on top the cheekbones to highlight. It works absolutely fabulously in both ways; however it can crease on the lids if applied too heavily. Definitely worth it though for such a fab price & you can always set it with powder!
In keeping with the nude/brown look I decided to mix things up a tad & go for brown mascara instead of the usual black! This was a coupla coats of Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara that I found on one of my bargain hunting ventures in Poundland, love it & very impressed! Finally, I lined the eyes with a bit of Kajal khol on the waterline & used a golden bronze cream eyeshadow by Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (a fab makeup shop which sadly closed down!) & comes with a nifty pointed brush to create a flick in the corners. A bit of Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Naked on the lips with No7 Nude lip liner & that’s it done! A quick, easy makeup look with minimal products :) The Butter Pecan Eye Shadow Duo is definitely a fav of mine which will be re-purchased for sure! Speaking of…have recently partook in a little ELF haul of which I’m very looking forward to receiving! Deffo feeling the ELF love…

Thanks for stopping by angels! Have you ever tried any ELF products? Which are your fav & recs? Let me know!

Lotsa love to ya!


New Models Own Beetlejuice - Tropical Sun! :D

Aloha my beautiful readers! You all having a good week? Thanks to the bank holiday break, this week has been delightfully shortened so before you know it we can enjoy the weekend again! Woo! Tis also the big bro’s birthday this weekend, nothing outrageous planned at the moment other than a lovely birthday brekkie/brunch in Windsor, where hopefully the weather will be on our side! Plus as I seem to have caught the cooking bug lately, I may even venture back in to the kitchen (if errr mumma bear allows me back in there that is…) & cook up a few birthday treats...what are sisters for huh? ;)  The fam will have the delightful task of being taste testers…the lucky buggers them :-/

So today I have one of the new Models Own Beetlejuice polish’s to share with you my lovelies! As you know I was a HUGE fan of the first 5 polish’s that were released in this awesome collection & love them all. Swatches of them are on the bloggy if you wanna looky dolls :) So when I heard that 3 new summer colours were being released…well let’s just say my squeals could & may have broken glass…
Twas difficult to choose but the first polish I decided to try was the beautiful Tropical Sun, as I was definitely drawn to this one the most out of the three! Seeing as the weather has been so god awful of late, I decided to chuck this bottle of delightful shimmering brightness on to my nails & my oh myyyyy it did not disappoint! 
 Described by Models Own as a glistening sunset, Tropical Sun is a truly beautiful peach shimmer, with hints of pink, orange & coral that creates the most gorguz shade which is made even more stunning by the added golden shimmer & subtle silver microglitter running through it, making it glisten indeed! *sighs*  So very, very pretty it is :)
I’d heard that the formula of these new Beetlejuice polish’s were a tad thinner than the original colours which is true, I mean this was three coats applied over a base coat. But it was definitely worth it! I love how in certain lighting's the gold really comes through making it almost a burnt orange! Just so stunning & a unique addition to my polish collection.
So I think it comes as no surprise when I say that Tropical Sun is a winner for me! ;) This would be an amazing polish for the summer months ahead I think & would look just as lovely on the tootsies as a pedicure too, so it will be getting plenty of usage!
Models Own polish’s are available online & in Boots & retail for £5. Have you tried Tropical Sun? 

What do you think of the Beetlejuice collection? Stay tuned for swatches of Indian Ocean & Copper Pot! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Make Up Haul! Bourjois Boutique Beauty Buys...

Ello ello sweetpeas! How are we all doing? Reached that most awesome chocolate induced coma stage yet comme moi??? Aaaah fret not, just keep on having at all those yummy treats the Easter bunny delivered & you’ll be there joining me soon too…tis a good feeling, happy times ;) Anyhoos hope you’re all enjoying this lovely bank holiday Easter break.
 In other news, yours truly partook in a spot of baking yesterday, deciding on the spur of the moment to unleash the inner Fanny Cradock & hey…the kitchen is still intact! At the end of it came out some, if I do say so myself, pretty scrum-diddly-umptious Lemon Drizzle cupcakes! BOOM! Went down a hit they did with the fam, hell even the cat liked them! & she can be VERY critical. I really would like to bake more, not only is it enjoyable but quite therapeutic too! My bestie bought me an amazing book filled with an assortment of cupcake recipes for me to work my way through so there’s no stopping me now! ;)

You may remember dolls I blogged about the Bourjois Boutique I visited during London Fashion Week a while back? Well whilst there I did a cheeky yet very satisfying makeup haul, with the products at 65% off it would have been muchos rude not to non?? I confess I’ve always adored the look of Bourjois products, with their lovely Parisian look & prettyful packaging; however I have had a bit of a hit & miss experience. I mean I absolutely love the foundations, being a big fan of the 10 Hour Sleep & Healthy Mix Foundations, both of which I currently use. But I've also tried a couple of their blushes a while back in the shades Rose D’Or & Ambre D’Or, which ARE lovely, however the pigmentation of them is terrible & I still have to regularly score them on the surface to get a strong colour to come through. But I think this is because of the old formula which has since been improved? Anyways, I digress slightly but I thought I’d share with ya lovelies today the bits & bobs I picked up :)
Firstly we were kindly given these lovely little goody bags to take home with us that contained a few treats including a foaming cleansing cream which was a nice surprise as I didn’t even know Bourjois DID cleansers! I’ve tried it & it is lovely, with a subtle rose like fragrance & did the job of removing my makeup well. The only frustrating thing is I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Have checked the website but came up nada…but I'll have a browse when next in Boots.  Also included in the goody bag where a coupla cute little glosses, a compact mirror that lights up most awesomely & a prettyful eye shadow in shade 92 Gris Paillettes, a dark grey with glitter sparkles.
After having a looky through all the lovely looking makeup on display, these are the products I decided on grabbing & bringing home with moi... :)
First up, nail polishes!! OBVIOUSLY ;) Needless to say it was the polishes I made a beeline for straight away & very excitedly as I’ve never tried Bourjois polishes before. I’ve heard a lot of good things about So Laque polishes, which retail for £5.99, so I’m looking forward to trying! The colours I chose are 42 Orange Creation & 22 Rouge Diva
Next I grabbed the bronzer that’s been on my wishlist for a while now, the yummy Delice De Poudre (£6.99) Bourjois cult fav bronzer, & well known for its gorguz chocolate scent! It even looks like chocolate! That alone makes it a winner for me ;) I immediately picked the darker shade 52, however the kind MUA advised I go for shade 51, which creates a subtle bronzey glow without looking too much :)
Willing to give them another go, I couldn’t resist picking a pretty blush! After swatching I could definitely tell that the formula was improved as the pigmentation was a lot better on these plus they have the loveliest sweet fragrance! The shade I opted for was 95 Rose De Jaspe, a really lovely mauve-y Rose shade with a subtle shimmer. The Little Round Pot blushers retail for £7.49.
Being the eye liner addict I am I couldn’t resist picking up a couple! Firstly, I have absolutely been LOOOOVING felt tip eyeliners! They are just fab, so easy to use & create the perfect cat eye flick. This one by Bourjois, Liner Feutre in Ultra Black is absolutely fantastic; I’ve been using it every day for work as it’s so quick & easy to apply, a brilliantly pigmented black, plus lasts 24 hours…really! I’d forgotten to take off my makeup one evening (ooopsie) & when I woke the next day the liner had not budged! Will definitely be re-purchasing (£6.99) The other liner that caught my eye was this stunning looking metallic Contour Clubbing Waterproof liner in shade 45 Bue Remix, a stunning & gorgeously pigmented teal shade that really stands out. The texture of it is really nice & smooth too, can’t wait to use this for a night out look.
Finally, I also picked up the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in shade 55 Dark Beige, which I haven’t yet tried but looking forward to seeing how it differs from the old one. Heard a lot of good things though so will keep ya posted dolls! Same goes with the Volumizer Mascara! 

Overall, I’m super happy with my hauling! Bourjois products really are a great high street brand, with some fab quality products, especially now with a lot of their new formulas & are available to purchase in most Boots & Superdrugs. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Any other recs??
Thanks as always for reading chucks! Till next time! 

Lotsa love to ya!



NOTD - Hot Cross Bun Easter Manicure! :)

Evening my lovely readers & Happy Easter to ya all! Have you all had a Good Friday?? *witty laugh* And can I get a woohoo for the four day weekend! Boom! Well, technically 3 and a half for moi but still…it’s longer than the normal 2 so I’m a happy bunny…speaking of, hope our dear friend the good ol’ Easter Bunny bought you lotsa treats to nomnomnom! :D Am definitely feeling a muchos satisfying sugar buzz myself right now ;)

I knew for sure that I wanted to do an Easter inspired mani but for the life of me just couldn’t decide on what to do! Of course the obvious design idea would be eggs I guess but dolls?? Call me a useless git but it turns out that eggs are PRETTY darn hard to do/draw as nail art! For me anyhoos… :-/ So there I was, sat with my cup o’ java & obligatory apple hot cross bun, munching away waiting for inspiration to strike, when I look down at what was in my hand & BAM! There it was! Hot Cross Bun nails! :D Trust me to find inspiration in food….
What do ya think? At first I wasn’t too sure but I’m actually pretty pleased with how they came out! Once I had decided to transfer this muchos delicious hot cross bun on to my nails, I went a-running to my polishes to gather the suitable colours to create these yummy treats…
I first applied two coats of Nails Inc Caramel, a lovely creamy beige nude polish that reminds me of fudge! NOM! This was one of the polishes from when Nails Inc did their fab Diet Coke collaboration so was limited addition unfortunately, but I’m sure there are equally great dupes out there! 
To give my hot cross buns a nice & lightly toasted look to them I then sponged on a little Milani Brown-A-Licious, a pretty shimmery brown shade that my lovely friend Annabella sent me, thank you sweety! :D  I think I need to work on my sponging technique though…
Next up were the plump & juicy raisons which could also pass as chocolate chips too I suppose! For these I used Deliciously Dark by Rimmel, a gorgeous deep dark purple which I dotted on using a hair bobby pin.
And finally for the statement cross I used Snowflake by No7, a really nice, creamy white which I painted on using an art brush.
Finished with a thick coat of my fav No 7 Stay Perfect topcoat to seal & that was it! Done! Have to say, I had a hard time of it looking at my nails today without getting hungry… ;) 
Hope you like it my lovelies! Thanks as always for reading beauts, have you done an Easter inspired mani? Would love to know what design you’ve gone for this year!

Lotsa love to ya!